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for Saturday July 24th, 2021

Join us to celebrate the brewing class of 1996! CBC 2021 Bash at The Walnut Room, Denver

Join us on September 10th in Denver [ RSVP ] – Sponsorship opportunities available [ get in touch ]

A message from Union Jack Tools
Get The Essential Cleaning Tools Needed For Your Operation - Union Jack Tools offers a large selection of FDA-approved cleaning and food handling tools selected and bundled for craft breweries. Best sellers include food hoes for graining out, color-coded tank brushes, mash paddles/shovels in both plastic and stainless steel, hoses and nozzles, and bins/lids for spent grain.
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Latest Beverage Industry News

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ASBC to Offer Webinar on Smoke Taint in Hops as Fires Spew Smoke Over Western US
- posted Thursday July 22, 2021 by Tom McCormick
Boston Beer Depletions Up 24% in Second Quarter – Net Earnings Down as Truly Misses Expectations
- posted Thursday July 22, 2021 by Tom McCormick
What’s In a Name – Trademark Suits Swirl Around Canopy
- posted Wednesday July 21, 2021 by Tom McCormick
Cannabis in a Can? Dale Katechis Joins Veritas Fine Cannabis
- posted Monday July 19, 2021 by Tom McCormick
ProBrewer to Host Class of ‘96 25th Anniversary Party at CBC
- posted Monday July 19, 2021 by Tom McCormick

Upcoming Beverage Industry Events

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Restaurant Tech Summit

Event starts: August 17th, 2021 12:00 AM PDT :: Free to $195 :: Event held online

ADI Craft Spirits Conference and Vendor Expo Louisville

Event starts: August 23rd, 2021 12:00 AM PDT :: Unknown :: In-Person Event

Craft Brewers Conference

Event starts: September 9th, 2021 12:00 AM PDT :: Varies :: In-Person Event

Class of '96 - 25th Anniversary Bash - CBC 2021

Event starts: September 10th, 2021 6:00 PM PDT :: Free :: In-Person Event

Briess’ Malt & Brew Workshop

Event starts: October 5th, 2021 12:00 AM PDT :: TBA :: In-Person Event
A message from ZAHM & NAGEL
A Symbol Of Quality Since 1908 - Zahm & Nagel, established 1908 in Buffalo, NY and dedicated to the production and sales of the best possible carbonating and quality control equipment for the beverage industry. Currently, Zahm and Nagel equipment is in use in breweries and bottling plants in over 90 countries around the world.
Place your order today at -

New Beverage Industry Help Wanted / For Hire Postings

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New Help Wanted Posts
Stem Ciders is hiring a Packaging Technician - Lafayette, CO
posted: Jul 23rd at 09:12:03PM in Production

posted: Jul 23rd at 02:57:24PM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Beer Sales Rep, Dock Street Brewery - FULL TIME
posted: Jul 23rd at 02:14:37PM in Marketing/Sales

Assistant Brewer - Junkyard Brewing Co. MN
posted: Jul 23rd at 11:57:36AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Assistant Brewer Windsor, CO
posted: Jul 23rd at 11:04:06AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Assistant Brewer/Cellarman (Phantom Canyon Brewing, Colorado Springs, CO)
posted: Jul 23rd at 10:57:26AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Assistant Brewer Needed Here (&Now)
posted: Jul 23rd at 10:49:01AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Looking for Operator/ Management with Equity
posted: Jul 23rd at 10:30:33AM in Operations

Looking for Operator/Management with Equity
posted: Jul 23rd at 10:28:31AM in Management

Experienced Brewer - West Dundee Illinois
posted: Jul 23rd at 10:07:42AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Experienced Brewer - Shannon Brewing Co. (DFW Metroplex)
posted: Jul 23rd at 09:13:56AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

New Available For Hire Posts
3 years experienced brewer, ready to move for up to 18 months (J1 visa)
posted: Jul 22nd at 07:46:33AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Trending Discussion Board Topics

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ProBrewer to Host 'Class of 96 Party at CBC
posted: Jul 21st at 05:28:44PM in General Discussions (Sponsored by Stout Tanks and Kettles)

clogged draft line
posted: Jul 22nd at 11:02:26AM in Draft Lines & Systems

clogged draft line
posted: Jul 22nd at 11:02:26AM in Stupid Stuff Q&A

New Classified Ad Postings

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Inventory 30bbl Fermentation Tanks for sale $12700 each for taking 3 ( $12,700 ) Hot
Classified Ad posted Jul 24th - 03:49:42 AM in New Fermenters by MAU CHOI

Classified Ad posted Jul 24th - 03:45:38 AM in New Fermenters by MAU CHOI

Keg Washer ( $3,500 )
Classified Ad posted Jul 23rd - 06:25:08 PM in Used Kegging and Cooperage by Tommy G

