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ProBrewer Beverage Industry Weekly Summary
for Monday May 3rd, 2021

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Latest Beverage Industry News

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Measure to Expand Growler Privileges in Minnesota is Blocked

posted Friday April 30, 2021 by Tom McCormick

A legislative bill in Minnesota to allow larger breweries to sell growlers has died.


Australian Hop Harvest Has Slight Decrease in Yield but Galaxy Hop Yield Up 7%

posted Thursday April 29, 2021 by Tom McCormick

The Australian hop harvest is coming to a close and Hop Products Australia, which grows 90% of the Australian hops has released their 2021 hop harvest report.


Consumer Group Says Vizzy Illegally Touting Health Claims with Addition of Vitamin C

posted Thursday April 29, 2021 by Tom McCormick

The TTB has long prohibited any sort of health claim on alcohol packaging or advertising.  The Center for Science in the Public Interest and Consumer Federation of America have submitted a letter to the Food and Drug Administration requesting that they bring enforcement action against Molson Coors for illegally misleading consumers with its Vizzy Hard Seltzer labeling and advertising campaign.


SBA Grant Applications for Restaurant Revitalization Fund Accepted Beginning May 3

posted Wednesday April 28, 2021 by Tom McCormick

The U.S. Small Business Administration has announced that online application for the $28.6 billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund will be accepted beginning on Monday, May 3, at 12:00pm (EDT). The online application will remain open until funds are exhausted.


Brewer Migration – Moving from ‘Brewing Company’ to ‘Beverage Company’

posted Tuesday April 27, 2021 by Tom McCormick

Almost without doubt, the biggest evolution in the brewing industry over the last 40 years has been the rapid growth and popularity in alternative beer brands. Lead by hard seltzers but also joined by hard teas, kombuchas, FMB’s and others, more brewers are following in the footsteps of Boston Beer Company and the global brewers by shedding their “brewery” hat and becoming a “beverage company.”


Cans Capture 74% of All Beer Sold in 2020

posted Monday April 26, 2021 by Tom McCormick

Domestic beer in cans grew 11.4% to 12.7 million barrels in 2020, according to Beer Marketer’s Insights. Cans now make up 74% of total volume share, up from 58 share 10 years ago. Not surprisingly in the pandemic year, draft fell by 7.9 million barrels and bottles dropped almost 3.6 million barrels.


Southern Glazer to Distribute Cannabis Drink from Canopy

posted Monday April 26, 2021 by Tom McCormick

Canopy Growth Corporation has signed up Southern Glazers as their wholesaler for their CBD-infused beverage line, Qautreau. The move is another indication that the alcohol distribution tier is willing and ready to add cannabis-related beverages to their portfolios.


Upcoming Beverage Industry Events

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QC2 101: Diastaticus

Event starts: May 6th, 2021 11:00 AM PDT :: $50 :: Event held online

The Beverage Forum

Event starts: May 11th, 2021 12:00 AM PDT :: $375+ :: Event held online

Peated Malt Production – Traditional Innovation - Institute of Brewing and Distilling

Event starts: May 13th, 2021 8:00 AM PDT :: Free :: Event held online

QC2: Behind the Taproom at Jackie O's

Event starts: May 25th, 2021 1:00 PM PDT :: Free :: Event held online

Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference

Event starts: June 7th, 2021 12:00 AM PDT :: In-Person Event
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Trending Beverage Industry Help Wanted / For Hire Postings

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New Help Wanted Posts
Forklift Operator/Order Picker WANTED @Harpoon in Woburn,MA
posted: May 3rd at 06:05:24AM in Operations

Brewer/cellarperson eugene, oregon
posted: May 2nd at 10:09:42AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Packaging Technician // Bissell Brothers // Portland, ME
posted: May 2nd at 04:39:55AM in Production

Head Brewer-Turnagain Brewing, Anchorage Alaska
posted: May 1st at 12:26:35PM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Brewer for Cold Brew Coffee
posted: May 1st at 07:12:34AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Fort George Brewery hiring Full-Time PM Shift Brewer Astoria, OR
posted: Apr 30th at 04:36:01PM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Brewer - Grimm Artisanal Ales - Brooklyn, NY
posted: Apr 30th at 01:58:01PM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Federation Brewing Oakland, Tri-Valley Area Field Sales Representative
posted: Apr 30th at 01:45:43PM in Marketing/Sales

