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A Bulletin from MUSSC to MUSF 
February 22, 2021

The MacEwan University Sessional Steering Collaborative (MUSSC) would like to remind all MacEwan University Sessional Faculty (MUSF) that today the campaign period (February 22 to March 7) begins for two positions on the Grant MacEwan University Faculty Association (GMUFA) Board of Directors: the Faculty of Arts & Science Representative and the Faculty of Health & Community Studies Representative.
While MUSSC applauds all GMUFA members who put their names forth to run for GMUFA positions, MUSSC specifically supports and campaigns for the Sessional Faculty candidates—to encourage the engagement of Sessional Faculty, to ensure the concerns of Sessional Faculty are taken into account, and to recognize the expertise and experience of Sessional Faculty, who make up the majority of faculty at MacEwan University. Here are brief bios of the Sessional Faculty candidates who are running this year:
Faculty of Arts & Science Representative Candidate
Ondine Park (PhD) has been teaching Sociology at MacEwan since 2014. Her recent publication, Seasonal Sociology, co-edited with TK Davidson (Carleton), is an introductory sociology textbook that won the AAP’s 2021 PROSE Award for Best Textbook in the Social Sciences for “exceptional scholarship, and significant contributions” to its field. She has served as a sessional faculty representative on both the Sociology Department Council and the Arts and Science Faculty Council since 2018 when such representation first became possible, was a member of Sociology’s ad hoc working group for shifting teaching online (2020), and currently sits on the department’s Curriculum Innovation Group. Ondine believes in the importance of advocating for, protecting, and strengthening workers' rights and building solidarity across disciplines and job classifications.
Faculty of Health & Community Studies Representative Candidate
Shauna Pilipchuk has been a sessional instructor at MacEwan University for the last 27 years with the Disability Studies, the Educational Assistant, and the Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant programs. Her current role as President of the Alberta Disability Workers Association has given her insights and skills in representing a large membership and facilitating work with other stakeholders such as government ministries and departments. As a MacEwan Alumni, she takes great pride in the high-quality educational experience that MacEwan provides its students and recognizes this excellence can only be achieved with stellar faculty at the university’s foundation, as well as a strong association which advocates and supports faculty to do their best work. Over her many years at MacEwan she has participated in various ways that have given her the opportunity to get to know faculty across the University. Shauna has stayed abreast of past and current issues, and recognizes that we need to respond to the challenges we face today with the goal of building the future we want to see. She would be honoured to represent the Faculty of Health & Community Studies.  

The bios, as well as photos, of the two candidates are also available on the GMUFA website via the Member’s Vault link. MUSSC encourages you to review the materials posted there as well.
Excellent candidates have put their names forward. Now it is our responsibility to inform ourselves, and cast a ballot during the election period from March 8 to March 15.
Important to note is that all GMUFA members may vote for both positions.
In addition to MUSSC’s strong support of Ondine Park and Shauna Pilipchuk in the GMUFA election, MUSSC wants to recognize the other Sessional Faculty who put their names in to run for positions and have been acclaimed—Timothy Anderson (Faculty of Fine Arts & Communications Representative), Leslie Dawson (Sessional Representative), and Shannon Robertson (Sessional Representative). All these members—while acknowledging the diversity among the different faculties and departments, and the distinction between Sessional Faculty and Tenured Faculty—are committed to cultivating a solidarity ethos for the GMUFA. MUSSC firmly believes that solidarity is crucial for the efficacy of the GMUFA as a union.
Feel free to email MUSSC at with any questions or concerns.
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United for the common interests of Sessional Faculty, we have organized a group that advocates for transparency and promotes fair standards that dignify our teaching, celebrate our professional practices, and honour our scholarship and artistic endeavours.

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