🎉 Welcome to the fourth edition of The QD Monthly!

Welcome back to The QD Monthly! For anyone receiving this for the first time, this is QTBIPOC Design's digital publication that aims to provide you with updates on our community along with some tools, resources, inspiration, and more to take with you wherever you are in your design journey. 😁 

In this issue, we... 
  • Take some time to honor Black History Month 
  • Come to you with updates on our upcoming UX Bootcamp
  • Share some cool and helpful resources
  • & much more! 
"While we might feel small, separate, and all alone, our people have never been more tightly tethered. The question’s not if we will weather this unknown, but how we will weather the unknown together."
- Amanda Gorman, "The Miracle of Morning"

📰 News & Events

Our next UX Night is planned for Tuesday, February 9, 2021 at 4PM PT / 7PM ET. Be sure to RSVP and join us! We'll be hosting a discussion on leveling up your design career – how to get promotions, pay increases, and more responsibilities! 
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✨QTBIPOC Design UX Course Coming Soon!✨
Over the past few months, you may have heard rumors of some exciting things cooking up behind the scenes of our organization, including talks of a bootcamp course. 👀 Welllll... we're super excited to announce that we'll be launching our first free QTBIPOC Design UX Intensive online course this May!
When: Course begins on May 10th, 2021 and lasts 12 weeks
Commitment: Minimum 8 hours/week
Course Style: Course will consist of a combination of self-paced work, partner collaboration, real-world projects, and design theory

We'll be continuing to update you all in the next few months with more detailed information on the application process and the course itself. But for now, stay tuned! The interest we’ve received so far is exciting and humbling and we can't wait to share more soon. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email at or reach out on Facebook or LinkedIn.
UXPA Boston Newsletter & Community Events →
The UXPA Boston Newsletter has compiled a list of virtual events from all throughout 2021 to help you stay safe and connected this year. 
Creative Technology Speaker Series →
The Creative Technology Speaker Series aims to educate folxs about careers and industries that combine technology and art through panels and workshops. Sessions will happen all throughout February and March on Mondays and Fridays. 

✊🏿 Honoring Black History Month

The month of February is dedicated to the celebration and recognition of important people, events, and achievements in the history of the African diaspora. At QTBIPOC Design, we want to acknowledge the importance of honoring Black history (and especially queer Black history) that has paved the way for many of us. As we continue to confront racism and inequality in our society today and re-evaluate what we've traditionally been taught about Black and Indigenous history, this year's Black History Month is especially significant.

Here are a few virtual events and resources to honor the legacy of Black History Month, but we also encourage you to participate in any other ways that you come across yourself (and feel free to share them with the group on Facebook/Linkedin!):
BIPOC Design History →
Black Design in America is the first in a series of BIPOC Centered design history courses facilitated by Polymode.
Trans Studies Speaker Series →
The Mills College Trans Studies Speaker Series offers a regular public forum for exploring transgender issues with some of today's leading thinkers, artists, and activists. All events are being held online and are free and open to the public. 
The 35th Annual Brooklyn Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. →
World-renowned activists, public figures, civic leaders, and artists come together in celebration of Dr. King's legacy. Available to stream through the month of February.
Celebrating Black History Month At The Tiny Desk →
World-renowned activists, public figures, civic leaders, and artists come together in celebration of Dr. King's legacy. Available to stream through the month of February.
"It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences."

🔨 Tools & Resources

QTBIPOC Design Figma Bookshelf →
At our last UX Night/Figma masterclass, we started a collaborative "Figma Bookshelf" file for our group to use to share resources, plug-ins, tutorials, etc. with one another! Feel free to edit the file to include anything you find cool or helpful that you'd like to share. The file will be open pretty much indefinitely, so you can reference or edit it whenever you need! 
30 time-saving tricks from Figma experts →
Anthony and Rogie, Designer Advocates at Figma, share their favorite lesser known Figma tips, including keyboard shortcuts, to help you save time.
W3C Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 3.0 →
Draft of the newest WCAG accessibiliy guidelines recently published on January 21st!
"When you understand yourself and then you understand your bias and what bias you may have against whomever, you are better able to empathize. Because a lot of times when you’re working on something you go, 'I wouldn't do that...' Well, why wouldn’t you that, first and foremost? Then think about the people who would."

⭐️ QD Picks

2021 Product Design Trends Report →
What a decade 2020 has been. While the world underwent a radical reordering, teams are learning to forge a path forward — even in anticipation of an uncertain future.
14 Most important books for designers to read right now →
Experts from IDEO, Adobe, SVA, HOK, Designer Fund, and more share book recommendations for designers who want to expand their horizons in 2021 and beyond.
Let's talk about care in design →
One of the first things we are taught as designers is the importance of empathy. But this article discusses the care. Something equally important in both design and life! 
If you're reading this, relax your shoulders, unclench your jaw, and sit up straight (...but not in the heterosexual sense 😳)!!!
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