Looking for an experienced brewer to lead our team - Lazy Hiker Brewing; Franklin, NC
posted: Apr 26th at 06:45:22AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Distiller- nashville, tn
posted: Apr 30th at 12:48:21PM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Brewer 2 - Back Forty Beverage - Portland, OR
posted: Apr 30th at 11:22:25AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

New Available For Hire Posts
Experienced Head Brewer/Prod. Manager w/9+ years - Looking in Asia/Canada/Ireland
posted: May 3rd at 12:42:24AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Full-time Head Brewmaster - Mutation Brewing Company - Sandy Springs, GA
posted: Apr 27th at 06:40:36AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Head Brewer with over 11 years Experience in Orange County/Los Angeles Area
posted: Apr 26th at 10:17:54AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Trending Discussion Board Topics

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Hanging Plastic Grist Case Above Mash Tun
posted: Apr 26th at 03:09:31PM in Malt Handling Q&A

Cooling taps and choker lines
posted: Apr 27th at 02:19:18PM in Draft Lines & Systems

Butterfly Valve Differences
posted: Apr 29th at 09:38:58PM in Equipment Q&A (Sponsored by Standard Kegs)

Will Carbonic Acid Dissipate
posted: Apr 30th at 08:33:03AM in Beverage Conditioning Q&A (Sponsored by Quantiperm)

Start up equipment
posted: Apr 30th at 09:36:55PM in General Discussions (Sponsored by Stout Tanks and Kettles)

Trending Classified Ad Postings

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1bbl SS Brewtech Brewhouse 2 1bbl Unitanks and Glycol Unit ( $15,000 ) Hot
Classified Ad posted Apr 29th - 11:23:50 AM in Used Brewhouses by Adam Cole

Complete 5BBL System in Michigan - Direct fire 3 vessel GW Kent system ( $27,500 ) Hot
Classified Ad posted May 2nd - 05:13:36 PM in Used Brewing Systems by Chelsea_Ale

FOR SALE: Letina 1000L (7bbl) Fermenter ( $2,250 )
Classified Ad posted Apr 30th - 04:12:24 PM in Used Fermenters by Jared Wennstrom

small heat exchanger ( $500 )
Classified Ad posted Apr 30th - 11:46:03 AM in Used Cooling and Heating Equipment by DB Cooper

Electric Blichman 2 BBL Brewhouse, Stout 2 FVS, 1 Brite Hot
Classified Ad posted Apr 29th - 02:02:12 PM in Used Brewhouses by Mike Kraai

PBST Keg Washer and Filler ( $9,500 ) Hot
Classified Ad posted May 2nd - 08:10:57 AM in Used Packaging Equipment by mickshouse1

Complete 20 gallon Spike Brewing System with eight 10 gallon Spike Fermenters and glycol system. Everything you need to start a nano brewery ( $8,900 ) Hot
Classified Ad posted Apr 28th - 02:54:17 PM in Used Nano Brewing Equipment by Kilian Q

Massive Brewery Equipment Liquidation! Complete, Operating Canning, Kegging, Bottling Lines, & More Featured
Classified Ad posted Apr 30th - 07:15:57 PM in Used Packaging Equipment by Loeb Auctions
Great Divide Brewing Surplus Equipment Liquidation Liquidation Company – Loeb Auctioneers Equipment Location: Denver, CO. Sale Dates and Times: Sales Open 5/1/2021 For questions related to this liquidation, contact: Frank Redmond (773) 496-5723 Great Divide Brewery - Online Equipment...

