Hold on to your hats!! Here they come..... bands from all over the world are signing up to play at this year's Buddhafield Festival!

Check these lovelies out by clicking their links for their videos.... these are only a few of the bands and music makers that'll be bringing the beat to the heart of the Festival ... DJ's, music workshops as well as spontaneous music making in the field...

Bringing the tropics to Somerset with a fusion of Salsa, Cumbia, Son and Caribbean rhythms - Indira Román & Ají Pa’ Ti provide a stomping live set of insistent riffs, pure groove, furious percussion and catchy melodies. Fresh and hot, sweet and spicy, Ají Pa’ Ti in Latin America means “Chilli for you”

We loved Suntou Susso last year and he's with us again this year whoop! A Multi-instrumentalist from The Gambia bringing his sublime Kora playing along with percussion and voice. Need we say anymore? This man is simply amazing!

The wondrous Opa Rosa are also back again this year! Bringing their energetic, acoustic ensemble - sharing music from the Klezmer, Balkan, Greek & Roma traditions.

The Tropical Balkan project Theo Mizú & Banda features an original mix of eastern and western musical references, promising a groovy musical journey around the world! The project has been elected as the Best Street Band in São Paulo, and has already performed in festivals and venues around Brazil, Southeast Asia and Europe.

We'll also welcome Festival favourites Dragonsfly this year! Creating a compelling and captivating atmosphere with their exquisite, groove-driven, rootsy music. A diverse selection of styles and cultures from Celtic French and Breton inspired Dance music to up-tempo Eastern European tracks and moody Middle and Far Eastern songs.

They loved playing for you so much last year River Roots are back again this year! Free spirited singer-songwriters River Roots are a good-vibe, acoustic folk-roots duo from the UK. Their music is majorly influenced by a nomadic lifestyle and the profound experiences and connections made on their travels.

The Motley Crew are back! We love the Old Time Sailors and their plethora of traditional and eclectic instruments. They'll take you back to the time of clashing tankards, and drunken debauchery. Sing and dance along like a drunken sailor as the band perform centuries old folk and shantysongs.

Radical London band Stick In The Wheel are known for their intense live shows exploring the raw holler of folk, spoken word, electronics and intricate dobro guitar. Nicola Kearey & Ian Carter present full-force reworkings of centuries-old songs with fragments of ancient texts that speak to contemporary issues of class - an inherently political act.
All the way from Nagoya in Japan, ICHI takes the notion of a one-man band to new limits, combining his quirky handmade instrument inventions (Stilt-bass, Kalilaphone, Balloon-pipes, Hatbox-pedal-drum, Tapumpet, Percussion-shoes & Hattrick-hat) with steel-drum, ping-pong balls, typewriter, toys and everyday objects all in the space of one short set. Somehow there's an ancient, ritualistic feel to his performances - he's like the misplaced leader of a tribe.

Baba Tubab are back! Playing uplifting high energy traditional West African drumming and percussion rhythms for dancing. Interlocking polyrhythmic cycles of percussion are created on a range of West African instruments from the Malinke tradition to liven the spirit and move your feet!

Colin Manson is a Scottish singer-songwriter who spent 3 years on sailing voyages across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. He was raised on the rural West Coast of Scotland and now travels and lives in his campervan. Colin’s music combines indie and folk, featuring instruments such as the guitar, cello, mandolin & piano along with introspective lyrics. His music is inspired by nature and the sea, many songs being written and conceived during his sailing voyages.

Carolyn Hillyer & Nigel Shaw are renowned musician & artists who have lived and worked on an ancient hill farm in the feral heart of Dartmoor for 30 years. Their work is inspired by the raw beauty, untamed spirit and primordial memory of sacred and ancestral land. Watch out for their workshop offerings too...

Buddhafield singing workshop leader Helen Yeomans brings her acapella choir, Glorious Chorus to the festival with award-winning, heartfelt songs to raise the spirits. Expect to be moved!


Inspired by voyages to the Outer Hebrides, tales of ancient Celtic Goddesses and great folk singers from Peggy Seegar to Joni Mitchell, Georgie Buchanan is a unique singer and harpist on the contemporary folk scene.

Apocalyptic Folk band Silky Disturbance are with us again mixing unique sonic flirtations with low end textures and heartfelt song writing. Taking the sonic ear on an occult pop journey, to cry and dance to. 

Singer-songwriter, voice coach, composer for choirs, ceremonial singer and Yoga Nidra teacher Susie Ro will be sharing her heart-felt music with us.

They're back again with us this year! Formally known as The Wing Faces Earth Figs....Igneous Fig are a twisted and theatrical five piece band spinning epic tales in sonic form. Based around the compositions of songwriter Jolly Longfellow, their sound fuses dark poetic satire with cinematic grooves.

And that's just the beginning.... much more to come....


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Festival Announcements

Please note that Peacekeeper applications have now closed but plenty more ways to work at the Festival.

The following areas have recently opened for applications:

Spoken Word
Land and Social Change 
Yoga and Movement Practices
Crew Food (during the festival)
Toilet Wizards
Art Decor
Rupa's Realm (Saunas and showers)
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As well as those already open:

Campaign Stalls 
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Site Crew
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More areas will open soon.... check out our Participate System for all the ways you can work with us this year...


Starting with the premise that vibration is the beginning of all things, this retreat will explore how we might work and play with sound, resonance, vibration and the voice as Dharma practice.

Together, we will explore how harmony singing and vocal play can support us to come into deeper relationship with ourselves, each other and the land.

How, when we sing, are we responding to the particular place in which we find ourselves?
And how does it respond to us?
How might singing with a sense of ourselves as vibrating bodies within a landscape support us to feel at home here?
And how might singing together help open us to an experience of enchantment, a receptivity to the vibrant aliveness of all things?

As well as voice work, there will be meditation, ritual and periods of silence. We’ll learn beautiful songs in harmony, and we’ll work and play with the voice and sound as explorative practices.

All welcome – no singing or meditation experience necessary. All songs will be taught by ear so you don’t need to be able to read music. 

With Moksayogin, Sraddhadipa, Jo Spence, Joe Hill and yoga/movement with Ruth Coutinho

More info and booking

This year's events at a glance...

28th April - 1st May 
Buddhafield Southeast Family Friendly Spring 2023
(Fully Booked)

9th May - 16th May 
Routes to Resilience 2023
(Almost full)

 27th May - 3rd Jun
Beloved Community - LGBTQIA+ Retreat 2023

28th May - 4th Jun 
Men's Wilderness Retreat 2023 
(Fully Booked)

5th Jun - 18th Jun 
Total Immersion 2023

12th July -16th July
Buddhafield Festival 2023

3rd-9th August 
Village 1 Family Friendly Retreat 2023

12th-19th August 
Village 2 Family Friendly Retreat 2023
(Almost Full)

23rd Aug - 27th August
Songs from Silence 2023 - Open Singing Retreat

8th-10th September
Buddhafield Southeast Family Friendly Autumn 2023

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