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AMIIGA - Integrated Approach to Management of Groundwater quality In functional urban Areas

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The essentials
AMIIGA is a project pulling together 12 partners from central Europe all with an interest in improving the quality of groundwater, especially of former industrial brownfield sites, by treating urban cores and their surroundings as one unit. AMIIGA is supported by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme funded under the European Regional Development Fund.
Groundwater pollution is a common problem in urban areas in central Europe. This type of pollution poses a particular challenge because of mixed contamination, often coming from unknown sources. Additional complexity is due to the fact that groundwater has no respect for administrative boundaries, and pollution often flows from cities to the hinterland or the other way round. Much progress has been made in local environmental management in Europe, but little progress in tackling groundwater pollution in the wider territorial dimension of cities and their surroundings.
AMIIGA aims to improve the planning, management and decision making capacity of the public sector for the groundwater management. The project focuses on multiple characterization, assessment and management strategies. AMIIGA will develop innovative tools tested through specifically selected pilot activities.
The Lead Partner is Central Mining Institute, Katowice, Poland. Project partners are: City of Jaworzno (Poland), State Capital of Stuttgart (Germany), City of Nový Bydžov (Czech Republic), Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic), Lombardy Region (Italy), Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy), Municipality of Parma (Italy), Geological Survey of Slovenia (Slovenia), Ljubljana Waterworks and Sewerage (Slovenia), University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering (Croatia), Water supply company Zadar (Croatia).
AMIIGA is a three-year project running between September 2016 and August 2019.
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Focus on Pilot Actions
AMIIGA includes seven pilot actions aimed
at assessing, remediating and managing
groundwater pollution.
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AMIIGA's Words
In many European cities, groundwater is contaminated due to extensive brownfield areas and contaminated sites located in city cores as well as in hinterlands.

They are analyses used to assess biodegradation at polluted sites
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News from AMIIGA and beyond
AMIIGA Updates, Summer 2017

Good progress has been made on the adaptation and development of tools for characterization and prioritization of groundwater contamination sources: geostatistical methods, modelling tool with inverse iterative simulations and WEB-GIS.

The 12 AMIIGA partners have been busy with the preparatory and implementation of Pilot Actions and with developing their multi-stakeholder groups (RIG-Regional Implementation groups) that supports the preparation of a shared transnational management strategy for groundwater remediation. 

AMIIGA goes to Katowice, Milan, Stuttgart, Liberec and Ljubljana
Two partnership meetings and three technical workshops have gelled thepartnership and allowed a good progress of project work.
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