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for Tuesday May 4th, 2021

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Latest Beverage Industry News

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Back to Beer for Virtue Cider’s Greg Hall

posted Monday May 3, 2021 by Tom McCormick

After working as brewmaster for 20 years at his father’s brewery, Greg Hall went on to form Virtue Cider when Anheuser-Busch bought Goose Island Brewing Company in 2011.

Greg is now back to familiar territory; brewing beer. After 10 years in business, Virtue Cider has just released its first beer. The lager-style beer is a Nordic-inspired lager with juniper and rye.

Guinness Jumps into the Coffee Movement

posted Monday May 3, 2021 by Tom McCormick

Is coffee the next frontier? Although coffee and beer have been married in the past and coffee has been added to other beverages over the years, there seems to be a growing surge in coffee beverages lately.

S.Pellegrino just last month released a coffee-flavored sparkling water and Coca-Cola With Coffee was introduced in the U.S. in January. Add Guinness to the list with the recent introduction of Guinness Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.

Measure to Expand Growler Privileges in Minnesota is Blocked
- posted Friday April 30, 2021 by Tom McCormick
Australian Hop Harvest Has Slight Decrease in Yield but Galaxy Hop Yield Up 7%
- posted Thursday April 29, 2021 by Tom McCormick
Consumer Group Says Vizzy Illegally Touting Health Claims with Addition of Vitamin C
- posted Thursday April 29, 2021 by Tom McCormick

Upcoming Beverage Industry Events

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QC2 101: Diastaticus

Event starts: May 6th, 2021 11:00 AM PDT :: $50 :: Event held online

The Beverage Forum

Event starts: May 11th, 2021 12:00 AM PDT :: $375+ :: Event held online

Peated Malt Production – Traditional Innovation - Institute of Brewing and Distilling

Event starts: May 13th, 2021 8:00 AM PDT :: Free :: Event held online

QC2: Behind the Taproom at Jackie O's

Event starts: May 25th, 2021 1:00 PM PDT :: Free :: Event held online

Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference

Event starts: June 7th, 2021 12:00 AM PDT :: In-Person Event
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The Best Service in the Keg Business. - Owned by veteran brewers, we know about the daily challenges of running a brewery. Whatever your keg needs are, Keg Solutions is here to meet them. We pride ourselves on providing the absolute best customer service in the industry. We offer in-house embossing, customized banding, and super-fast lead times.
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New Beverage Industry Help Wanted / For Hire Postings

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New Help Wanted Posts
Migration Brewing Portland, OR Hiring Cellar & Production Associate
posted: May 3rd at 05:27:13PM in Cellar Person

Brewer - Moody Tongue Brewery - Chicago (*Michelin Starred*)
posted: May 3rd at 04:20:05PM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

We are Hiring! Mobile Canning Line Operator - Based in San Luis Obispo, CA
posted: May 3rd at 02:09:40PM in Production

Marketing Manager: Aslan Brewing Co. - Bellingham, WA
posted: May 3rd at 02:06:49PM in Marketing/Sales

Hiring for a Quality Lab Technician - 21st Amendment Brewery - San Leandro, CA
posted: May 3rd at 01:57:58PM in Operations

Head Brewer - Burley Oak's Loakal Branch Brewing (Delmar, DE)
posted: May 3rd at 01:27:58PM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Packaging Operator
posted: May 3rd at 01:00:43PM in Production

Lead Brewer - House of Funk Brewery - North Vancouver, BC Canada
posted: May 3rd at 12:57:21PM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Experienced Sales Rep / Territory Manager wanted at Legal Draft
posted: May 3rd at 11:52:52AM in Marketing/Sales

Brewer Tech - Chico, CA (full relocation package) - Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
posted: May 3rd at 11:47:02AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Brewer - Fieldwork Brewing (Berkeley, CA)
posted: May 3rd at 11:14:54AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

New Available For Hire Posts
Lead Brewer / Southeastern PA
posted: May 4th at 04:27:26AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Experienced Head Brewer/Prod. Manager w/9+ years - Looking in Asia/Canada/Ireland
posted: May 3rd at 12:42:24AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Trending Discussion Board Topics

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Shrink Sleeve Applicators
posted: May 2nd at 12:53:55PM in Packaging Q&A (Sponsored by Twin Monkeys Beverage Systems)

New Classified Ad Postings

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Newly installed compact 10HL steam heating brewhouse Featured Hot
Classified Ad posted May 3rd - 06:38:59 PM in New Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by DYM Brewing
10HL steam heating brewhouse MLT & KTW with HLT, CLT ★ All piping, pumps, PHE mounted under brewdeck on the bracket for easy installation; ★ Compact design for small brewing area occupation; ★ Switch control panel on deck for easy...

Standard and customized jacketed tanks from 2bbl to 200bbl with best price! Featured Hot
Classified Ad posted May 3rd - 06:37:30 PM in New Fermenters by DYM Brewing
We customize tanks according to your requirement and building limit. 2bbl, 3.5bbl, 5bbl, 7bbl, 10bbl,15bbl,20bbl,30bbl,40bbl,60bbl,80bbl,100bbl,120bbl,160bbl,200bbl tanks all have reference in US. Contact me to know more reference and check out what are in stock. We design and fabricate standard and...

