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Monday, 14th January 2019

Happy new year!

I didn't manage to get one of these out for the whole of December, so apologies for that. Finishing off one job and starting another it turns out is a lot of work. 

I've done about a week and a half at Croydon and it's been really enjoyable - if intense. I'm learning lots about the organisation and the people, and it's always interesting to see which challenges are common to other councils and which ones are unique to the place. There's more in the former camp than the latter.

Just before Christmas, and indeed before I officially started work there, we launched a blog called I'm really pleased, because it's such an important marker in terms of setting our stall out: working in the open, sharing ideas and problems and getting our thinking straight. Of course working in the open is a key principle of the Digital Declaration, which Croydon has signed up to. If any other Councils need any help or advice in getting started so they can also meet this requirement, we'd be happy to have a chat.

What we are also doing with the blog is opening it up to the wider Croydon system. This means in the first instance engaging with the local digital business community and getting their takes on what a digital place means to them. In future I am hoping we can get friends in other sectors involved, whether community and voluntary organisations and other parts of the public sector. In a sense, it's our first piece of digital civic infrastructure (yes, I am banging that drum again!).

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Onto the links - there's a few built up over time so a mixture of really new stuff and some that have been out there for a few weeks...


Tools and techniques


  • Restorative Technological Practices - Neil Tamplin shares a more human way of having some tricky conversations about IT in large organisations.
  • Building the beta - Helen West at Essex County Council shares an update on progress with their new website project.



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Until next time,

~ Dave
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