Principal's Update
Dear Parents and Carers,

Who would have believed that so much could be achieved in 38 school weeks?  I would like to share some of the highlights with you but, firstly, would like to welcome our new Year 7 students and their families, we are really looking forward to working with you over the next seven years.
Highlights for me are when I see big smiles on students’ faces when they are enjoying themselves and achieving, especially when they push themselves to be the best that they can be.  This was certainly evident at Sports Day this year, when several College records were broken.  Well done, in particular, to Amelia Nation and Joshua Mills.
Enrichment Week 2019 was a tremendous success this year, with students taking part in a full range of activities and learning new skills.  I have been overwhelmed by the responses from activity providers and the general public, congratulating me on how kind, polite and friendly our students have been.  It certainly makes me very proud to be the Principal of such a wonderful group of young people.  One of the activities was our Music Workshop and you may be one of the 30,000 people who viewed Plymouth Live online which showed the event of our students performing live in the city centre, the talent and pride of the students was so evident.
Work experience for Year 10 certainly opened the students’ eyes to what it is like to have a job and to be on your feet all day……one Year 10 boy, who worked at a local primary school, said that he had a new respect for teachers, after he had been in a classroom with 30 six year olds all week!
What I absolutely love is when former students come back and visit to tell us of their achievements.  Recently, Ola and Kennedy visited to tell us about their up and coming graduations.  Ola has achieved a 2.1 in Astrophysics and is off to Switzerland to carry out a fully funded PhD in micromagnetism.  Kennedy hopes to be a Science teacher in the future. 
We have welcomed the new Year 12 students this week; they are eagerly awaiting their GCSE exam results and are very excited to have started their A Level or vocational courses.  Some Year 13 advice to the new Year 12s has been: ‘start thinking now about which university you are going to apply for because two years will fly by.’
In September, we will be having a new team of prefects and I am really pleased that over 50 students, in Year 11, have applied to become a prefect.  I am looking forward to issuing them with their ties as symbols of their new responsibilities.
One particular pastoral incident sticks in my mind and just goes to prove what fantastic students we have at Sir John Hunt.  Miss Warring proudly brought Shenae to my office to explain what a superhero she had been.  Whilst playing in the park one evening, a child had collapsed and Shenae phoned for an ambulance and took care of the situation.  Shenae’s family and Miss Warring are incredibly proud of her.
It is that time of year when we say our goodbyes to staff leaving us and we also welcome our new staff.
Goodbye to:

Mrs Davenport - Spanish Teacher
Mrs Tuckett - Food and Tech Teacher
Mrs Phillips - Art Teacher
Miss Norris - Music Apprentice
Mr Diston - PSSP Apprentice
Welcome to:

Ms Holden - Head of Chemistry
Mr Holliday - Pastoral Leader/PE Teacher
Miss Bojanitz - English Teacher
Miss Pitt - Science Teacher
Mr Davis - SMSC Lead/Humanities Teacher
Miss Pownall - Raising Standards Leader/Business IT Teacher
Mrs Stockton - Food and Nutrition Teacher
Miss Bloomfield - Assistant Pastoral Leader
Ms Ajiye - Science Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Thain - Art Teacher
Miss Hamlyn - Learning Support Assistant
Miss Matten - Learning Support Assistant
Miss Barnshaw - Learning Support Assistant
Next year we will be launching an update to the SIMS Parent App so that parents will be able to see what homework has been set, as well as keeping up to date on their child’s day at school.  Our website also has a wealth of information, such as a link to free activities over the summer break, shown under ‘latest news’ – Fit and Fed.  
Next year we will also be launching our College Attributes, please ask your child in September what this is all about.
It is worth noting that the May 2020 Bank Holiday has changed and our term dates have been amended to reflect this.  Please be aware of this if you are booking any family holidays or events.
Finally, I would like to say a massive ‘thank you’ to our very supportive parents who ensure that students come to College on time and in the correct uniform and who support us with our high expectations. 
I wish all staff, students and their families a fabulous, safe and sunny summer break and look forward to welcoming students back on 3rd September.
Yours faithfully,
Mrs Bevan

Year 7 City Champions 

Year 7 girls travelled to Plymstock over the past few months to take part in the citywide central venue football tournament 

As you can see from the table above, they won the tournament!

