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July 3, 2022 - 10:00 AM

Praise & Worship

Welcome Ministry Opportunities
Choruses This Is Amazing Grace
  Here I Am To Worship
Brazil Team Commissioning Panel with Students
Choruses From Jerusalem
Offering O Praise the Name
Message Pastor Scott DeWitt
"Why You Should Trust God"
Song God Bless America
Prayer for our Nation  

Prayer Families this Week: Elvin & Linda Brown, Dan & Michelle Fullerton, Keith Leonhardt, Ron Saddler, Jordan & Jessica Westengaard, Crossroads Mission

We extend our condolences to Sean & Jessica Ablott and their family on the recent passing of Jessica's brother-in-law, Josh Reynolds. 

You can now join RightNow Media by going directly to RightNow Media offers over 12,000 videos and Bible studies for kids, youth and adults. Hastings EFree provides this free to the church family.
Thank you to the church family for all the expressions of appreciation through your kind words, notes, cards, and gifts with the anniversary of 35 years of office ministry in the church. Edith Wheeler

Our 'Not Alone' ladies ministry meets the 1st & 3rd Sundays at 12:30 in the Fireside Room. This ministry is designed for all ladies who come to church alone for many different reasons. If you would like information on this ministry and activities they have planned, please contact Robbie Busking at 402-984-3811.
Today, July 3 12:30 'Not Alone' ladies group meets.
  1:00 Hispanic Worship Service in Room 1.
Monday The church will be closed.
Tuesday 5:30 Elder Board meets.
  7:00 Celebrate Recovery leaders meet.
Saturday 7:00 AM Men’s Bible study group.
  10:00 AM Car "Show & Tell" in the north lot.
  2:00 Bridal Shower for Liz Munnell held in the Fellowship Hall.
  7:00 Celebrate Recovery.
Sunday, July 10 8:15 AM/11:00 AM Worship Services with communion.
  9:45 AM Sunday school & Adult Electives continue.
  1:00 Hispanic Worship Service.
At Hastings E-Free, Small Groups are more than a program, they are our primary ministry to develop community. Small Groups are smaller gatherings of people (4-12) with the goal to grow more like Jesus Christ. Groups interact with God’s Word and pray for one another’s needs and concerns. They develop friendships and a deeper sense of community. If you want to become a part one of our small groups, contact Pastor Matt at 402-705-4712 or
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Scott DeWitt, Senior Pastor
Daniel Meade, Student Ministries Pastor
Edith Wheeler, Office Manager
Steve Atwater, Janitor
Lisa Carson, Worship Coordinator
Matthew Sass, Adult Ministries Pastor
Kristy Stoeger, Children's Ministry Director
Sanny Munnell, Bookkeeper
Sam Bosle, Digital Media Technician
Caden Hoffman, Building Maintenance
Karis Andres, Summer Intern
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