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Garden Fairies Regroup After Late April Snow Event

Apr 22, 2021 10:42 am

Garden fairies here. We are garden fairies and we woke up on Wednesday morning, April 21, and this is what we saw.

We garden fairies realized right away that this is not normal for April 21st. When she saw the snow, SweetPea MorningGlory started running around saying it was a snow apocalypse. Then Seedy and Soddy chimed in that it was just a snow storm. Other garden fairies called it a snow event. And did we hear “aberration” too?

Thus commenced a raucous debate about what to call this type of weather… apocalypse, storm, event, aberration?

Then Ol’ Rainbow Tanglefly put a stop to all the nattering and said we should not lose our heads over a little bit of snow on April 21st. After all, Carol’s pepper and tomato seedlings were all still inside, safe and sound, and we are garden fairies, did we mention they are little because Carol sowed the seeds less than a month ago?

We thought she was terribly behind at the time and were beside ourselves with worry that the seedlings would not be big enough in time to plant outside, but now she looks like a genius gardener for not rushing out a bunch of frost tender vegetables. Or flowers, for that matter.

And don’t get us started on how she lazily refused to cover anything in the garden. Every blade of grass, every bloom, every leaf, every bud, every single plant was left to fend for itself. She covered nothing!

Anyway, before we could say “get out your sleds,” all the snow began to melt.

We shall now illustrate with pictures of tulips to show how the snow melted and how miraculously they and other flowers are recovering after this snow apocalypse, storm, event, aberration.

This is what these tulips looked like in the early morning of April 21.

They did not look happy to be in the snow.

But later in the afternoon when the snow had all melted, we garden fairies checked them out again.

They weren’t completely out of the wood, so to speak, but we are garden fairies, we did not give up.

Tiny little Deema Mae Flowerweaver stayed up all night tending to the tulips so that by morning on April 22, they looked like they had never seen a snowflake.

We are garden fairies. We can make things happen in a garden, as you can see. And it isn’t all bad, naughty things like some people thing. Harrumph. We live in this garden too! We want it to be nice and full of flowers.

We are garden fairies!

Now, if you will excuse us, we have to continue to talk to all the flowers and plants and reassure them that there will be no more snow. We hope. Otherwise, well… let’s not think about it.

Spring has sprung!

Submitted by:

Viola GreenPea MayDreams, Chief Scribe for the Garden Fairies and Head of the Committee to Help Flowers Recover From the Snow.

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