Well done to Leah, Alissa, Shanella, Fedra, Olivia, Darcy, Emily and Freya.

Mrs Skelton
Curriculum Leader of PE

Period Poverty

Students taking the first step in reducing Period Poverty

Nine students from Sir John Hunt were invited to a meeting with Lindsey Hall, RIO and Chair of the Plymouth Period Poverty Commission. All Schools will be getting funding to reduce period poverty in Plymouth. Students were able to discuss and explore the issues of period poverty in groups. They had come up with proposals to spend the money and deliver the ambition to reduce period poverty in Plymouth. 

Our students from the college came up with brilliant ideas. It was amazing to see the students so passionate about this and were fully on board with the objective discussed. Our students are a credit to the College as they all had the confidence and drive to stand up and voice their ideas to everyone.
The feedback from the students shown to me how much they enjoyed the day and were keen to put these ideas into our College. The students will have a follow up meeting with Lindsey Hall again in September. 

Miss Richards 
Maths HLTA 

Enrichment Week 2019
Sound and Vision
Sound and Vision 2019 was a great success, we had a wonderful group of students that were filled with talent. 

We started off the week by researching different songs. Everyone got into groups and came up with a selection of songs they thought would be good to sing and perform. We then came back together and listened to everyone's chosen songs and shared ideas. We then took a vote and decided a final set list of songs. 

We chose: 
Budapest - George Ezra 
Bellyache - Billie Eilish 
I’ll Be There - Jess Glynne 
Someone You Loved - Lewis Capaldi 
Half a World Away - Oasis 

We then got straight to practising the songs and working out solos. 

Tuesday and Wednesday consisted of rehearsals for our performances then once everyone was happy, we recorded the performances using a professional recording studio set up for the CD. Whilst all that was going on and we were taking it in turns recording, everyone was also making some colourful posters that we were later going to merge together to create an album cover and some big boards to take out busking. We also took some time to research some local charities and finally decided on Jeremiah’s Journey which is the NHS Bereavement Charity. 

Thursday morning we got some last practice time in before catching the bus into the town centre to perform for the public and raise money for Jeremiah’s Journey. We were lucky enough to be interviewed by Plymouth Live who live streamed some of the songs we performed on Facebook, hitting around 30k views! This also gave us the opportunity to sell out all our CDs, raising over £100 in total! After all our hard work, we went to Pizza Hut and filled ourselves up on pizza and ice cream before getting the bus back to College. 

The end of Sound and Vision fell on the same day as Woodland’s school annual festival, ‘Woodfest’. We were given two slots to perform all our songs plus some extra crowd pleasers such as Castle On the Hill by Ed Sheeran. We ended the week with more ice cream, glitter and enjoying other great acts performing at Woodfest. 

On behalf of the music department, I would like to thank all students involved for being so well behaved, talented and fun. Also thank you to all staff involved in Sound and Vision, making it a fantastic week for all involved.

Mr Cleverley
Music Teacher
Huge thanks to Plymouth Youth Sailing for putting on a great week despite some challenging weather conditions. Students from Yrs 7-9 were treated to full use of the 'fun boats' and went off out to learn how to sail, for many for the first time. 

After students rigged up the boats they entered the water at The Mountbatten Centre. They made there way out to the sound were they enjoyed views of the Hoe including Smeatons Tower. Students made there way back to Mountbatten and enjoyed taking a dip as they got out! 

Mr Beynon
Pastoral Leader
This year sixteen of our students from Years 7-9 joined us for a week of action-packed motor biking related adventures. All students had a fabulous week and gained new skills or developed their skills further during their two full days of riding at Wheeldon Farm. Other activities, included visits from The Blood Bike charity and some teaching about bikes and biking from Andrew Savery, the owner of Wheeldon Farm. 

The programme also included a visit Exeter to watch the infamous Jamie Squibb perform his freestyle skill, the students were simply in awe of his skill and performance on the day- it was truly amazing to view his awesome back flips on a Kawasaki 450cc. Students enjoyed every second of it and we even got a mention on his Instagram page. 
Overall, an amazing week was had by all. Some students are already looking forward to next year! 

