August 2019
I'm taking a brief detour this month. Rather than continue sharing my journey writing and illustrating "Milkweed "Manor"s we'll visit one of my all-time forever favorite animals, the Black Bear. Enjoy!
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Loving Black Bears
Earlier this month my daughter and her family visited from North Carolina and one of the fun things we did was go to the Folsom Zoo. Folsom Zoo is unusual because all the animals are rescues. We were there late morning when most of the animals were napping, but the black bears were out and about. I was mesmerized, utterly smitten, in love!

Maybe a half dozen times in the past when looking at a photo of black bears I’ve experienced an overwhelming desire to crawl into the picture and live with the bears. I had that same feeling at the zoo.
Interestingly, a few days later I received an e-mail from Sally Maughan, the amazing woman who founded Idaho Black Bear Rehab some thirty years ago. I’ve been a long-time contributor to this inspiring organization, and I’ve now decided to devote part of my Etsy shop to their cause. I’ve separated my bear-themed art into a ‘bear’ section, and will donate the entire sales proceeds from any pieces in that section to IBBR.

To find out more about Idaho Black Bear Rehab, click on the bear painting, or visit
To visit the bear section of my Etsy shop, TheFoxesGarden, click

Black Bears?.
Believe it or not, this is a black bear mom and her two cubs. American Black Bears appear in a range of colors from black to white, and dark brown, light brown, and cinnamon brown in between. About 25% of the black ones have white markings on their chests. American black bears are the most abundant of the bear species, having a population nearly double that of all other bears combined. Good news for bear lovers like me!

The most common occurence of the white version is in the northern and central coast regions of British Columbia, and they have a special name, "spirit bears" or the "Kermode bear." Much of their range is in Indian Reserves which is, in my opinion, fortunate for the bears as it makes them less accessible to humans. The Kermode bear is the official provincial species of British Columbia.

Star Seekers
When I was preparing this issue of my newsletter I was surprised to find how infrequently I've used bears as subjects for my art, especially since I'm so enamored of them! This, as well as my decision to create the bear section in my Etsy shop, is my incentive to do much more bear art. So I'll still be focusing on my book but any other art I do will focus on bears. Here's the first example, a ceramic figurine - two bears, a mom and cub. The mom is a shaman, in this case busy star-seeking, and the cub is in training. Watch for more bear art!

August Promotion

I'm offering you, my precious subscribers, a 15% discount in my Etsy shop.  (Please note this discount does not apply to any of the items in the bear section because I donate the proceeds from sales from this section to Idaho Black Bear Rehab.) The offer applies to everything in the shop - all items hand made by me.  From August 1 to August 15, just use discount code AUG15OFF at checkout.  I ship the day after I receive your order, and shipping is free.  Click on the image above to go to my shop - you'll find this bear painting in the bear section of my shop!
This Month’s Free Downloadable Art - Black Bear in the California-Poppies

I've only seen two bears in the wild, a black bear and her cub.  The pair were wandering around just outside the dining room at the Ahwahnee Inn at Yosemite. It was a glorious sight. Some day I'd like to live in a place where bears are a common sight. This piece is an acrylic painting - a homage to "beardom!"

Click on the image and it will open in a new window (from  You’ll see the image, and at the upper right of the window you’ll see three little dots.  Click on them to open a menu, then choose “download.”  This is a large file - 6mb.  Please note that I’m sharing this image for your personal use only.
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