September 2018
Welcome to my studio!
A little cooler at last!  Let's see what's happening this month...
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When Artist Meets Gardener
This year I have been so pleased with my garden.  Back in February I started about 150 seedlings, all flowers except for 5 tomatoes, and have enjoyed beautiful cut flowers since May.  But I’ve found that many of my vases just don’t work very well – they’re the wrong shape or the wrong depth for the bouquets I was gathering.  So I decided to make a very special vase – a rabbit vase that was the right shape and depth to hold flowers in a small but beautiful bouquet.  Wouldn’t it be perfect as a centerpiece for a small tea party?

Here’s a short video about how I sculpted it.
Now that it’s sculpted and had its first firing, it’s time for the final glazing.  I have my glaze sample chips spread out on the work table and one of my cats, off-frame, is helping me chose the colors!  She suggested bright pink fur, but I decided to go for something a bit less punk!
All glazed and ready to fire!  It always looks so awful at this stage.  The colors change completely in the kiln as it heats up to a little over 2000 degrees F.  The chemical changes with the heat produce the final colors.  It's always a surprise when I open the kiln to see how it came out!
All done!  And with some pretty flowers on board!
September Promotion

As part of the big Etsy Labor Day Sale I'm offering 20% off shop-wide through September 3, But for you, my subscribers, you can continue getting this discount through Sept 15 by entering coupon code Special20 at check-out.  It's a great time to get an early start on your holiday shopping!.  Click on the fox to go to my shop!
Watercolors are in the spotlight this month -
a sweet style I call "motif style"

Watercolor has always been a mystery to me - always, that is, until I viewed an on-line class taught by Danielle Donaldson and presented through Jeanne Oliver Designs at  There were parts of her approach that I loved and I worked until my pieces were truly in my own style - not hers.  I call this style "motif style" because I paint free-floating botanical motifs to decorate the page around my central painting of an animal.

These pieces are decorative, colorful, joyful, and fun, and I think they reflect the fun and joy I felt when I was creating them.  I always love portraying animals, and the motifs, even though they demand careful attention and controlled brushstrokes, are fun to paint. 

I have several similar pieces in my Etsy shop (remember that 20% discount through 9/15).  They come matted and I think they look great in narrow gold leaf frames.  I invite you to click on the image of the fawn to visit it in my Etsy shop, TheFoxesGarden, and from there enjoy a stroll through the shop!

By the way, I selected this one to spotlight in honor of the doe and two fawns who have been hanging out around my property this summer!
Rats are Coming!!!

Aurora wants to know "Do you think this is a good color on me?  Does it make me look fat?"
Aurora's getting a little ahead of herself!  I want to bring Dawn into being (with needle felting) before I work on their wood nymph outfitsl.   Dawn is progressing nicely so Aurora doesn't have too long to wait.!
I already made Dawn's wire armature and added the paws.  Then she got her layer of pipe cleaners so the wool would stick.  Then I added most of the white core wool layer.  And now Dawn's inspecting the finishing wool.  And all the while, Aurora is looking on.

By the next issue they should be all finished, so stay tuned!
Following Up - Athena's Finished!
In last month's issue, poor Athena was having surgery on her wings.  But she's all recovered now and is sitting on a little olive stump seeking shelter under the ferns.  She's had a hard time in the storm and was separated from her mother and siblings.  But soon the squirrel girls will find her and everything will be on the mend.

She's now residing in the Gallery on my website.  Visit her there for more photos and info by clicking on the image.  And while you're there, take a tour around the Gallery.  I think you'll enjoy it!
This Month's Free Downloadable Art

Click on the image and it will open in a new window (from  You'll see the image, and at the upper right of the window you'll see three little dots.  Click on them to open a menu, then choose "download."  This file is 3.6mb.  Please note that I'm sharing this image for your personal use only.  
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