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Me, only less weight.
Hi Fellow Athlete,

I was going to introduce this newsletter by telling you that I strained my back pretty badly in the gym while doing a stiff-legged deadlift.

Bad enough that I couldn't even sit for two days and had to take Monday and Tuesday off from work.

And that this is a reminder to me of how fragile we are - even when we think we know what we're doing.

But the real news is that the 2021 Ironman World Championships is going to happen in May, 2022, in St. George, Utah.

And then the usual October race in Kona will still happen - also in 2022.

Read all about it here. It's not confusing at all, trust me.

No Sweat

Recently, you may have seen my series of videos on my favorite topic, hydration and nutrition.

Here's a quick intro to how to measure your sweat and sodium losses.
Try to avoid the stretcher at races.

The Final Episode Cliffhanger for 2021

That's what Mark Allen called the world champs last weekend in St. George, liking it to a Netflix series. With Kona not happening this year, St. George fills its place as the 2021 finale.

And leading up to it were huge events like Coeur d'Alene, the TriBattle, The Collins Cup, and Switzerland. And in each of those, certain battles emerged with fans opining on who would do what next.

In the video below, Mark gives an excellent summary of the race, and the races that led up to it: He added that it raised more questions than it answered.
So many unanswered questions!
For example:
  • Could Blummenfelt have beat Iden had he not had a mechanical?
  • What would Rudy von Berg had done had he not been sick?
  • How will Sam Long, now training in Arizona with Sanders' swim coach, up his game in 2022?
  • Will Daniela Ryf come back next year after finishing in 11th?
  • Why were Frodeno and Lange not here?
  • How will Knibb improve once she has another year of training?

Well, some of these questions were answered by Blummenfelt and Iden on this hilariously entertaining podcast with Talbot Cox. (Thanks for sending this, David L.)

They say that people like Lionel and Jan didn't show up because they knew they couldn't win.

Do you think the Norwegians could beat Jan?

Also, Talbot mentioned that he saw an IRONMAN official talking to the mayor of St. George about moving the full world champs to St. George - and sure enough it's in the news this morning.

A lot to think about!

Environment Normalization

Obviously, your paces across different climates and environments will vary. Altitude, heat, humidity and more are factors that can have a huge effect on your workout.

A hard set in moderate weather may not be possible in the heat, for example.

So how can we adjust for these differences?

I spoke to Dr. BJ Leeper, a physical therapist and triathlon coach about how this is done.

He explains that TriDot has the ability to adjust athletes' times - both past and future (predictive) - to a common baseline.

You don't even need to be a TriDot subscriber to use it. Check it out here.

Note: This topic was introduced to me by TriDot but it was not paid for or sponsored in any way.
How can we adjust our training to different conditions?

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