Twin Monkeys Mancos Canning Line with Outfeed Conveyor ( $30,000 )
Classified Ad posted Jul 23rd - 04:01:02 PM in Used Packaging Equipment by David Howland

15 bbl jacketed fermenter ( $15,000 )
Classified Ad posted Jul 23rd - 03:15:30 PM in Used Fermenters by Floyd Barela

2016 Meheen M6 Bottling Line For Sale ( $24,900 )
Classified Ad posted Jul 23rd - 01:21:03 PM in Used Packaging Equipment by Right_Brain

Alfred Gruber – Semi-automatic bottle filler ( $10,000 ) Hot
Classified Ad posted Jul 23rd - 10:18:39 AM in Used Packaging Equipment by brewmeg

Complete Sabco/SS BrewTech System ( $6,500 )
Classified Ad posted Jul 23rd - 10:09:38 AM in Used Brewing Systems by Logan Hemphill

Keg rack ( $300 )
Classified Ad posted Jul 23rd - 08:24:53 AM in Used Brewing Equipment - Misc. by Ian McGuinness

A message from Quantiperm
Peace of Mind with Perfection in Carbonation - QuantiPerm offers innovative instrumentation to help craft brewers eliminate carbonation as a bottle neck. With our xFlow series, brewers can achieve perfect carbonation, every time. These systems use an electronic flow control system in combination with our ultra-high efficiency fine bubble injectors for near-100% mass transfer efficiency.
To learn how we can help, call us or visit -

Spotlight Catalog Ads

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Get your keg from China —worry about trade war ???
Catalog Ad Posted in New Kegging and Cooperage by Keg Co

Worry about the trade war ,we still have the best price ,great quality kegs 1.Need kegs ,call us at +86 15968945186 or email us 2.Great stainless steel 304 keg with an attractive price 1/2 barrel with D type spear 62...

Catalog Ad Posted in New Fermenters by Daygy

From small, pub-size fermenters to towering outdoor tanks, we have the manufacturing capability and expertise to build fermentation tanks of all sizes. For nano or microbreweries, we create compact, efficient tanks as small as 1BBL in size. For large-scale breweries,...

World Brewing Academy Specialized Lectures
Catalog Ad Posted in Education Opportunities by Siebel Institute of Technology

A new online educational offering! The World Brewing Academy Specialized Lectures cover a multitude of specific topics on all processes of beer production. 60+ fully narrated lectures Ranging from 20 to 90 minutes each 10 days of lecture access, beginning...

NPT Adapters – 1,000’s of Brewery Parts and Tri Clamp Fittings in Stock
Catalog Ad Posted in New Equipment - Misc. by Stout Tanks and Kettles, LLC

  NPT to Tri-Clamp adapters convert NPT threaded fittings into Tri-Clamp fittings.  You can easily convert all the NPT fittings in your facility to Tri-Clamp fittings in order to simplify the variety of small parts needed. We stock various sizes...

Catalog Ad Posted in Brewing Supplies and Ingredients For Sale by Proximity Malt


10 bbl direct fire heated brewhouse for US buyer
Catalog Ad Posted in New Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Jinan Cassman Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Cassman Brewhouse ranges from 1bbl to 60bbl, have option of Steam fired, Electric Fired, Direct Fired;  2vessels, 3vessels, 4vessels or multi-vessels.   Brewhouse: 2bbl ,10 bbl in USA for you reference   BREWHOUSE+HLT 2bbl brewhouse+hot water tank: USD11,000 5bbl brewhouse+hot water...

Affordable, Spirits Recipe Development Service from iStill
Catalog Ad Posted in Services Offered by iStill

iStill Recipe Development Discover the amazing taste that iStill's can produce. Order a limited bottle, buy a recipe, or request a custom made recipe to be developed by our world-class recipe development team. iStill's recipe development team is in business...

Standard Kegs – Keg Washer SK2W
Catalog Ad Posted in New Kegging and Cooperage by Standard Kegs & Equipment

SK 2W Heads:2 Head Semi-Auto Washer Others:2 Tanks, 2 Pumps, Semi Auto Control Download Specs

NEW Cold Brew Equipment
Catalog Ad Posted in New Equipment - Misc. by Stout Tanks and Kettles, LLC

  All of our commercial cold brew coffee equipment is engineered using premium virgin 304 stainless steel, exclusively for large cold brew coffee production. Designed to deliver commercial quantities of Cold Brew Coffee brewed to precise standards. The innovative design of...

150 Liter (40 gallon) Variable Capacity Tanks – GREAT FOR CIDERS!
Catalog Ad Posted in New Equipment - Misc. by Stout Tanks and Kettles, LLC

Our 150 Liter flat bottom variable capacity wine tanks allow you to segregate lots in your vineyard, maintain a variety of wine, and/or ferment in smaller batches. They are great for wine and cider fermentation, storage, and/or mixing. View all...

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