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Hi Fellow Athlete,

“All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal.”

Supposedly Kiwi Olympic runner and NYC Marathon winner Rod Dixon had a shirt that said that.

And I can relate. I have always loved a good beer, especially an IPA.

And they taste 10 times better at the end of a race. But I haven't raced in 24 months.

And lately, I've been tracking my macros and beer doesn't fit in very well when you're measuring carbs and calories.

And alcohol is not really conducive to waking up early, anyway.

So, in the past 4-5 months I haven't had one, except for a few non-alcoholic brews, but they hardly count.

I never made a deliberate effort to stop drinking beer or alcohol; it just sort of happened naturally.

I suppose this is a good thing, even if it makes me a lot less fun at parties (ok, what parties?) and a drag at a company dinner when the others are drinking.

Despite this, Alex Hutchinson, in Outside Magazine, just wrote an article about how fitter people drink more. An interesting read.

Nevertheless, I'll take my headache-less mornings, and moderate calorie intake.


Connect with Each Other

I recently set up a Discord server for triathlon.

I've invited a few subscribers to the server. You'll find certified coaches, nutritionists, physios and more that you can chat with, network with, and talk tri.

There's even a section for promotions that you can post links to your tri / endurance-related site, business, channel, or whatever.

Come on in and say HI, even if Discord is new to you. (It's new to almost all of us!)
Be one of the first to join!

Swim, Bike, Run, with Power

Probably most of use use power meters on our bikes, many of us while running, and just a few in the swim.

But how do you put it all together and train in all disciplines with power in a concerted and deliberate way?

That's where Dr. Chris Myers and Hunter Allen come in. Hunter has already written one of the definitive books on power meter training, and Dr. Myers is Peaks Coaching Group's head triathlete coach.
Get first dibs on a copy (not an affiliate link, I earn no commission).

They've just released this book and you can grab one now.

They Went to War Over This

Legends Dave Scott and Mark Allen took Matt Fitzgerald to court over this book.

Matt Fitzgerald wrote it without even consulting Dave or Mark, and even resorted to things like tracking down old girlfriends and digging really deep in their lives.
Amazon affiliate link above

Neither Dave nor Mark was happy, and they settled out of court.

It made them out to be so obsessed, almost crazy, that they thought it was a form of character assassination, or something close to that. 

But still, it was a great book. I loved it.

And when I spoke to Dave, I checked many of the facts in it, and indeed those that I asked him about were true.

Mark tells us about it in the video below.
They went to war with the author, decades later.

Coming Soon

  • Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Durmer, MD, PhD on sleep and endurance sports. He managed the sleep of the Atlanta Falcons, US Olympic weightlifting team, elite US swimmers, and many others.
  • Interview with legend Joe Friel
  • Interview with another legend - Bob Babbitt

Want to jump on any of these interviews with me? Hit me up.


Last week I told you guys how I threw my back out in the gym and I used the gif and caption you see below.

It says, "Me, only less weight." 

It should have said, "Me, only more weight."

A lot of you emailed me about my injury but nobody called me out on this...
Me, only less weight.

Should have been, "Me, only more weight."

In Case You Missed It

By km 55 I was crying.

Sprint Reads

 Jewett? Who? Remember her name – she just did one of the fastest 70.3 runs by a woman ever, a 1:13:08 at Ironman 70.3 Augusta. Check her out on Instagram

 You want to race fast, too? Of course you do. In addition to training hard, also choose a fast course. Here are the fastest out there (PS They say Cali has a downhill swim!)

 Here are two really cool job openings – one at USA Triathlon and one at Ironman

 I know a few of you have trained for the London Marathon and can’t go…but you can still watch it online here this weekend

 Now women will have their own race day at the World Champs, and many are excited in this move to equal race footing for women

 Joe Skipper is awesome. He beat Sam Long and Lionel Sanders in Chatanooga – check it out here, among other weekend racing updates.

 Thanks to Gerald for sending in this link to Frodo’s bike, complete with the new Mono Grip! Awesome!

 Check out these 8 cyclists riding 8 days across the US to raise funds for 80 million refugees worldwide

 I’m sure you’re not surprised, either. Duffy and Yee win SuperLeague Malibu

 How about 51,000 km of trail/road across Europe to take your MTB or gravel bike?

 Gatorade. Controversial as an endurance fuel but did you know its IP and royalties between a professor and the University of Florida went through even more controversy?

 Once I carried instant noodles on an 60km+ run for the carbs and the sodium. But now there’s this new brand of supposedly healthy ramen which may not have the sodium but it has awesome protein (21g)!

 Fitt Insider has an awesome newsletter that many of us would love. Check out this issue on The Endurance Economy

 Do you think you could run 20m in under 5 seconds? This guy can and he doesn’t have legs. You have got to see this

 Here are 14 awesome running documentaries. #2 was amazing.

  Ironman adds more races in France and Germany for 2022

 Want to know if your COVID risk? This calculator will tell you.

 Follow me on Strava and Instagram and I’ll follow you back.

None of the Sprint Reads links are sponsored.

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Addaday massage guns

Finally, check out my triathlon reading list 

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My goal is to deliver value to you. So, where possible, I choose the deal with the highest discount to you and lowest commission for me.

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