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I can't believe it's been two weeks since my last mail. Time really seems to fly in spite of the crazy times we're in. Hope you've been keeping sane and safe.
I was just thinking about what it was that I missed most because of the pandemic. Life has not been very different for me, since I'd locked myself down almost a year before the lockdown began! So what did I miss?

I must say I've missed the rides in the crowded city buses. I know many of us hate the sight of the buses and some of us are terrified by them.

But I love riding on a bus. I miss the 'ticket-ticket' call of the conductor. I miss the 'kili', the cleaner standing on the doorstep and shouting out the bus route in his unmusical singsong, I miss the elbowing and jostling for a seat, the dumping of heavy schoolbags and office bags on to available laps, the overheard conversations, the kili's emphatic insistence that there was enough space in the bus to play football! Above all I miss the blissful solitude often experienced in crowded places. 

What do you miss because of the changed circumstances due to the pandemic? Do write and tell me. 
From My Blog
This fortnight too I posted two tales about a legendary martial arts expert on my blog. I find Kerala's folklore really fascinating and this time too I've drawn from it. Click on the titles if you'd like to read. 

Exponent Extraordinaire
The Naked Warrior and the Crafty Classmate
Book Talk
Delhi, December 2012, Kathua, Hathras, Hyderabad. All these horrific rapes have disturbed us. And we have often wondered why. Why do men rape? Of course it is a given that all men don't rape and that all who rape are not men. But the majority are. As a society we are interested in the reasons. For we know that to solve a problem, we must understand it. 

Why Men Rape - An Indian Undercover Investigation by Tara Kaushal looks at the reasons why. Tara talks to nine men, all undetected rapists, drawn from different parts of the country and belonging to different castes, religions and social strata. To conduct her study, Tara had to go undercover, take on a fake identity and employ a bodyguard. There are a few instances in the book when she is in great personal danger. 


Case studies are always fascinating. So this one is also a gripping read. Tara may not have found anything new. But she reaffirms things we already knew in a fresh, engaging and open way. Another highlight of the book is the language. The informal, conversational language used, I feel, is one of the strengths of the book. You feel you are just having a talk with the writer, sitting across the table from each other. Do give it a read. Here's the link to the Amazon page
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That's all this time, friends. Until next time then. Stay sane. No no, on second thoughts, go a little crazy. That's the best way to cope.

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