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Me, only less weight.
Hi Fellow Athlete,

It's been a month since I sent out my last newsletter. I just felt like I needed a rest after 18 months of weekly mailings and I was getting a bit burned out.

See, I want to provide value in every newsletter as opposed to meeting a set schedule for the sake of it.

Put another way, if you can't get a quality training session in, you may be better off resting.

In this time, I've realized it's all too easy to get caught up in the rat race of life and lose sight of what really matters.

The same could be said for triathlon - you're shooting for an A race 6 or 9 months away and you forget to enjoy the little races along the way and even the training needed to get there.

Tri mindset coach Neil Edge talks about this in an interview I did with him, which I just released yesterday. He tells us how process-based goals differ from outcome-based goals and more - it's well-worth a watch. See it here.

It's almost how I feel stuck in that rat race - just last weekend I watched my son compete in a local tri and can't believe he's already almost 14 and is moving up in the age groups.

That little kid I once knew has now grown up in the blink of an eye. I feel like if I’m not careful, and if I don't enjoy the moment, it'll all pass me by.

So I'll stop worrying about where I'll retire (that's not for another two decades) and other similar, silly things that detract from my present enjoyment of life. Neil talks about being present and mindful.

This may be what he means.

Enjoy the training, the process, and enjoy your B and C races. Don't obsess over your A race unless you want all the fun times to flash by in an instant, when you should have been savouring and relishing them.

Crowie, Babbitt, Lionel

Thanks to all my YouTube subscribers and viewers. We've hit 100,000 views which is still tiny, but cool. See channel here.

About a year ago I interviewed Crowie, but put it all in on 45-min video, which was not that smart. So, recently, I recut a great piece from it about self-belief.

It's a thought-provoking story of how had Crowie believed in himself more in 2007, he possibly could have won Kona that year.

And a few of us interviewed legendary Bob Babbitt which resulted in a few more videos. The one that stands out most is this, where he talks about Lionel Sanders.

Related, Lionel has set up a Discord server too, which you can join here.

But don't forget to join the IronmanHacks group while you're at it, here, if you haven't already.

He didn't believe in himself enough.
Bob's take on Lionel

Nutrition Calculator Update

In my newsletter break I finally got to updating the IronHacks app. There were a few bugs with the app's nutrition database and the web nutrition database not synching, but those are now sorted.

If you're interested in the app, check it out here, or just play around with the web-based nutrition calculator here.

I've added items like sodium citrate, maltodextrin, and fructose to the calculator, so if you want to concoct a formula using those ingredients, you can calculate your hourly amounts now.

This home-made formula was inspired by Dr. Alex Harrison (I highly recommend his nutrition and endurance newsletter here) and my friend Kyle, as seen in this video here.

My app developer is a very sharp kid in Nigeria, and I'm happy to pay him well for his good work and support him early in his promising career.

While I do all of this free for you, it's not free to me, so if you want to support me, here are a few good ways:

  1. Pick up a book from my recommended reading list for triathletes
  2. Take advantage of the 30% UCAN sale starting Mon 22 Nov, ending 20 Nov (US only) here plus the promo code "IRONMANHACKS" and also get a free strawberry banana Edge gel sample.
  3. Grab my favorite running shorts from Purpose Performance Wear with this promo code: IMHACKS10
Any such sales may earn me a very modest buck or two - thanks in advance.

Back to Racing?

And after a long break from swimming (too long for me to admit) I'm now back at it, slowly (in every way), as I ramp up for some real structured training.

I see a race on the horizon, probably Melbourne 70.3 in March, as it may be possible to travel and return to Singapore without a two week quarantine.

I'll put in a hard four months of training, enjoy every moment of it, be present, and not think too far ahead. Because otherwise, I'll one day look back fondly at that training block and that race, and wonder how it all passed me by.

Sprint Reads

 I challenged a bodybuilder in the gym to a pull-up contest. No prizes for guessing who won.

 In the video above, you can see how many pullups I can do. So, now I'm asking you how many pull-ups a guy with my build can do at age 86 (my dad). Post your guess on the video here and I'll have him hit the gym and get to work!

 Some of you may be going into cooler weather now, and if so, here are a few tips on indoor training.

 While you're on the indoor trainer, consider TrainerRoad's new machine learning platform.

 Peloton gets into strength training.

  And here's another novel at-home strength training platform - but they call it "strength gaming": STÆDIUM

  How about on-demand bootcamp, cycling, stretching, and inspiration workouts? Enter AARMY. Plus, it's backed by Jay-Z. 

 While we're on this high-tech streak, check out Nike's new AR glasses in collaboration with Snap. I can imagine a mass event with all runners wearing these - it would feel like a video game and social event all in one.

 $500 million fine for Oleg Tinkov, former owner of Tinkoff-Saxo cycling team. (Credit: Gerald Manceau)

 Cycling YouTuber Shane Miller - GPLama is also being sued - and his story is insane. (Credit: Gerald Manceau)

 Endurance athlete Tommy Rivs, who recently contracted a rare form of lung cancer, just finished the NYC Marathon.

 See a huge variety of cool shoes here - problem is, none of these shoes exist.

 The 6 worst things to do before a run.

 Follow me on Strava and Instagram and I’ll follow you back.

None of the Sprint Reads links are sponsored.

Get a Deal

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OnCourse Goggles: Swim straight with these and get a free swim buoy. Watch review video here.

Addaday massage guns

Finally, check out my triathlon reading list 

IronmanHacks is reader-powered. If you buy anything from the links below, I may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

My goal is to deliver value to you. So, where possible, I choose the deal with the highest discount to you and lowest commission for me.

 Tri Planner App

Need help getting organized for your races?

The IronHacks app allows you to:
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