Welcome to the seventeenth edition of
The QD Monthly!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to The QD Monthly, QTBIPOC Design's digital publication that aims to provide you with updates on our community along with some tools, resources, inspiration, and more to take with you wherever you are in your design journey. 😁 

In this issue, we...

  • Come to you with info on our next UX Night and other community happenings
  • Share some cool, helpful, and fun resources 
  • Share job opportunities from our Slack community job board
  • & much more! 

✨ News & Events

This  Tuesday 5/10, we'll be hosting a follow up to our last UX Night on updating your portfolio! Specifically, we'll help you build a case study for your portfolio for one project in two hours together!

Bring your artifacts, documents, screenshots from your project that you’d like to use and we’ll help you make sense of it! (and also identify a project that you’d like to make a case study on)

As always, looking forward to holding another powerful community space with our QTBIPOC family. Spaces are limited, so make sure to grab a free community ticket if you want to attend. If you have any burning questions that you'd like to ask - feel free to reply back to this email!
Join QTBIPOC Design as we read and discuss books within the intersection of equity, design, tech every other month.

Introducing our next book... The User Experience Team of One by Leah Buley! We'll be meeting to discuss on Tuesday, May 24. Hope to see you there! Be sure to also join us on Slack to stay up to date on the latest book club related updates!
📢 Want to get involved with helping to plan and organize our events?
We are always looking for people to join us on our planning committee!
Email us at or simply reply back to this email if you're interested!

✨ Now Hiring

Check out some of the recent opportunities posted in our job board this month! Be sure to join us on Slack to get the latest updates and info on new opportunities.
📢 Are you hiring? Submit your job postings to the QTBIPOC Design Job Board!

✨ Resources & Tools

Queer Design Club Summit →
QDC Summit is a one day conference celebrating the contributions of LGBTQ+ designers to the industry, and shining a light on the inequalities these designers face at work.
Neurodiversity Career Connector →
Matching neurodivergent job seekers with meaningful jobs and support needed for career growth and success
Advanced Figma Tips &
Tricks →
Little gems to make life with Figma more fun and efficient!

✨ QD Picks

Useful School →
Practical classes for people of color for beginner and advanced digital product designers
The Cultural Capital of Designing for Musicians →
Bráulio Amado, Isha Dipika Walia, and Timothy Luke unpack the long and symbiotic relationship between graphic design and music
Identifying Dark Patterns →
An interactive resource demonstrating a couple of deceiving patterns to be mindful of while designing.

✨ Community finds

Neat recommendations and finds shared by members of our community!

Thanks for reading, and take care!

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