Mrs Reader
Curriculum Leader of English
The intrepid group of 10 young anglers nailed it every day catching some amazing specimens despite the hot weather. Mackerel, Whiting and Pollock were caught over the wrecks in deep water beyond Plymouth Sound. The Pollock were massive with specimens of 6 and 12 pounds being caught on the lures! 

We turned our attentions to freshwater fishing on Thursday and Friday. Bake Lakes produced Carp, Perch and Roach. The Carp reached 5 pounds and Josh caught over 50 fish. Tavistock Lakes on our final day produced some very delicious Rainbow Trout which gave us a real fight. 

What a week! 

Mr Flage
Science Teacher
Pick & Mix
During Enrichment Week students experienced a range of activities which developed skills in; team work, strength, endurance and communication.

The start and end of the week students visited Splashdowns Waterpark; it was a thrilling day; the sun was shining, perfect weather for a water park to cool down. Even the staff joined in going down the water slides. 

Following on students went to Paignton Zoo, to get up and close with wildlife seeing various animals as they walked around the venue. It was lovely to see the students exploring a range of different animals that they wouldn’t usually see in a built up city. 

The trip continued on with a high, visiting two amusement parks where students were able to spend time with their friends, teachers and enjoying the rides that Crealy & Woodlands had to offer. It was great to see the smiles on the student’s faces as they were approaching exiting rides whilst being with their friends. 

A trip filled with many activities, experiences and new friendships. Bring on Pick and Mix 2020! 

Mr Benney
ICT Teacher
Horse Riding
Filled with excitement, the sun was shining (which meant it was going to be a great day), the students made their way onto the yard – the horses and ponies were in their stables, greeting us with happy smiles as we passed. 

The students were welcomed to Wembury Bay Riding Stables by the yard’s owner, Laura. She went through the rules and safety procedures in the event of an emergency. Luckily, our trip wasn’t met with any serious issues. 
Throughout the week, the students had riding lessons and went on hacks. They were even jumping by the fourth day – despite it being really windy! Autumn’s horse, Bingo and Mr Fitzwater’s horse, Marley, spooked making them take off. Mr Fitzwater managed to stay on, but poor Autumn fell – she wasn’t badly hurt, thankfully. 

The week was ended by a delicious BBQ – when we could get it lit (the wind did not help). 

We were so lucky with the weather – the sun shone for us every day. To keep us cool, Mr Fitzwater, bought ice-creams. 

On the final day, the students were presented with rosettes and a framed photo of their horse. Lilly was presented with a special award for making the most progress. It was lovely to watch her go from a nervous wreck at the beginning of the week to independently riding out on a coastal hack. 
Laura, kindly gave all the students a free lesson voucher for them to use within a year and can be quoted saying: “We really love it when the students of Sir John Hunt come to visit; they are the best school we have. The students are kind, polite and really funny. We will miss them.” 

Here’s to next year. 

Mr Fitzwater
Head of KS3 English
Mountain bike mash up!
During the week students visited trails at Plymbridge, Cann Woods, Lanhydrock Estate, Soussons Woods, Haldon Forest and the Camel Estuary Cycle Trail. 

Students needed to dig deep into their reserves of stamina to complete routes in very warm conditions. 

The trails at Lanhydrock were extremely technical and challenged all students to cope with routes named as Timber Trail, Hart Trail and the Saw Pit. 

Haldon Forest saw students improve technique in the skills area before completing a red difficulty trail. This required negotiating water, rock and tree roots. 

A new venue this year was Soussons Forest surrounding Belliver Tor on Dartmoor. The views over open moorland at the end of the trails were amazing. 

The final day saw the riders complete a flat cycle along the Camel Trail to Padstow in Cornwall. On reaching Padstow the biggest challenge was eating lunch whilst ensuring the seagulls were kept at arm’s length! 

It is fair to say that student’s confidence and fitness improved markedly during the week. The weather was exceptionally hot on all the days, several days saw temperatures approaching 24 degrees. A few bruises and scrapes were also part of the week but all came through successfully in what was a very enjoyable week for both staff and students. 

