A Brief Postponement

By R. on Jun 01, 2018 10:10 am

Hello readers,

Thank you so much for being here with me, and for giving my story your time and attention. Unfortunately, my normal posting schedule will be affected this week and next week as I have to postpone writing for a few days due to personal injury. I have slipped a disc in my neck and on doctor’s order I am supposed to stay immobilized with ice on my neck for the next several days.

I’m so sorry for the delay in continuing the story. I hope you’ll return to read “The City” (part two) next week after I’ve had a chance to complete it. I plan to work on some new art over the weekend if I can manage to draw while laying in bed. I don’t like taking breaks from working, as any deviation from my normal schedule causes me to tailspin a little bit. I’m going to do my best to overcome that cycle and get back to regular work next week.

In the interim, if you’d like to read more of my words, you might head over to and view a few of the story stories I’ve published there for free.

Thanks again for your patience and attention. I will see you all next week.




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