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for Monday July 19th, 2021

Respect and equality for all people must be a basic tenant for the craft beverage industry. Without it, we will fail. ProBrewer has added Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, a new featured content area to help guide our industry towards taking positive action.

A message from White Labs
PurePitch Next Generation. The Best Yeast = The Best Beer - New from White Labs – PurePitch Next Generation, the easiest way to pitch the most superior yeast. We took the most consistent yeast on the market and improved it with new packaging for ease of use, verifiable quality and consistency to ensure the best beer possible. Available now at
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Latest Beverage Industry News

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Biden Executive Order Could Have Favorable Impact on Craft Brewers
- posted Friday July 16, 2021 by Tom McCormick
Boston Beer Partners with Beam Suntory to Take Truly into Bottled Spirits
- posted Thursday July 15, 2021 by Tom McCormick
Collaboration Beer to Support Industry’s #MeToo Moment
- posted Thursday July 15, 2021 by Tom McCormick
More Of This Please – Connecticut Reduces Beer Tax by 16.7%
- posted Wednesday July 14, 2021 by Tom McCormick
Craft Brewing Pioneer Bart Traubeck of Alpine Brewing Passes Away
- posted Tuesday July 13, 2021 by Tom McCormick

Upcoming Beverage Industry Events

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Cold IPA, Defined: A Deep Dive with the Creators

Event starts: July 20th, 2021 11:00 AM PDT :: Free for MBAA members / $49 for non-members :: Event held online

Brewers Association - Preventing Sexual Harassment Part 3: Becoming an Industry Leader

Event starts: July 22nd, 2021 10:00 AM PDT :: Free to BA Members :: Event held online

Restaurant Tech Summit

Event starts: August 17th, 2021 12:00 AM PDT :: Free to $195 :: Event held online

ADI Craft Spirits Conference and Vendor Expo Louisville

Event starts: August 23rd, 2021 12:00 AM PDT :: Unknown :: In-Person Event

Craft Brewers Conference

Event starts: September 9th, 2021 12:00 AM PDT :: Varies :: In-Person Event
A message from Wattco
Tank Electric Heaters with Thermostats or Digital Controls - We stock all sizes and custom make for your projects. Screw plug type heater or Flanged Heaters for larger applications. Food grade alloys and fast delivery.
Call us at 514-488-9124 or visit us at -

New Beverage Industry Help Wanted / For Hire Postings

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New Help Wanted Posts
Head Brewer Wanted - Five Dimes Brewery (NJ)
posted: Jul 19th at 05:52:10AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Assistant Brewer/Cellar Manager - Wicks Brewing in Riverside, Ca
posted: Jul 18th at 08:18:22PM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Experienced Brewing Position for Zoiglhaus Brewing Company – Portland, OR
posted: Jul 18th at 11:15:03AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Head brewer - fatty's beer works - charleston, sc
posted: Jul 17th at 11:53:38AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Assistant Brewer/Brewers Needed!
posted: Jul 16th at 04:46:06PM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Maintenance Technician in Portland, OR
posted: Jul 16th at 01:57:24PM in Operations

Production opportunities in Portland, OR
posted: Jul 16th at 01:18:58PM in Production

Head Brewer - Central Waters MKE
posted: Jul 16th at 12:48:12PM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Packaging Technician - Topa Topa Brewing Co Ventura, CA
posted: Jul 16th at 12:06:44PM in Operations

Packaging Technician - Topa Topa Brewing Co Ventura, CA
posted: Jul 16th at 12:04:47PM in Production

Brewer/Cellar for a great Team Environment - Aviator Brewing Fuquay-Varina, NC
posted: Jul 16th at 11:28:12AM in Brewer/Assistant Brewer

Trending Discussion Board Topics

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Thermowell Maint
posted: Jul 17th at 11:22:42AM in Cleaning & Sanitizing Q&A

New Classified Ad Postings

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EAST COAST SUPPLIER! Unitanks&Bright tanks IN STOCK! | Ship from Maryland, USA Hot
Classified Ad posted Jul 19th - 07:09:36 AM in New Fermenters by Carolina Brewtech LLC

5 – FV Port Funnels with 8″ tri-clamp fitting. ( $75 ) Hot
Classified Ad posted Jul 19th - 07:07:15 AM in New Equipment - Misc. by Robert Johnston

Chart Ultra Doser 150S Liquid Nitrogen Dosing System ( $15,000 )
Classified Ad posted Jul 19th - 05:58:32 AM in Used Brewing Equipment - Misc. by Laishley Family Trust Little Water

Glycol Chiller ( $10,000 ) Hot
Classified Ad posted Jul 19th - 05:40:49 AM in Used Cooling and Heating Equipment by William Neenan

