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Hello everyone, and welcome back to The QD Monthly, QTBIPOC Design's digital publication that aims to provide you with updates on our community along with some tools, resources, inspiration, and more to take with you wherever you are in your design journey. 😁 

In this issue, we...

  • Come to you with info on our upcoming events and other community happenings. 
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✨ News & Events

QTBIPOC Design Presents: UX Nights - An evening of UX, career coaching, and networking with other QTBIPOC designers
On Tuesday, November 9, we'll be hosting a UX Night on the topic of Money: How to manage your design business finances, rate, and budgeting

As always, looking forward to holding another powerful community space with our QTBIPOC family. Spaces are limited, so make sure to grab a free community ticket if you want to attend. If you have any burning questions that you'd like to ask - feel free to reply back to this email!
QTBIPOC Design presents: Book Club - readings & discussions on equity, tech, and design
Join QTBIPOC Design as we read and discuss books within the intersection of equity, design, tech every other month. We're currently reading Design Justice by Sasha Costanza-Chock.

On Tuesday, November 23, we'll be discussing the second half of the book. Hope to see you there! Be sure to also join us on Slack to stay up to date on the latest book club (and other community) related happenings!

✨ Now Hiring

Check out some of the recent opportunities posted in our job board in Slack this month! Be sure to join us on Slack to get the latest updates and info on new opportunities. Many of our postings are specifically looking for folks from within our organization, so if you do apply, be sure to mention you're a part of this group! 
📢 Exciting news! We've partnered with to create a space for queer BIPOC designers on their platform, and for the next two months, they are helping us raise funds for our organization when our members register through our special link!

Registration is free and takes just a few clicks: Thank you in advance and happy job hunting! 😊
✨AMA w/ Raquel Breternitz! 
At our last UX Night, we had the opportunity to learn about inclusive principles for design teams from Raquel Breternitz. Raquel is an award-winning designer, speaker, and writer. She is passionate about inclusion, accessibility, and keeping tech human (and human-focused). Raquel has previously led design for the Elizabeth Warren campaign, Aperture Health, and the New York Times. 

What advice would you give to young queer designers?
Find your people, both as collaborators and mentors. Fight for what you believe in, remember there are always more ways to learn, and only work for somewhere you can either bring your whole self or protect your whole self somewhere far away, where they can’t touch it. Your creativity and weirdness — your obsessions, the idiosyncratic things that interest and engage you — are your most precious things, protect it. Make space to be bored and to play. Don’t forget that just because you have a unique, valuable perspective, other folks don’t as well — never punch down, and always and listen up. The bigger the tent, the better the party, after all! Don’t let anyone tell you who you are or what you should do. Protect your heart and your people before what you produce; that will follow. And if an organization is being shitty to you, and you can’t fix it — whether you don’t want to, or it’s too big — leave. You deserve so much more.

What gets you excited about design today?
A few off the top of my head: seeing a lot more places start to hire and build accessibility and inclusion departments and teams, product teams inverting the “leadership pyramid” to put user’s needs first and CEO’s ideas last, seeing tech teams work to unionize and organize walkouts for better working conditions and what they believe in, animated svgs, and weird, kooky, florid typography. 

What gives you joy?
Most recently: learning how to identify plants, life drawing, playing with my cat and her new baby Yoda string toy, baking with my girlfriend, and reading great fiction surrounded by trees with my feet in a pool.

✨ Resources & Tools

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✨ QD Picks

Thanks for reading, and take care!

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