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The friction of waking up early
Hi Fellow Athlete,

Friction is the bumps in the road that slow us down. That's why I like Singapore - all the roads are smooth.

OK, bad joke. The real friction I'm talking about is the obstacles that prevent us from doing the hard things we know we should do, but that we may not have the immediate willpower to tackle.

Things like:

  • Doing a hard run before sunrise
  • Going out on that long ride when the weather forecast says it will rain
  • Starting that swim workout that seems so complicated and your brain is already frazzled from a long day at work

The good news is there are a number of things we can do to reduce the friction needed to start (and finish!) these kinds of things.

Things I do include:

  • Laying out all my shoes, shirt, shorts, watch, lights etc the night before
  • Making sure my bike is ready - lights charged, tires pumped, bottles filled, helmet ready
  • Getting any nutrition mixed up or measured out in advance
  • Putting my house key and some cash in my jersey pocket, shorts, hydration vest, etc the night before
  • Building structured workouts and putting them in my watch or bike computer. Then, you don't have to remember the workout - let the device tell you.
  • Building those structured workouts days in advance and synching them to my Garmin or Zwift. Don’t want to be doing that the morning of the workout!
  • Keeping a swim bag always at the ready with goggles, pull buoy, fins, snorkels, and towel – no excuses when I don’t want to do that swim!
  • After my workout, plugging in all my devices right away (Garmin, Wahoo, heart rate monitor, bike lights) to ensure they’re charged for the next workout
This was inspired by Steven Kotler, author of The Art of Impossible (affiliate link) and proponent of the concept of flow.

In addition to reducing friction, Steven talks about how to deploy more friction to prevent you from doing undesirable things.

Read all about it in my blog post below.
Reducing Friction to Improve Training

Backyard Ultra: 48 1-km laps

48 hours before turning 48 years old I decided to:

  • Swim 4.8 km
  • Ride on Zwift 48 km
  • Ride outdoors 48 miles
  • Run outside 48 km in 48 1-km laps

The swim and the run were the highlights of it. The swim, because it wasn't that hard, and the run because doing something so stupid is just so satisfying.

Here's the video!

Yo! Yo! Yo!

In our recent series with Bob Babbitt, we asked him his take on Sam Long.

Here, Bob tells us a few stories and what he thinks about the 25 year-old star.

What does Bob think about Sam Long?

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