Mr Smart and Miss Minchella 
Step Up Teacher and Learning Support Assistant
Geek Week
Geek Week was a range of activities and experiences designed to get students thinking and experiencing some of the latest technologies and how they are being used in the world around us to solve problems. 
On Monday, the students visited City College Plymouth’s new STEM centre where they were given a tour of the facilities, including engineering, sciences, and construction. After this, students took control of a rover to guide it around a series of obstacles to simulate how autonomous rovers are being developed to help survey our oceans. Students then had an experience of Virtual Reality and how it is being used in training for the construction industry by having to fix a broken piece of equipment at the top of a skyscraper, which was surprisingly realistic! The afternoon involved testing materials to destruction using state of the art equipment to assess how much stress building materials can cope with. 

On Tuesday, students were introduced to BBC microbit development boards where they learnt how to code them to respond to button presses, being shaken and then work on physical coding projects to build and program a set of miniature traffic lights. 

On Wednesday students were given a robotics development kit, to build a robot that could move and respond to obstacles, follow lines and be programmed to work with radio control, using the students knowledge gained from learning about the microbit on the previous day. Students were able to program the robots to avoid obstacles, follow an object and navigate mazes, as well as using the sensors to follow a line on the floor. 

On Thursday students were given the choice of working with Raspberry Pi computers to create a working computer system from scratch, then network them and create a Minecraft server. The team worked incredibly hard to get the network running and even managed to create a scale model of the Science department in Minecraft. Other students worked with Lego Mindstorms to build robots of their own design and use the programming language to create a working robot. 

We completed the week on Friday with a trip to Belong Gaming Arena in the city centre, where students were given the challenge of working in teams on state of the art gaming systems to build a castle in Minecraft, which produced an excellent range of designs. Students also had the opportunity to experience VR gaming using the HTC Vive system. The successful week was brought to a close with a trip to Burger King and the “Geek of the Week” award awarded to Alex Hyder, who demonstrated excellent technical and scientific knowledge throughout the week. 

Mr Waite 
Head of Biology
Cultural Capital

For Enrichment Week 2019, 46 students from Years 7 – 9 and 5 intrepid members of staff made the long coach journey to the French Capital, Paris. The week started early with a 6am departure from the College, the atmosphere was great, with the students and staff incredibly excited, despite the early hour!! After a long journey we crossed under the English channel and said Bienvenue A France! 

We arrived at our first dinner venue, a quirky buffet restaurant called Flunch, after the initial confusion of having to order their own main course, in French, the students enjoyed a wonderful first evening. Day two started with a continental breakfast (croissants included of course) before heading off for our first day in Paris. We started the day with a wonderful boat tour, the sun was shining as we cruised along the Seine and took in the sights, including Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and National Assembly. The scenery and architecture was wonderful and the students couldn’t believe the gold eagles on top of the Pont Neuf! After we disembarked we drove to the Catacombs, a series of mines under the city. The cool, underground tunnels provided a lovely relief from the hot midday sun and we spent the afternoon learning about the history of the mines, why they were filled with skeletons, and for one group exploring the secret part of the Catacombs, normally closed to the general public. 

After a wonderful French dinner at the Monte Carlo we retired to our hotel for some much needed rest. Day three began with a visit to the Eiffel Tower, the impressive structure enchanted our students and despite the heat (37 degrees) we began our walk through the Jardin Tullieres to the Pyramid at the Louvre. On the way students took in artists and street performers and were able to purchase souvenirs from the local French sellers, some even managed to barter in French! Our walk then took us up the Champs Elysees to the Arc De Triomphe, the impressive structure looked stunning in the evening sun and as the group played an impromptu game of Uno in the shade of the Arc, they marvelled at the insane traffic that surrounded them on the roundabout…there are no lanes…it’s chaos! Dinner at East Bunker followed by a journey back to the hotel which took in the Stade De France and the wonderful old buildings of the city. Day four saw the group thrill seeking at Parc Asterix. The water rides cooled us and the roller coasters made us laugh, scream and shout. 

We had a wonderful trip, the students were exceptional and all of us thoroughly enjoyed our whistle stop tour of the French Capital…roll on next year!!! 

Miss L Warring
Pastoral Leader  


During the week students visited Woodlands and Saltram House and Park. Saltram gave students the chance to walk around the picturesque grounds and to visit the historic house, allowing students to investigate the many rooms and to try a bit of fancy dress as well. The trip to Woodlands was a great way to enjoy the sun and to keep cool with the fun water slides and rides.