3.5 BBL Direct Fire Brewhouse with Chiller, Unitanks, Cold Storage, and Peripherals ( $95,000 ) Hot
Classified Ad posted May 3rd - 08:40:24 PM in Used Brewhouses by Austin Knies

1/6 BARREL KEGS, SANKEY D, SIXTELS – 10 USED ONCE. TOTAL 8 – 10 KEGS @$50/ea. ( $500 ) Hot
Classified Ad posted May 3rd - 05:49:31 PM in Used Kegging and Cooperage by Anton Villatoro

3BBl Electric Brewery in Tacoma, WA ( $30,000 )
Classified Ad posted May 3rd - 02:30:58 PM in Breweries and Potential Breweries by GritCity

Cellar Temp Controllers ( $500 )
Classified Ad posted May 3rd - 12:39:23 PM in New Cooling and Heating Equipment by Sam Enders

Micro Matic Glycol Chiller ( $2,500 )
Classified Ad posted May 3rd - 11:30:08 AM in Used Cooling and Heating Equipment by Sam Enders

Cask ACS 5 Head Complete Canning Line ( $60,000 ) Hot
Classified Ad posted May 3rd - 11:26:07 AM in Used Packaging Equipment by Gary Fritze

A portable wrap around labeler with the efficiency and mobility desired in small production runs ( $7,500 )
Classified Ad posted May 3rd - 11:14:52 AM in Used Packaging Equipment by Meagan Donica

Classified Ad posted May 3rd - 11:14:20 AM in Used Packaging Equipment by Meagan Donica

In line labeler for canning line Hot
Classified Ad posted May 3rd - 10:52:08 AM in Wanted Packaging Equipment by Brian Holton

SMB Tecknik Rotary Botter Filler & Full Line for sale! Hot
Classified Ad posted May 3rd - 10:21:12 AM in Used Packaging Equipment by Emily Baadsvik

A message from Delta Brewing Systems
Specialized Air Compressors, Filters, Dryers, and Pilot Brewing Equipment - We offer 30 years’ experience in high quality air compressors, compressed air dryers, and air filters for the brewing industry. Our gifted engineers also expanded our product line into professional quality small scale brewing equipment to serve brewers at all levels, from homebrewer to nano and craft brewing professionals.
Get your brew on at -

Spotlight Catalog Ads

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15 BBL Conical Fermenter / Unitank (Jacketed)
Catalog Ad Posted in New Fermenters by Stout Tanks and Kettles, LLC

  This 15 bbl Conical Fermenter can be converted to a Unitank or brite serving tank, and can help you save on floor space to increase brewing flexibility.  The two-zone glycol jacketing in its cone and on the side wall...

Rye Malt ( $0.90 )
Catalog Ad Posted in New Equipment - Misc. by Two Track Malting Company

Our newly released Rye malt has a subtle grain smell with a slight spice.  Our Rye has a sweet earthy taste upfront and spice flavor from the rye which reminds us of rye bread.  We suggest the use of rice hulls...

Boettcher Brewery Consulting
Catalog Ad Posted in Services Offered by Journeyman Brewer Academy

  Boettcher Brewery Consultant LLC is an independent consulting firm serving the brewing, malting, and beverage industry. We offer results oriented true expert advise in brewing technology and various other areas of the brewing process. We are first and foremost...

10HL turnkey beer brewing system with FVs & BBTs
Catalog Ad Posted in New Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Jinan NFE Machinery Co

10HL brewing system specification equipment list is as follows: 10HL steam, electric or direct fired brewhouse Mash/Lauter tun vessel – with rake system, frequency drive, false bottom, sparging system Wort kettle/whirlpool tun-tangent inlet, electric or steam or direct fired heating...

Ruby Street Pro Level 1 BBL Electric Systems – Bottom Drains – Manway – Sprayball $11,999
Catalog Ad Posted in New Nano Brewing Equipment by Ruby Street Brewing Equipment

Our team spent over 2 years designing a system that would meet the rugged demands of professional brewers. We took features from large brewing systems and scaled everything down into a 1 BBL sized unit. With bottom draining kettles and...

*** SOLD *** Used Mueller 40 bbl Fermenter ( $9,000 )
Catalog Ad Posted in Used Fermenters by Ager Tank & Equipment

Now available for sale - We have a used Mueller 1650 Gallon (approx 40 bbl usable capacity with 25% headspace) conical fermenter for sale.  Specifications are as follows: Stainless steel dome top/cone bottom, glycol jacketed tank. The tank is equipped...

Get your kegs directly from China Keg factory — Cheaper, Fast Delivery, Good quality
Catalog Ad Posted in New Kegging and Cooperage by Keg Co

[SIZE=3][SIZE=5]1.Need kegs ,call us at +86 15968945186 or email us 2.Great stainless steel 304 keg with an attractive price 1/2 barrel with D type spear 68 USD ,1/6bbl 48 USD 3.Logo customize made ,we can do silk print ,color...

Ampco AC+114MD Portable Pump Assembly ( $2,720 )
Catalog Ad Posted in New Filters, Filtration, and Pumps by CPE Systems

The AMPCO AC+114MD is the original C-series centrifugal pump re imagined. It has kept the original casing design and popular external mechanical seal options, however it features a collar that clamps down on the drive shaft over a full 360 degrees removing the minor wobble...

Double SvenMill
Catalog Ad Posted in New Grain Handling Equipment by Apollo Machine & Products

DoubleSvenMill™ Double Row Mills The Double row system is known to be more gentle on the husk of the malted barley at the time of milling resulting in a more consistent grist. Benefiting from the same features as the SvenMill,...

xFlowC02-Surge Carbonation / Water DeOx System
Catalog Ad Posted in New Equipment - Misc. by Quantiperm

Direct to filler option Completely self contained with integrated surge tank automation Fully mobile design 5 gpm constant into integrated surge tank (outlet from surge tank adjustable) Water DeOx mode

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