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June 12, 2022

Praise & Worship

Welcome & Announcements
Choruses We Are Yours
Come Thou Fount Come Thou King
Choruses It Is Well (Oh My Soul)
  Goodness of God
Message Pastor Scott DeWitt
Closing Prayer
Welcome to the services today! We pray you will feel blessed by the music and message. If you are new or visiting, please stop by our Welcome Desk for an informational packet on ministries we offer.

Prayer Families This Week: James & Lisa Carson, Jeff Lacina, Bob & Ruth Lemke, Ron & Ruann Root, Spencer & Molly Schoof, Jim & Nydia Schmidt (Wycliffe-Mexico)
2022 Summer Electives

SESSION 1:  June 5, 12, 26, July 10, 17
Intentional Parenting - 10 Ways To Be An Exceptional Parent In A Quick Fix World; Room 6 - $10
Humorous AND helpful! No easy recipes,  but practical encouragement for us less than perfect parents! The material applies to parents with children 18 and under.
How To Study The Bible – Youth Room
How do you understand the various types (genres) of literature within the Bible?  Learn how to observe, interpret and apply God’s Word!
The Reason for God – 6 Conversations on Faith and Life; Room 1 - $8
Learn how to talk to people who have some common doubts or objections to Christianity (or maybe you have questions yourself)!  In the video sessions Timothy Keller and six panelists hold candid and unscripted discussions about the broad scope of people's discomforts with God, the Bible, and Christianity.
Session 2: July 31, August 7, 14, 21, 28
How To Study The Bible
Intentional Parenting
Tell Someone – (evangelism)
Today 9:45 AM Summer Sunday School electives.
  1:00 Hispanic Worship Service in Room 1.
Monday 2:00 Small Group study in the Fireside Room.
  8:00 Men’s Bible study group in Room 5.
Tuesday 5:30 Elder Board meets.

6:00-7:30 Widow(er) Ministry Event in the Youth Room. Join us for Coffee, Cake & Conversation. Our desire is to launch a helpful ministry later this Summer. We request your input to help us understand the needs of those who are widowed. Please RSVP at 402-463-1441 or

8:00 AM Youth Group 'Tanking'. We will travel to the Calumus River for a few hours of floating and fun. Wear appropriate swimsuit and water shoes. Bring snacks, a hat, lots of sunscreen and money for dinner on the way home. The cost to 'tank' is $20/person. We will return around 8 PM to the church.
  1:30 ENCORE Ministry meets. Guest speaker is John Mueller, Chaplain with Mary Lanning Healthcare. 
Saturday 7:00 AM Men’s Bible study group.
  7:00 Celebrate Recovery.
Sunday, June 19 10:00 AM Worship in the Park at Chautauqua Pavilion.
  **NO Sunday School.
  1:00 Hispanic service at Lake Hastings.
June 20-24

9:00 AM Vacation Bible School "ZOOMERANG".            Register at 
With VBS in a little over a week, we're asking the church family to help provide snacks for the week.
To sign up, please go to
June 24 & 25

Garage Sale Fundraiser for the Brazil Missions Trip in the church parking lot. Friday is 2-6PM and Saturday is 9AM-1PM. All proceeds go toward trip expenses. Donated items can be brought to the church by Thursday (23rd). Call Pastor Daniel 402-305-5731 if you have questions. 
Join us for Worship in the Park with baptisms, Sunday, June 19 at 10 AM at Chautauqua Park Pavilion! Bring your own lawn chairs if you prefer; some park benches will be available.
After the service, we will gather for a potluck meal. Each family is asked to bring a side dish and small dessert. Celebrate Recovery Grill Team will cook burgers and hotdogs for the event. Table service and water will be provided.
   Upcoming Special Occasions   
Katherine Smith will marry Joshua Jolly on June 11th in North Carolina. If you would like to send them a card, we ask that you bring it to the church office by June 27th.

Nathanael Sass and Carissa Bruner will be married Saturday, June 18th in Kansas City. If you would like to send a card with Matt & Patti before June 15th, they can be left in the church office.

The children and grandchildren of Ron & Beth Shipman request a Card Shower in honor of their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Ronald Shipman and Elizabeth Steen were married on June 23, 1972 at the Good Samaritan Chapel in Hastings. Cards may be sent to: 205 W 1st St, Fairfield, Nebraska 68938.

Glenn & Jo DeVries will celebrate their 65th Wedding Anniversary with an Open House on Saturday, July 2, 1:00-3:00 PM at the Trumbull Community Center. Please join them! If you're unable to attend and would like to send a card, their address is: 309 West 1 Road, Trumbull, Nebraska 68980.

Ladies are invited to a Bridal Shower honoring Liz Munnell on Saturday, July 9th, at 2:00 in the Fellowship Hall. Please RSVP to Carolyn Sorensen [402-469-2918] or Karen Demick [402-469-0318]. Liz will marry Jonathan Hunter on September 24th in Kansas City. Liz is the daughter of Sanny & Ruth Munnell.
3 yrs. - 4thgrade:
9:00 - 11:00 AM

5th & 6th grade:
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Register at:
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Scott DeWitt, Senior Pastor
Daniel Meade, Student Ministries Pastor
Edith Wheeler, Office Manager
Steve Atwater, Janitorial
Lisa Carson, Music Secretary
Karis Andres, Summer Intern
Matthew Sass, Adult Ministries Pastor
Kristy Stoeger, Children's Ministry Director
Sanny Munnell, Bookkeeper
Sam Bosle, Digital Media Technician
Caden Hoffman, Building Maintenance
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