November 2020

Upcoming Events

Edge Device Computing for Machine and Deep Learning
November 7 | 12:00 PM | Online

Edge computing is a distributed computing model in which computing takes place near the physical location where data is being collected and analyzed, rather than on a centralized server or in the cloud. According to Gartner "91% of today’s data is created and processed in centralized data centers. By 2022 about 75% of all data will need analysis and action at the edge."

Data Science: Trends and Opportunities in Government
November 12 | 12:00 PM | Online

This panel discussion will help Small Businesses learn more about Data Science trends and opportunities within the Government. A moderated panel discussion will be conducted followed by a Q&A session.

Past Events




Data Works MD Conference 2021
We are in the early planning stages for a Maryland data-focused conference in June 2021. If you would like to stay informed, please sign-up for updates.

Interested in a side project?
Are you an expert with data and willing to mentor, or are you an up and coming hobbyist looking for a side project to work on? We have put together a group to focus on a few problems working with Baltimore City data and need your help. The current project focuses on data parsing and analysis for the Baltimore Board of Estimates. If interested, please send us an email or join us on Slack to discuss building a side project group.

Considering a career change?
Are you a software or system engineer, data scientist, analytic developer, or cybersecurity expert interested in learning about new opportunities?
Please send us an email to learn about the opportunities available with our partners.

Are you hiring?
If your company is looking for data scientists, data engineers, software engineers, and other data related experts, please reach out so that we can help our members find new opportunities.
Please send us an email introducing your company and needs.

Get involved!
Want to be more involved in our data science community? If you have experience running workshops, hackathons, curating newsletters, or are just interested in helping to grow the meetup, please send us an email!

Erias Ventures
Erias has an immediate need for Software Engineers, System Engineers, Test Engineers, Data Scientists, and System Administrators. External referral bonuses are available. For more information, please contact us at

Data News and Articles



Resilience and Vibrancy: The 2020 Data & AI Landscape — In a year like no other in recent memory, the data ecosystem is showing not just remarkable resilience but exciting vibrancy. Cloud and data technologies (data infrastructure, machine learning / artificial intelligence, data driven applications) are at the heart of digital transformation.  As a result, many companies in the data ecosystem have not just survived, but in fact thrived, in an otherwise overall challenging political and economic context. Tags: AI

State of AI Report 2020 — Now in its third year, the State of AI Report 2020 discusses the research, talent, industry, politics, and predictions for AI in 2020. Tags: AI

CitiStat's Data-Driven Government Baltimore was a pioneer in implementing data-driven management in local government, but over 20 years it wasn't always embraced. The lesson? Culture and leadership matter. Tags: Data, Maryland

Unpopular Opinion - Data Scientists Should Be More End-to-End — This article argues against splitting the data science process into multiple roles and that data scientists can be more effective by being end-to-end. Tags: Careers

How Tech Companies Can Advance Data Science for Social Good — The data science for social good (DSSG) movement has for years been making datasets about important social issues—such as health care infrastructure, school enrollment, air quality, and business registrations—available to trusted organizations or the public. Large tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others have recently begun to embrace the DSSG movement. Tags: Data, Civic

Data Cleaning Is Analysis, Not Grunt Work — Cleaning data is considered by some people to be menial work that’s somehow “beneath” the sexy “real” data science work. This article claims otherwise. Tags: Data

What If You Were an Evil Data Scientist? — What could they get away with? Are there checks and balances? How bad can it get? Tags: Data

The Next Big Breakthrough in AI Will Be Around Language — The 2020s are going to bring major advances in language-based AI tasks. GPT-3, a state-of-the-art natural language processing tool developed by OpenAI, will soon be able to produce short stories, songs, press releases, technical manuals, text in the style of particular writers, and even computer code. Cloud-AI services will enable the development of a new class of enterprise apps that are more creative (or “generative” — the “G” in GPT) than anything we’ve seen before. Tags: AI, Language

How-To's and Tutorials

Data Orchestration — A Primer — Data scientists and data engineers are responsible for authoring data pipelines and workflows. Historically individuals wrote cron jobs to orchestrate data but today there are data orchestration frameworks that allow them to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor data pipelines. Tags: Data

Data Science Meets Devops: MLOps with Jupyter, Git, & Kubernetes — An end-to-end example of deploying a machine learning product using Jupyter, Papermill, Tekton, GitOps and Kubeflow. Tags: Machine Learning, DevOps

Traffic Prediction with Advanced Graph Neural Networks —  Researchers at DeepMind have partnered with the Google Maps team to improve the accuracy of real-time ETAs by up to 50% in places like Berlin, Jakarta, São Paulo, Sydney, Tokyo, and Washington D.C. by using advanced machine learning techniques including Graph Neural Networks. Tags: Neural Networks

How to Win Kaggle Competitions with Anthony Goldbloom —  Anthony Goldbloom is the founder and CEO of Kaggle talks about his vision for Kaggle, how Kaggle & the competitions have changed over the years, how competitive data science can prepare you for the real world, whether he likes Python or R better – and which jobs we should be worried about losing to AI in the next few decades. Tags: Podcast

Things I Learned to Become a Senior Software Engineer  — Great article describing a number of lessons to being a senior engineer such as learning good habits, paying attention, and embracing fear. Tags: Careers

Data Tools and Resources


Apache Arrow: The Hidden Champion of Data Analytics — Arrow is used by open-source projects like Apache Parquet, Apache Spark, pandas, and many commercial or closed-source services. It provides in-memory computing, standardized columnar storage format, and an IPC and RPC framework for data exchange between processes and nodes respectively. Tags: Tools, Data

Moon — Moon is a novel approach to web applications based on pure functions. An application is a function that uses drivers, programs that provide an interface to the real world. Tags: Tools, Web

Dolt  Dolt is Git for data! Dolt is a relational database, i.e. it has tables, and you can execute SQL queries against those tables. It also has version control primitives that operate at the level of table cell. Thus Dolt is a database that supports fine grained value-wise version control, where all changes to data and schema are stored in commit log. Tags: Tools, Data

Huggingfaces Datasets  — Datasets is a lightweight and extensible library to easily share and access datasets and evaluation metrics for Natural Language Processing (NLP) and more. Tags: Tools, Data

TensorFlow Recommenders  TensorFlow Recommenders (TFRS) is an open-source TensorFlow package that makes building, evaluating, and serving sophisticated recommender models easy. Tags: Tools, Machine Learning
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