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As you can glean from the articles in this newsletter, Trillion Trees is a place where people of all ages can find ways to contribute to growing a world in which all people recognise the value of trees.

Thank you all for your support of this important work, which is needed now more than ever.

Dr Sandra Krempl
The most incredible thing about the film Grandpa Barrie made with Ernst Friedrich Schumacher, On the Edge of the Forest, is that it’s still relevant 43 years later.

Sadly, it’s not surprising that ancient trees still get clear-felled and woodchipped and ravaged by disease. But, there are other reasons the film still has a lot to say.

Like your average human who will just poo-poo whatever they don’t fully understand, I have spurned money and the word ‘economics’ like it betrayed my family and molotoved my house. Who wouldn’t cite basic economic greed as the root of all our problems, environmental and otherwise? But you get someone like Schumacher who breathes life and sacredness into the economic system – it’s an entirely different story.

That’s what Barrie understood when he was approached by Christine Sharpe to make a film about native forests. He was immersed in Schumacher’s philosophy and had read every one of his articles that appeared in Resurgence magazine. READ MORE>


Fond Memories

Our story about the planting of our 5 millionth tree featured in our September newsletter sparked quite a bit of interest.

We heard from Trillion Trees Life members, the Bauer Family who are still involved with tree planting with the Carnarvon Tree Society.

Jenny Young provided us snapshots from the Lake Chinocup Planting in 2006. This was the Farm Tree Help Scheme in Action. Thank you Jenny!

DO YOU HAVE ANY PHOTOS OF OUR PAST EVENTS?  We would love to hear from you.

Contact Angela Heymans on 0892501888 or

30 Years of the Million Trees Program

Hayley Swart, a research intern from the UWA McCusker Centre, has systematically gone through the Million Trees Program’s historical files to find out how many trees were planted through this program.

As part of this process, Hayley also confirmed the number of schools that were involved over its 30 year history.

The findings were first presented on the 23rd October at Trillion Trees in Hazelmere. On this occasion, John Winter, current Trillion Trees Schools Coordinator, also launched the new name for the program -Trillion Trees Schools. This is in keeping with global trends to collectively plant a trillion trees.

The Men of the Trees Peel Branch (MOTT Peel) are a past branch of Trillion Trees and now an independent association. They are still ‘family’ and we work closely together. MOTT Peel started the Million Trees Program (MTP) in 1996 and continued, even when it ceased to be active for a decade in the Hazelmere location. Hayley met with them through this process and also did a presentation of her findings for their members on the 26th October.

The findings are higher than previously thought and this is still a conservative figure as it is only based on available records.

Two and a half million trees were grown and planted by 332 schools over 30 years from 1990 to date.

Photo (L to R): Hayley, Pip Newman, Initiator of MOTT Peel MTP program, John Winter (current Trillion Trees Schools Coordinator
A world audit of trees in 2015 shows there are just 3 trillion trees left in the world - that's half what there used to be. 

We, as a global community, need a new tree planting target - to plant 1 trillion trees! If each person in the world plants 140 trees, we will achieve this!
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