Miss Nicholas
Curriculum Leader for Ebacc
Awesome outdoors
Awesome Outdoors was truly… Awesome! 

A perfect start to the week was when the forecast predicted sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine and that is exactly what we got! A fantastic week which gave students the opportunity to participate in multiple adventurous activities whilst making new friends and learning new skills. 
On Monday, we took a trip to Ansteys Cove in Torquay where the students participated in Coasteering. Whilst the first dip in the sea was very cold, the rays of sunshine plus lots of splashing and jumping allowed us to get warm quickly. Aidan also managed to complete his lifelong dream in touching the famous ‘Wilson’, better known to all of us as a buoy. Many students conquered fears, with the majority jumping the 8-metre jump! 
With the sun still shinning, Tuesday saw us at Oreston in Plymstock where we continued our awesome week. We started at Oreston slipway, where students were practising key canoeing skills, such as manoeuvring the canoe, paddle strokes and a safety brief on what to do if you capsize. We decided to travel east up River Plym, where we would eventually arrive at a small beach by Saltram. Here the students participated in beach cricket, with Miss Robinson scoring the highest amount of runs! Catch of the day went to Nathan who dived into the water with a brilliant catch. We then ventured back to Oreston where we played canoe dodgeball and used our canoes as paddleboards!
By Wednesday with students giving 100% effort it was clear that some students were feeling the toll of how tiring adventurous activities can be. However, with great resilience the students motivated themselves to go again. We travelled to Shaugh Prior Bridge on Dartmoor where we walked to the Dewerstone to go rock climbing and abseiling. A great effort by everybody who climbed with bravery and great technique. 
On Thursday, we went back to Shaugh Prior Bridge where we enjoyed a gorge walk through the East Wood River. Whilst the sun was shining it was safe to say that the gorge was slightly cold… we warmed ourselves up by walking through the ‘splash zone’. A special mention to Tierney who pioneered a new route that found a waterfall! Students had a fantastic day, which was sealed off by playing camouflage and hide and seek in the woods. 
Sadly, we came to our last day. With many students down in the dumps about our week ending, we made way to Hound Tor near Bovey Tracey. We climbed the tor where the students took part in scrambling and weaselling through the rocks. We then made our way down to the English Heritage site, which consists of a cluster of 13th century stone longhouses from the medieval times. Here, we once again played the students favourite game of the week, camouflage! We finished the day with a well-earned McDonalds before heading back to College. 

The student’s attitude, behaviour and commitment was outstanding. It was excellent to see so many happy faces throughout the week, with students improving their social and physical skills. A big thank you to Paul, Ben, Rhys and Josh from Plymouth School Sport Partnership for leading and supporting our week! I look forward to our next awesome outdoor adventure. 

Miss Robinson 
KS3 Learning Mentor 
Environmental Action
The aims of this workshop were to raise awareness of pollution and conservation in the local area, improving communication skills and teamwork and having an active involvement in the local community. 
The students spent a day with us working on maintaining the disabled access footpath into the woods, clearing the area of any litter and cutting back overhanging, encroaching and obstructing plants. An afternoon campfire, games and toasted marshmallows then followed this. 
All groups that participated in this activity had a significant impact on the access to the woodlands; they all worked incredibly hard and had a fantastic time doing it, with many saying that it was the best day they had all week. When looking at the impact of littering on the environment we discovered crisp packets that were older than all of the students. This then became a challenge to find the oldest piece of rubbish and we were amazed to find an intact crisp packet that went of date in January 1986! 
We received great feedback from dog walkers, local residents, The Woodland Trust as well as our neighbouring school Woodlands who sent us this message: 
‘We must congratulate and thank you and the students for a job well done!   The path had become quite overgrown and untidy with roots jutting out here and there and the path had got increasing narrower with the greenery starting to cover the edges. You guys have done an amazing job tidying the edges and reinstating the border. It was nice to see your students obviously taking pride in the work they were doing. 

As a school, when the path was first put in place some of our younger classes did regularly make trips down into the woods, even travelling as far as the large field with the picnic area but as it’s fallen into disrepair less have ventured down.’ 

Mrs Perring, Mr Friend and I would like to say how proud we are of all students that were involved in this activity; your effort and behaviour were a credit to the College. 

