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Duffy brings home Bermuda's first gold medal.
Hi Fellow Athlete,

I really enjoyed watching both the men and women’s triathlon race in the Olympics.

The men’s false start made me nervous, even from my comfortable living room – I can’t image how that would have felt.

I guess it must have been a disappointing race for Vincent Luis, whom many people felt had a good chance. He led the swim, even ahead of Schoeman, and did well on the bike, too, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

He said he'll keep fighting, however, and let's see what he can do tomorrow in the mixed group.

Great work to Flora Duffy, for bringing home Bermuda's first gold.

I loved seeing countries like Syria, Morocco, and Azerbaijan there, and they weren’t just token entries. Did you see how fast the Moroccan guy was in the swim? He was in the lead group for a while.

In other news, Lionel Sanders just released a video expressing his thoughts on the Tri Battle. In it, he reveals how long it had been in the works and the real reason behind it.

Plus, he talked about his Kona prospects for this year and how he thinks he'll get there.

Check out the video if you haven't seen it already.

Aero and Narrow

It just makes sense to customize your tri bike’s cockpit.

I feel like if I had aero bars that were even more tailored to my needs – arm molds, angle, height – I’d be even more comfortable.
The custom Speeco TT extensions, UCI-illegal.

Gerald, my most prolific contributor, observed that many of the athletes in the Tokyo Olympics are using custom setups from Speeco or AeroCoach.

Would you pay up to US $3,600 for this?

Just Released

I hope all my Mark Allen videos aren’t getting old but when a legend like that speaks, people listen.

In this video, one of our subscribers, Beth, asks Mark what kind of peripheral training we should be doing.

He tells us, and relates his mental game to a particular race he had against Dave Scott. It’s well worth the watch.

Separately, I caught up with fellow Oregonian Justin True who will be doing his own triathlon from The Bahamas to San Francisco. He’ll swim about 160 km to Miami, then cycle 4,300 km to San Diego, then run 800 km to San Francisco.

Justin’s doing this to raise awareness about mental health.

And having been tortured and abused as a kid, he knows a thing or two about perseverance.

Check out our interview to hear his amazing story.

Rudy Von Berg is Next

Stay tuned!

I'll be speaking to Rudy Von Berg on August 13 or 14, to be confirmed. With a #9 PTO ranking (just above Kristian Blummenfelt!) it'll be an exciting discussion!

If you want to join me in the interview, email me now, limited spots!

I expect all spots to be filled today!

In the meantime, check out this great video of the French-American released by the PTO.

Another series will be with the nutritionist and triathlete James Bell. Email me your tri nutrition questions and I'll see if we can cover them.

Train with Purpose

Singapore tri kit brand Purpose has a pretty exciting crowdfunding initiative out.
Choose from 11 bundles - triathlon, cycling, and running bundles - and get up to 40% discount.

Get an additional 10% off with promo code IMHACKS10.

IronmanHacks is reader-powered. If you buy anything from Purpose, I may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.
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Sprint Reads

 Friend and reader Mitch just shared a hack to discounts with Adidas – just by connecting their app to Strava or Zwift or whatever. No incentives to him or me for this, just sharing good value.

 I often hear people speculate about the presence (or lack of) doping in triathlon. Well, Ukraine’s Yelistratova just got booted from the Olympics for her positive EPO result.

 Is blood flow restriction a good idea? Doesn't sound wise to me, but I'm no expert. Apparently, some Olympians are doing it.

 The Atreyu Artist is now open again for pre-order – check out these no-frills carbon plated racing shoes: (not an affiliate link)

 Ever been chased by dogs while on a run? I have and it can be scary. Here’s a guide on how to deal with dogs while running

 Where are the original US Olympics tri athletes now?

 Triathlon named after Trump cancelled. Again.

 Here’s a look back at 26 Olympic moments you’ll never forget

 Apparently,  Skechers, Brooks, and Vans are taking considerable share of the women’s shoe market from Nike and Adidas.

 Let’s see, Hugh Jackman, Cindy Crawford, Steve Aoki, Lewis Hamilton – they’ve all invested in Athletic Greens. Maybe it’s worth checking out their nutritional powder? Or is it just good marketing?

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15% off UCAN (US only)

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OnCourse Goggles: Swim straight with these and get a free swim buoy. Watch review video here.

Addaday massage guns

Finally, check out my triathlon reading list 

IronmanHacks is reader-powered. If you buy anything from the links above, I may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

My goal is to deliver value to you. So, where possible, I choose the deal with the highest discount to you and lowest commission for me.

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