1 bbl Brewmagic Pro with 2 ss brewtech fermenters and 1 ssbrewtech Brite tank ( $13,000 ) Hot
Classified Ad posted Apr 29th - 08:22:45 AM in Used Brewing Systems by Geoffrey Goodwin

A message from Delta Brewing Systems
Specialized Air Compressors, Filters, Dryers, and Pilot Brewing Equipment - We offer 30 years’ experience in high quality air compressors, compressed air dryers, and air filters for the brewing industry. Our gifted engineers also expanded our product line into professional quality small scale brewing equipment to serve brewers at all levels, from homebrewer to nano and craft brewing professionals.
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Spotlight Catalog Ads

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NEW Bottom Discharge FDA-Compliant Plastic Hopper with Lid ( $1,347.95 )
Catalog Ad Posted in New Equipment - Misc. by Union Jack Tools

Constructed of FDA-compliant, chemical-resistant polyethylene, these rugged hoppers are impressively durable yet less expensive than stainless steel. The smooth bottle interiors allow for easy material flow. The lightweight, 2-piece design is easy to move and transport, even with large loads....

Brewery Start Up Consulting Services
Catalog Ad Posted in Services Offered by O'Neill's Brewing & Equipment Company

Brewery Start-up consulting services !! We do it all: -site selection -utility surveys and assessments -brewing system sizing and configurations -business plans -distribution strategies -brewing equipment financing -brewing equipment manufacture & supply -system installation & start -up and training -after...

FOUR KEG SEMI AUTOMATED WASHING SYSTEM Premium Stainless Steel Finish ( $12,500 )
Catalog Ad Posted in New Kegging and Cooperage by Canadian Craft Solutions Inc.

HIGH PERFORMANCE AND QUALITY AT A LOW COST! Cleans kegs simultaneously for up to 50 keg/hour throughput Spear washing CO2 purge and charge Quick coupling All key cleaning parameters are software controlled including timing single button wash Automated caustic temperature...

20 Gallon Wort Grant
Catalog Ad Posted in New Nano Brewing Equipment by Stout Tanks and Kettles, LLC

  Our 20 gallon wort grant is an excellent tool to both help prevent stuck sparges when moving from lauter tun to boil kettle, and protect the false bottom from the vacuum created by a pump. Features of this 20 gallon wort grant:...

30BBL/40BBL/50BBL/80BBL/90BBL/120BBL Wine Storage tank
Catalog Ad Posted in New Storage Tanks by Jinan NFE Machinery Co

New Wine storage tank, good quality and good price! •Stainless steel 304/316L• Sample valve• CIP – rotary spray ball• Wine outlet and drain outlet assembly• Multiple glycol zones or without glycol cooling jacket • Fully welded cladding• Top manway and side...

Pipe Standoffs – 1,000’s of Brewery Parts and Tri Clamp Fittings in Stock
Catalog Ad Posted in New Equipment - Misc. by Stout Tanks and Kettles, LLC

  Our stainless steel pipe standoffs are an effective solution to secure the CIP or drain pipe outside the tank in place and secure. We carry various size tri clamp connections for different pipe diameters. Please call us directly if...

200 Gallon Kombucha Tank (for Kombucha Fermentation)
Catalog Ad Posted in New Equipment - Misc. by Stout Tanks and Kettles, LLC

  This 200 gallon kombucha fermenter is built with high grade, non-corrosive, easy to clean, premium virgin 304 stainless steel.  It features welded on wheels that make it easy to move around as needed.  The durable build of this fermenter is...

Catalog Ad Posted in New Filters, Filtration, and Pumps by CPE Systems

THE CPE C114 PORTABLE PUMP IS THE MOST POPULAR PUMP FOR BREWERIES. The CPE C114 Portable Pump is perfect for systems up to 30 barrels (depending on the application). These are the most durable pumps on the market - and every brewer...

Yolo Gold – California-grown, Floor-malted Wheat
Catalog Ad Posted in Brewing Supplies and Ingredients For Sale by Admiral Maltings

CONTRIBUTES A WARM, AMBER COLOR AND RICH, MALTY SWEETNESS WITH AROMAS OF BREAD CRUST, TOFFEE AND CAKE. Yolo Gold is our ode to the pale golden hills of the Sacramento Valley, where our hard white Patwin wheat is grown. Through...

Sight Glasses – 1,000’s of Brewery Parts and Tri Clamp Fittings in stock
Catalog Ad Posted in New Equipment - Misc. by Stout Tanks and Kettles, LLC

  Tri Clamp Sight Glasses should be used anytime beer or liquids are transferred.  Install one sight glass at the racking arm of your source tank.  Install another at the input valve of your finishing tank. Need different sizes? Click HERE...

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