November 2018
Glad you stopped in at my studio!  The anticipation builds as the holidays grow close - my favorite time of year!
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Notes to Self
Sometimes I feel like doing something new and different, and one of those spells came upon me recently.  I was going through some old notes I had and found an intriguing little schematic - a grid of squares, three columns and 7 rows with an indication that that text and image would alternate in the squares.  I wanted to make something of it, but knew I didn't want the intensity of creating 11 little paintings.  So here's what I did instead.
I began by joyfully painting color all over a full size sheet of 300lb watercolor paper.  Nothing thought out - just playing with how the paint works on damp and dry surfaces, spritzing, drawing paint out from the edges of puddles, and so on.  It was fun to see the colors and shapes come into being.

Then it was time for a bit of thought.  I made twenty one (yes, I know!) of these little paper frames and laid them out on the sheet, deciding which portions I would use for my pieces.
I cut them all out, and set aside the ten that would become the text blocks (the ones in the photo with the white paper squares).  These were generally the ones that had the least going on, so as not to compete too much with the text.  For the rest, I added another layer of color fun.
Then I added more stuff to the image pieces - colored pencil and acrylic paint pen dots (Posca paint pens - great!)

Adding the text was the hardest part because I'm not very good at it and it was hard to get a "look" I liked.  But I settled on a calligraphy point felt tip pen and some fairly sloppy printing.
I added a gold edge to all the edges that would find themselves on the edges of the completed piece, then joined the squares in vertical strips with big oval shape jump rings.

It was fun to do, and I like the result, but it's not something I would do a lot of.  But...I encourage you to try it.  You might like it!
November Promotion

This month, I'm offering you, my precious subscribers, a 15% discount in my on-line print shop at  I have a small collection of prints from my paintings, as well as greeting cards.  The promotion is in effect from November 1 through 7 with code BHXUBQT.  Click on the image to the right to go to my shop!
Birds - or, as I like to call them -
I've made these little paper clay birds before and decided it would be fun to make a small group for the holidays. 

Paper clay is a very accessible way to do sculpture.  It air dries and is paintable and sandable.  It's also inexpensive.  All you need for this project is paper clay, some wire, glass beads for the eyes, and paint or whatever else you want to use to decorate them.  They'd make sweet tree ornaments or little gifts. 

I created a three-part video to show you how to make them.  Hope you'll try it and have lots of fun!  Watch next month to see all three birds finished!
This first part shows how to make the head and body.
This second part show adding the wings and legs.
Now, about the decorating!
Reindeer Roundup part 2

I think the ideal life (except for the required climate, that is) would be on a reindeer ranch.  These animals are so appealing to me.  I just want to wrap my arms around that lush neck fur and cuddle for a long time!
Last month's reindeer roundup found a small herd of needle-felted reindeer, but this month I thought it was time for some painting.  I had this beautiful large wood charger to paint on, and it's such a nice project because it could either hang on the wall or, as here, sit on an easel.  Of course I could also cover it with a glass plate to serve cookies - and the reindeer would only slowly be revealed as the cookies get eaten!
Here's how she looked at a few points along the way.  When I'm working on wood I nearly always start with the drawing on paper as the wood doesn't tolerate erasing very well.  I try to draw it the proper size but if, as in this case, I don't quite get it right, I can always adjust it on a copier.

With acrylics - that paint over each other nicely - I do the background first then work on the image.  The reindeer looks pretty scary at some stages, but I remind myself to persevere and it will probably be fine in the end!
Keeper Update
The keepers are ready to start keeping your stuff!  They're glazed and I just listed them in my Etsy shop (click on either image to go to my shop).  I think they turned out well, and it's always "if-fy" with glazing.  You never know what you'll get until you open the kiln the next morning!
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