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Hi Fellow Athlete,

Welcome to the new subscribers from around the world.

It's been a hectic few months for me as work has picked up heavily and I've had little time for the newsletter.

But in that time, people have been consistently contributing new foods and fuels to my nutrition calculator.

They have been submitting the nutritional info of tons of products I've never even heard of.

Have a look here and see if the fuels you train and race with are there - most likely they are, along with their nutritional info.

If it's new to you, the IronmanHacks nutrition calculator estimates the number of servings you need of whatever you train with in a given time on the bike or the run.

You just tell it what you'll be eating and the duration, and it'll help you figure out how many gels, scoops, or bars you'll need of whatever you'll be eating.

Check it out here.

Challenge Accepted

As endurance athletes, we all know there is greatness to be found on the other side of comfort. You’ve heard it so many times before. You know, about how year mind is stronger than your body, blah blah blah?

But how about in professional or academic settings? I’ve been trying to teach my kids that doing hard things is almost always worth it, and that usually the easiest way is not the best.

I'm trying to relate it to school and make them see that all the work they put in will produce results.

Lately, I’ve had to have some difficult conversations with people at work - conversations I wished I could have avoided - but now I'm glad I had them.

In fact, I think I'm going to actively seek out these tough situations more and see what happens. I'll think of each one as a work FTP test. 

Once you realize you should not shy away from difficult situations and conversations and recognize that they'll only make you stronger, your perspective can change from dread to 'challenge accepted'.


A local news channel here in Singapore featured me for Father's Day. The piece was about how I and another dad nurture and train our kids in triathlon.

Have a look at the video - and click on "CC" in the video on YouTube if you want closed captions. That is, if you don't know Malay. 

Was cool to be on TV

Why We Love Lionel

I had a great time putting this video together about why we love Lionel Sanders so much - let me know in the comments if you agree.

My thoughts on what makes him so popular

How to have faster transitions

The TriDoc (Jeff Sankoff) outlines actionable tips you can take to improve your transitions.

In a sport where any gains are hard-won, transitions are may be the best place to find them.

I can admit this may be one of my weaker areas but by the same token, that means I can still shave off a minute or two by putting these tips into practice.

Read the tips here.

Want Free UCAN Samples?

Just pay for shipping, but only available to those in the US.

You'll get two Edge Pouches, two Energy Bars, and two Energy Packets.
You can grab a free sample pack by clicking here.

If you want more info about UCAN you can read a review I did here.

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15% off UCAN (US only)

15% off first consultation with Karelle Laurent Nutrition when you quote IronmanHacks.

OnCourse Goggles: Swim straight with these and get a free swim buoy. Watch review video here.

Addaday massage guns

Finally, check out my triathlon reading list 

IronmanHacks is reader-powered. If you buy anything from the links below, I may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

My goal is to deliver value to you. So, where possible, I choose the deal with the highest discount to you and lowest commission for me.

 Tri Planner App

Need help getting organized for your races?

The IronHacks app allows you to:
1.   Calculate race split times (swim, bike, run, transitions)
2.    Calculate how much of what foods to eat per hour (200+ endurance fuels in the database)
3.    Get organized with a packing checklist

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