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Shauna Pilipchuk  

tomorrow, if possible!


Voting in the GMUFA Election 2021 begins tomorrow, Monday, March 8, at noon, and shuts down on Monday, March 15, at noon.

 Ondine Park (PhD) is running for the position of Faculty of Arts & Science Representative. She has been teaching Sociology at MacEwan since 2014. Her recent publication, Seasonal Sociology, co-edited with TK Davidson (Carleton), is an introductory sociology textbook that won the AAP’s 2021 PROSE Award for Best Textbook in the Social Sciences for “exceptional scholarship, and significant contributions” to its field. She has served as a sessional faculty representative on both the Sociology Department Council and the Arts and Science Faculty Council since 2018 when such representation first became possible, was a member of Sociology’s ad hoc working group for shifting teaching online (2020), and currently sits on the department’s Curriculum Innovation Group. Ondine believes in the importance of advocating for, protecting, and strengthening workers' rights and building solidarity across disciplines and job classifications.

 Shauna Pilipchuk is running for the position of Faculty of Health & Community Studies Representative. She has been a faculty instructor at MacEwan University for the last 27 years teaching with the Disability Studies, the Educational Assistant, and the Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant programs. Her current role as President of the Alberta Disability Workers Association has given her insights and skills in representing a large membership and facilitating work with other stakeholders such as government ministries and departments. She wants to see a Faculty Association that represents all members; where members are connected and informed about the issues and decisions of its board. Communication needs to move back and forth, and she’s excited about the Departmental Steward’s Council that will allow this to happen. She recognizes that we all face issues such as the creeping up of class sizes, progressing as a union and what that means, the current and after-effects of the pandemic restrictions, post-secondary funding cuts, and many others. To quote Shauna, “The issues must be considered in ways that impact us as a whole and ways that impact us as individuals. We should never lose sight of the individuals that make up the whole! It is important to me that all faculty know that they are being heard and that they have a voice. I want an association that is responsive to its members and creative in their ideas and solutions.”

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