October 2018
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Longer days, crisp air, and turning foliage - there's excitement in the air as the holiday season approaches
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Fun with Tiny Projects
Working on my art projects is always pleasurable - after all, at this time of life, if I don’t love it why do it?  Even so, sometimes I go into the studio with no other idea that to have fun.  Such was the case with these adorable little tags and booklets. By the way, the tags can just as easily be bookmarks!
I begin by browsing through my box of favorite images collected from magazines.  As you can see, I have a fondness for cats and dogs!  These images are the foundation of the little projects.  Beyond that, all it takes are a few simple supplies and skills.  There are no rules and no rights or wrongs.  I just have fun with the colors and images.

Here's a video (25 min) I did to show you how!  Also, you'll find a downloadable PDF with instructions for making the booklets here.
For the video, I kept my projects pretty simple, just using the images, paint, glitter pens (Crayola), acrylic paint pens (Uni Posca), and stencils.  But you could also embellish them further with stamps, buttons, charms, or found objects.  Just explore and enjoy!  I’d love to see photos of what you make.  Just e-mail them to me at and let me know whether I can include your photo in my next newsletter!

PS  If this video looks fuzzy to you, please let me know!  To me, the preview image on Youtube looks good but then when I play it it's all fuzzy.  Can't figure out if I'm doing something wrong or if it's just the terrible internet link that I have...  
October Promotion

This month, I'm offering you, my precious subscribers, a 20% discount in my Etsy shop, TheFoxesGarden, through October 15.  Just enter coupon code Special20 at check-out.  It's a great time to get an early start on your holiday shopping!.  Click on the fox to go to my shop!
A Guided Visualization Provides
the Inspiration for a new Product Line
Last month I took part in a guided visualization.  Things were going fine until my dog broke into the loud song of her people, completely shattering my concentration.  But I was able to recreate it on my own later.  The visualization culminates in finding a piece of paper and a pencil on my work table.  A message is written on the paper.  I pick it up and put it in my pocket.  Of course the mystery is "what did it say?"  But it made me think about where to put the message for safe-keeping.  After all - back to the real world - if I just left it in my pocket it would end up destroyed in the washer and dryer!

After mentally "trying out" a few ideas, I settled on these ceramic "keepers."  The animal heads and their collars are stoppers for the conical jars that are their robes. 
The keeper provides a safe place for storing special thoughts, inspirations, or messages to yourself.  The jars are pretty deep and the openings are pretty narrow, so the "keeping" may be permanent!  I think it's a pretty cool idea.  I've stamped each of the robes with mystical swirling star designs as well as a phrase containing the word "arcana" which is Latin for "secret" or "mystery." 

You're probably noticing that the three animals are three different colors of gray.  I made the fox first, then the goat, then the alligator.  As the clay dries it lightens in color.
I've put the keepers in the kiln to dry before their first, or "bisque" firing.  Once the clay is dry but before it's fires it's very fragile.  For example, I could easily break those goat horns and they would be very difficult to repair.  So I've found that placing them in the kiln while they're still wet keeps them safe.  After the bisque firing, I'll apply three coats of ceramic glaze then fire them again.  Then they'll go in my Etsy shop...
Reindeer Roundup part 1

Just as springtime evokes thoughts of love, the crisp air, cooling temps, and shorter days of Autumn turn my musings to reindeer.  The first of the reindeer projects I have in mind for this pre-holiday season is this little herd, each decked out in his or her glorious new collar for the festivities to come..
I needle-felted them from 100% wool over a wire armature, and made the antlers from rusted wire.  The collars are made from embroidery thread with tiny rusted bells.  They're in my Etsy shop and if you'd like to see the listing, just click the image to the left and remember!  You've got the 20% discount coupon code!
While I was making the reindeer they told be about a fun annual event in Lapland, the annual Reindeer Roundup culminating the the Stampede of Lights.  So I and my crack cub reporter, Dawn, recently visited Lapland to bring you the story!
Find out interesting facts about reindeer on this webpage!
This Month’s Free Downloadable Art

Click on the image and it will open in a new window (from  You’ll see the image, and at the upper right of the window you’ll see three little dots.  Click on them to open a menu, then choose “download.”  This file is 3.6mb.  Please note that I’m sharing this image for your personal use only.
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