Miss Daykin 
KS5 Lead for Maths
Plym Valley Photo Hunt
On four days of Enrichment Week staff had the pleasure of accompanying groups of students to Plymbridge Woods for a day of fun and taking photographs. Students were given a range of titles for photographs and had to find imaginative ways of fulfilling the title. Many of the photographs taken were excellent. 

There were prizes at the end of the day for the best pictures and well-earned packs of sweets were awarded. It wasn’t all taking photographs though. There were games in the woods, frisbee in the meadow, splashing in the river and generally enjoying being in nature. Our students were a joy to spend time with and we even had members of the public tell us how well behaved they were.

Ms Nash
Assistant Curriculum Leader of Ebacc
Football Frenzy
For the very first time, the Football Frenzy group walked down to the brand new state of the art Manadon Sports Hub for a week of football training, coaching and skills building. The artificial pitch itself is situated in the heart of Manadon and has brand new changing rooms adjacent to it with quality training resources that we have never had access to before. 

Each day got off to an exhilarating start where our footy trainees were met by Argyle coaches; all were fully loaded with enthusiasm and training equipment. After professional-style training sessions in the mornings delivered by the coaches, students enjoyed a lunch break followed by gruelling tournaments in the afternoons where they were rewarded for showing off their new skills. 
On Wednesday, the coaches brought out the football mannequins for the group to practise their free kicks – just one of the new and improved facilities on offer during this year’s trip. The weather remained bright, sunny and hot all week and the group remained positive all the way through – even during the walk home which many of them struggled with! 

On Friday, we did return to Goals for a final day of short games and an overall tournament where, once again, the teams were further rewarded for showcasing the skills that they had been working on all week. 

Overall, we all had a brilliant week! Behaviour, commitment and teamwork (and the weather!) were at their upmost showing Argyle coaches what SJH footballers are made of. It’s safe to say that we had some exhausted and up-skilled footballers on at the end of the final day! 

Mr A Sharpe 
Assistant Curriculum Leader of English for English
Wet & Wild
Wet and Wild was a fantastic week, enjoyed by all. 

The week started with some great activities, which were designed for the students to try something new and to overcome fears. These activities included; tree surfing, Jacob's ladder, zip lines, rafting, rock climbing and indoor caving. 

Students also had the opportunity to show their wild side, during the inflatable aqua park at Adrenaline, the rides at Flambards and the water slides at Splashdown. The students demonstrated great listening skills, perseverance and were so polite, it was lovely to see. 

It was also really nice to observe the students enjoying the caves at Kents Cavern, the Victorian village and Blitz display at Flambards. 

A great week, looking forward to next year! 

Mrs Laity 
Catering and Child Development Teacher
Woodland Walk
What lies in the badlands beyond Sir John Hunt? Anyone who came on the woodland walk event during the College Workshops Enrichment Week could tell you: playgrounds, woods, goats, rivers, deer, stinging nettles and hills. One very hilly hill and ok, maybe there were no actual goats, just one very goaty-looking dog. 

We ventured beyond our usual boundaries to explore the surrounding area; highlights included the zip-line, lunch by the river and some very intense games of sniper. We broke up our travels with bouts of group skipping and stopped at every playground we came to, to check the equipment was in good working order. Students worked with maps to help navigate their way through the woodland wilderness and I'm pleased to report that everyone eventually made it up the mountain at the end. 

Reports of the route length have been greatly exaggerated - I did it with a Garmin and it came in at 3.6 miles! Well done to all. 

Miss Hoatson
English Teacher
Blue Juice Surf Safari
Another fantastic week at Sennen Cove. 

After setting up camp, we made a trip down to the local beach Gwenver. Here we enjoyed the sunset, a fire and brewed hot chocolate. The rest of the week we were blessed with sun, small waves and some good climbs. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time in the surf and the crag. As the week progressed the wind picked up, but still the students got stuck into all the activities and remained cheerful. Despite having to leave a day early, we used the extra day to explore the Dewerstone and do some more challenging climbs. 

For staff the highlight of the trip was members of the public telling us how polite and courteous our pupils were, we even got bonus flapjack and drinks from staff at the campsite. They were right. An awesome bunch of students that clearly enjoyed themselves and through themselves into every challenge. A great trip. 

Mr Gardiner
Curriculum Leader of Science

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