🎉 Welcome to the second edition of The QD Monthly!

Hello QTBIPOC Designers! Welcome back to The QD Monthly, our new digital publication created by and for the QTBIPOC Design community.

Thank you all so much for the amazing feedback and response on the first issue. We hope you were able to gather some helpful inspiration, resources, and good feels from it, and we're super excited to keep sharing stories and other useful gems with you all! 

Since this is the last issue of the year (yes, it's finally ending 😵), we want to take a second to reflect on some of the cool things that have happened — probably most notably for us, the start of this organization!!! While 2020 has certainly been challenging for many, especially for folx within the QTBIPOC community, we hope we've been able to create meaningful and supportive space for you all. It's been amazing to be able to connect with other QTBIPOC Designers from around the world through our UX Nights and online communities, and we're so excited to continue to find ways to build and support this community.

We've got so much exciting stuff queued up for everyone in 2021, so stay tuned. In the meantime, thanks so much for being a part of this group and take care! 
- Kenny, Community Director
“Read, ask questions and learn about everything that you are curious about. As designer I believe we can learn more when we go outside of our immediate fields of just design and ask questions about the things we care about deeply.”
Thanks to everyone who attended our last UX Night! We hope you learned some new tips, tricks, and hotkeys (Ctrl+Shift+? for the hotkey panel!) to help you out on your upcoming projects! If you have a minute or two, we'd love your feedback on the event.
Timelapse of Figma file being worked on by UX Night attendees
 Timelapse from part of our Figma activity
Our next UX Night is planned for December 15, 2020 at 4PM PT / 7PM ET. Be sure to RSVP and join us! We'll be hosting a space to discuss Equity in Design.
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It really is important that every single person realizes that you are here to bear witness to this moment so that when we look back into the history books, we can be proud. Can you be proud of what you were doing at this moment and how you responded to this moment?

📚 Good Reads & Wisdom

World AIDS Day 2020 →
Every year, World AIDS Day takes place on December 1st. In the wake of the global pandemic, this year's theme is "Global solidarity, shared responsibility." Learn more about how you can take action for issues relevant to our community. 
20 positive stories from 2020 to be grateful for →
From LGBTQ elected officials to weddings to cultural breakthroughs, here are 20 positive stories that took place in the year 2020.
10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design →
Jakob Nielsen's 10 general principles are some of the most widely used usability guidelines in interaction design. While these heuristics were developed back in 1994, they remain as relevant as ever in modern design.

🏠 Community Corner

I'm Mahogany! I'm a UX Designer creating thoughtful, high-quality experiences that benefit people. In participating in organizations like QTBIPOC Design, I hope to become a voice for underrepresented groups and help deliver social impact to people in my communities.
Why did you become a designer? 
I decided to pursue design since it's sort of a cross between art and technology--two things I'm passionate about.
What is a project you've always dreamed of working on?
My own side hustle/online store featuring art work I've created
What do you do for self care? 
Exercise, haircare, and skincare routines
Fun fact about you!
Since 2017, I have made a plan to travel to one new place per year. So far it's been working out!
What message do you have for the QTBIPOC Design community?
Don't give up! Keep trying to reach your goals, uplift others within the community, and create space for yourself within the world.

🔨 Tools & Resources

Hixle  →
Explore the latest trends in design styles, fonts, color palettes, gradients and tools through inspiration from real-world examples. 
ClipDrop  →
Witchcraft?!?! Or just a step toward the future. ClipDrop is an "AR Copy Paste" tool that lets you use your phone to take photos and "paste" it onto your desktop.
UI Coach →
UI coach generates UI design challenges for you that include project ideas, color palettes, font pairings, and illustrations libraries.

⭐️ QD Picks

Figma: All you need to know →
Can't get enough of Figma after our last masterclass? Check out this additional comprehensive guide to our new favorite prototyping tool, which covers everything from setting up your artboards all the way to handing off your designs. 
Designing algorithm-friendly interfaces →
Leverage UX Design to help provide more accurate data on what content is most engaging for users. 
5 learnings every Product Designer should absolutely steal from Studio Ghibli movies →
Since 1985, every single movie produced by Studio Ghibli has set new standards for storytelling. What’s even more interesting is their movies have found audiences across all age groups, ethnicities, and languages. Isn’t that THE dream for every Product Designer?!
“Sometimes life is like this tunnel. You can’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you keep moving, you will come to a better place.”
- Uncle Iroh, Avatar: the Last Airbender 🍵🔥
Screenshot of UX Night Zoom meeting
💕 Thanks for reading, and take care! 
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