November, 2020
Where has the time gone? It seems it was just August. The world is moving faster than I am. I'm wondering if that's true of you also!
 Squirrel Update - Launched!
Just look at those gleaming white tummies! These two are quite healthy. Unfortunately, they didn't want to give up their bottles even though they were in the release cage and it was already 2 weeks past the time they should have been weaned. I kept on giving them milk until I was out of formula, then decided tough love would be best. It took several days for them to adjust!

Just yesterday, I opened the door to their cage and they immediately rushed out.

Now they're free, which makes me both sad and happy. I miss them, but of course I know they need to be free so they can live their lives as squirrels! God speed, Jack and Anna!
Thank you, Laly Mille!.
I am grateful to Laly Mille, an artist and on-line mixed media art teacher from France. At the end of October she hosted a free virtual online retreat in which we attendees worked through three projects, including a series of four small mixed media pieces. They were supposed to be abstracts, and mine started out as such.
But I couldn't get anywhere with them. I just didn't get it, the abstract thing, I mean. I have abstract elements in most of my mixed media pieces, but a piece never feels complete to me without a recognizable subject, preferably an animal!
So I covered them with a somewhat thinned coat of gesso (so the abstract would show through a little bit), then added collage branches. Now for the birds! Back into my comfort zone! But beyond showing you the pieces I did in the virtual retreat, I want to express my unbound thanks to Laly for putting this together. It was no small effort, and thousands of artists across the world took part. It was a wonderful couple of days and a welcome break to the current atmosphere. For me, Laly's a heroine, plain and simple! Check her out on the web. You might enjoy her classes.
More Art Just Because!
I've been continuing on my art journal and this is my most recent spread. I painted the rabbit face a couple of years ago and the little watercolor was kicking around the studio until I finally decided to find it a home. So here she is with a mixed media spread all her own! Last year a dear friend gave me a whole stack of old Martha Stuart Living magazines and I enjoy looking through them for beautiful images. The fan-shaped piece above the rabbit is from an article in that magazine about hostas. It was a bouquet of just the leaves - fabulous!

The sentiment is the rabbit herself expressing gratitude for the place she lives with her friends and family. It's not only beautiful but also filled with good things to eat.

As always, this spread was a delight to do. I think I only have three more pages (plus the covers) before the journal is full. Once it is, I may make a video flip through! 

A Milkweed Christmas is on its way, but
oh no! It's still not ready!
So disappointed to report that my first annual Milkweed Christmas book is still not ready! It's taken an unexpectedly long time to turn around the proofs and when I received what I hoped would be the final one the other day, I had an error on the cover! So, once again I'm waiting for what will surely be the final proof, then I'll be ready. (It's complicated because I have both a paperback and hardback version that are totally separate projects from the printing standpoint.) I'll have the announcement on my Facebook page, KaarenPooleArt, when it's ready, and I'll send out a brief e-mail notice. Here's the description:

A beautifully illustrated and sweetly told account of the Milkweed animal community's observance of that most blessed holiday, Christmas. This year, the hares of the Inn at Ivy Knoll are hosting festivities on the big day, but that's just part of the story. There's much more! The animals, as they do every year, have filled the whole season with fond memories, special traditions, baking, celebration, and, more than anything else, love..
November Coupon

I'm offering you, my precious subscribers, a 15% discount in my Etsy shop, TheFoxesGarden. Any sales from the Bear section will go to Idaho Black Bear Rehab. Everything in the shop is hand made by me.  From November 3 to 17, just use discount code NOVEMBER15 at checkout.  I ship the day after I receive your order, and domestic shipping is free.  Click on the image of the coyote eyeglasses to visit my shop! (By the way, the only item that's not discounted is my book Tales of Love and Courage from Milkweed Manor. If I discounted it, I'd be selling it at a loss.)
The News from Milkweed
In November 2019 I published my first illustrated fiction book, Tales of Love and Courage from Milkweed Manor. This year, I'll be publishing two more, Dark Days at Milkweed Manor (the sequel to Tales) and A Milkweed Christmas. My days are filled with writing and illustrating these books about the animals living in the Milkweed community, and I'm pleased to bring you news from this charming place.
The Milkweed newspaper is in black-and-white this month - the staff has been goofing off! Anyway, the badger boys found a pear tree in the forest on the other side of the manor grounds - possibly a lone remnant from a long-ago orchard. They collected a lot of fruit and all over milkweed the animals are making pies, turnovers, pear butter, fresh-squeezed juice, jam, and many other kinds of delights. How fulfilling to enjoy the bounty of nature!
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