🎉 Welcome to the ninth edition of The QD Monthly!

Hello, and welcome back to The QD Monthly, QTBIPOC Design's digital publication that aims to provide you with updates on our community along with some tools, resources, inspiration, and more to take with you wherever you are in your design journey. 😁

This month, QTBIPOC Design celebrates its one year anniversary! 🎉🥳💃 While this past year has certainly been challenging for many of us, we're so happy to have been able to dedicate space for our community to learn, grow, and celebrate together. It's been amazing to be able to connect with other QTBIPOC Designers through our various events, workshops, socials, online communities, etc., and we hope its been meaningful for you all.

We're so excited to continue to find ways to build and support this community in the coming years. We have tons of exciting opportunities and other fun stuff planned that we can't wait to share. For now, thanks for reading and take care! 

In this issue, we... 

  • Come to you with info on our upcoming events and other community happenings. 
  • Share some cool, helpful, and fun resources 
  • & much more! 

✨ News & Events

Our next UX Nightis planned for Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 4PM PT / 7PM ET. Be sure to RSVP and join us! We'll be hosting part three of our Figma Design Class, where we'll be going over prototyping, plugins, and collaboration.
Our next Design Jam will be happening on Wednesday, July 21st at 4PM PT / 7PM ET. We'll be doing hands-on workshops every month to ideate, innovate, and design products together!
QTBIPOC Design Book Club →
Our next Book Club discussion is happening Monday, July 26th at 4PM PT / 7PM ET, where we'll be discussing Ruined by Design by Mike Monteiro. 📘
📢 QTBIPOC Design x Hired
Check out our blog post highlighting our partnership with! Sign up and let us know your thoughts. We can provide feedback directly to them to improve the job application process for our community!

🔨 Resources & Tools

Anti-racist reading list for designers →
List of books, articles, and other resources centered on anti-racism for designers
How to practice inclusive design in your daily workflow →
Tips and additional resources for practicing inclusive design in our day-to-day work
Inclusive UX in an era of anxiety →
Ways we can better consider mental health in our design practices
Adaptive Color Palettes Plugin (Figma) →
A neat tool to generate dynamic, accessibility-first color palettes for your design systems within Figma
“We cannot speak about being proud as an individual and just solely individual... [Pride] is a place where we can go and have our demands heard.”

⭐ QD Picks

Joy Generator →
Feeling blah? Science shows you can boost happiness by taking time for small moments of delight 💖
UX Meter →
Like Tinder, but for finding the hottest website design in town 🔥
Video Game Lessons for Product Designers →
A glimpse into the UX and product design of video games and lessons we can take from them
"I've gotten to the point where I realized that the biggest success comes from joy, and a lot of the joy is in the things that we overlook while striving for success.”
- Kehlani, on joy and coming out 🔥
QTBIPOC Design Directory →
Our goal is to make it easier to find members of our community for career and networking opportunities. Join us today! 
Buy us a Coffee →
Interested in supporting our work to make design more accessible to LGBTQ+ BIPOC communities? We accept community contributions to help us stay running.
💕 Thanks for reading, and take care! 
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