August 2021

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Estimating Lottery Revenue on a Quantum Computer

Presented by Stephen Penn
August 24 | 18:00 | IN PERSON
Betamore City Garage
101 W Dickman St, Baltimore, MD 21230

Ever wonder how you actually use a quantum computer? What does the code to run a quantum computer program look like? Find out in August, as we return to in-person events and kick-off with a discussion on quantum computing.

After much discussion, we've decided to postpone DAX until Spring 2022. While registrations were increasing, we still fell short of the needed speakers for the event and had always hoped that the first conference would be in-person. We plan on pushing hard the next few months to make our first event a success.

We still need help spreading the word and bringing the community together. If you would like to advocate for the conference, please reach out!

Get in touch if you would like to submit a talk. 

Past Events

All of our past talks are available on our YouTube channel. As we look forward to our first in-person Meetup in over a year, you can review our last in-person Meetup from February 2020 where Tim Lortz demonstrated how to make Apache Spark better with Delta Lake.
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Data News and Articles


AI Doesn’t Have to Be Too Complicated or Expensive for Your BusinessFor most companies that are interested in using AI, there isn’t a clear model to follow. Given advances in AI technology, these organizations should shift their focus from building the right model — a software-focused approach — to focusing getting good data, which clearly illustrates the concepts we need the AI to learn, and using new machine learning operations (MLOps) tools. Tags: AI, ML, Strong Data

Data-Driven Album CoversI conversation with Tiziana Alocci, a freelance information designer who has created a number of data-driven album covers, and Sean Peoples, who runs Atlantic Rhythms records, a label with a consistent approach to creating abstract artwork for album covers. What follows is a lightly-edited conversation between the three. Tags: Data, Music, Crossover

The Pentagon Is Bolstering Its AI Systems—by Hacking ItselfA new “red team” will try to anticipate and thwart attacks on machine learning programs. Tags: AI, ML, Security, Government

Real Estate Pricing with Machine Learning & Non-Traditional Data SourcesReal estate is the world’s largest asset class, worthing $277 trillion (that’s 277 followed by 12 zeros, in case you were wondering), three times the total value of all publicly traded companies. And Machine Learning applications have been accompanying its sector’s growth. Tags: ML, Data, Real Estate

How to Build an AI Unicorn in 6 YearsToday, Tractable is worth $1 billion. Our AI is used by millions of people across America, Asia and Europe to recover faster from road accidents. It helps recycle as many cars as Tesla put on the road in 2019. And yet 6 years ago, Tractable was just me and Raz, two college grads coding in a London basement. A year before that I knew nothing about tech. If it’s happened to me, it can happen to others, so here’s the story & learnings. Tags: AI, Management

What Do Data-Driven Companies Have in Common?As more organizations see and understand their data, and some grow data use at enviable rates, Tableau and IDC felt it was useful to explore behaviors, characteristics, and key trends that set data-leading companies—ones with a strong Data Culture—apart. Tags: Data, Management

How Airbnb Built “Wall” to Prevent Data BugsGaining trust in data with extensive data quality, accuracy and anomaly checks. Tags: Data Integrity, Quality

Data Tools and Resources  

NocoDBThe open-source alternative that turns any MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite, and MariaDB into a smart-spreadsheet. Tags: SQL, Spreadsheet

DatafuseDatafuse is an open source elastic and scalable cloud warehouse, it offers blazing fast query and combines elasticity, simplicity, low cost of the cloud, built to make the Data Cloud easy. Tags: Elastic, Cloud

PeanutPeanut provides a REST API, Admin Dashboard and a command line tool to deploy and configure the commonly used services like databases, message brokers, graphing, tracing, caching tools ... etc. It perfectly suited for development, manual testing, automated testing pipelines where mocking is not possible and test drives. Tags: Dashboard

ContinualContinual is the easiest way to maintain predictions – from customer churn to inventory forecasts – directly in your cloud data warehouse. It’s built for modern data teams that want to leverage machine learning to drive revenue, streamline operations, and power innovative products and services without complex engineering.Tags: Cloud, ML, Management

JupyterLiteJupyterLite is a JupyterLab distribution that runs entirely in the browser built from the ground-up using JupyterLab components and extensions. Tags: Jupyter

AgentPyAgentPy is an open-source library for the development and analysis of agent-based models in Python. The framework integrates the tasks of model design, interactive simulations, numerical experiments, and data analysis within a single environment. The package is optimized for interactive computing with IPython, IPySimulate, and Jupyter. Tags: Python, Jupyter

PolarDBPolarDB for PostgreSQL (PolarDB for short) is an open-source database system based on PostgreSQL. It extends PostgreSQL to become a share-nothing distributed database, which supports global data consistency and ACID across database nodes, distributed SQL processing, and data redundancy and high availability through Paxos based replication. Tags: Database

How To's and Tutorials  

Awesome MLOpsAn awesome list of references for MLOps. Tags: MLOps

Modern Statistics with R
The past decades have transformed the world of statistical data analysis, with new methods, new types of data, and new computational tools. The aim of Modern Statistics with R is to introduce you to key parts of the modern statistical toolkit. Tags: Statistical Analysis, Data

Machine Learning with Missing ValuesHere we use simulated data to understanding the fundamentals of statistical learning with missing values. Tags: ML, Missing Data


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