Sabco v350ms system ( $3,750 )
Classified Ad posted Jul 19th - 12:32:48 AM in Used Nano Brewing Equipment by alex mody

2.5 BBL Jacketed Conical Fermenter ( $1,900 ) Hot
Classified Ad posted Jul 18th - 11:01:37 PM in Used Fermenters by Tom Halladay

3 HP Fristam Brewery Pump ( $2,000 ) Hot
Classified Ad posted Jul 18th - 04:28:19 PM in Used Filters, Filtration, and Pumps by DB Cooper

Pegas Crafttap bottle filler ( $1,600 ) Hot
Classified Ad posted Jul 18th - 04:27:53 PM in Used Packaging Equipment by DB Cooper

Mori Gravity 6 Head Bottle Filler / Pneumatic Capper ( $2,500 )
Classified Ad posted Jul 18th - 01:01:47 PM in Used Packaging Equipment by Andrea Santoro

Pasteurizer ( $9,500 )
Classified Ad posted Jul 18th - 11:14:00 AM in Used Brewing Equipment - Misc. by Tim Garman

Illinois Microbrewery in Tourist Town Hot
Classified Ad posted Jul 18th - 09:35:53 AM in Breweries and Potential Breweries by Brian Staron

A message from DAYGY
We’re Here For The Craft Beverage Industries - We’re a full service equipment provider dedicated to serving brewery, wine, beverage and extraction industries. We lead the food equipment industry through quality, innovation, service, project management, longer warranty and shorter lead time. If you need a single piece, or a complete project from design to execution, DAYGY’s the answer
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Spotlight Catalog Ads

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Yeast Brink Sale….. 1/6bbl and 1/2bbl Sizes Available ( $700 )
Catalog Ad Posted in New Equipment - Misc. by Craftmaster Stainless

  Don't Wait call now~~ Yeast Brinks save money! Call Now 916-750-4677 Two Piece stir paddle with T-Handle to agitate Yeast 1.5″ Over-sized outlet on bottom with shut off valve Pressure Gauge 6″ Top Port Thermometer Please check out our...

EAST COAST SUPPLIER! 3BBL-20BBL Unitanks IN STOCK! | Ship from Maryland, USA
Catalog Ad Posted in New Fermenters by Carolina Brewtech LLC

Carolina brewtech is a brewing equipment supplier based on the east coast! We have 3BBL to 30BBL tanks, 3BBL brewhouse, Keg washer, CIP cart, IN STOCK all year round! Fast delivery, 3 years warranty, reliable quality. 3BBL Nano brewhouse-DIMENSION Fermenter-DIMENSION...

2 BBL Brite Tanks (Jacketed) For Sale (NEW)
Catalog Ad Posted in New Equipment - Misc. by Stout Tanks and Kettles, LLC

Our 2bbl brite tanks, like all of our brite tanks, provide two huge benefits to brewers:  Bright, clear beer and efficiency. It's dish shaped bottom allows remaining yeast or flocculation in the beer to settle into the dish. Because the...

New finished 5bbl brewhouse +10 bbl hot water tank =$ 14,500
Catalog Ad Posted in New Equipment - Misc. by Jinan Cassman Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Cassman Brewhouse ranges from 1bbl to 60bbl, have option of Steam fired, Electric Fired, Direct Fired;  2vessels, 3vessels, 4vessels or multi-vessels.   Brewhouse: 2bbl ,10 bbl in USA for you reference   BREWHOUSE+HLT 2bbl brewhouse+hot water tank: USD11,000 5bbl brewhouse+hot water tank:...

For Sale – Cherry Burrell 600 Gallon Vertical Mixing Tanks
Catalog Ad Posted in Used Storage Tanks by United Food & Beverage

Item Type: Tanks Manufacturer: Cherry Burrell Model Number: 600 Gallons Last Use: Beverage Plant Dimensions: 60″ Diameter x 72″ Sidewall Height x 10 Feet Tall Last used in a Beverage Batching Room Top Mounted Agitator Dome Top – Dish Bottom...

8.3bbl – 1000L Cylindrical Fermentation tanks – Transportable ( $6,400 )
Catalog Ad Posted in New Fermenters by Black Forest Container Systems

*Available for immediate shipment from Greenville, SC These jacketed vessels are  manufactured in Germany and made of the highest quality stainless steel (AISI 304) while using state of the art laser welding equipment to assure sanitary welds throughout the vessel....

15 BBL Conical Fermenter / Unitank (Jacketed)
Catalog Ad Posted in New Fermenters by Stout Tanks and Kettles, LLC

  This 15 bbl Conical Fermenter can be converted to a Unitank or brite serving tank, and can help you save on floor space to increase brewing flexibility.  The two-zone glycol jacketing in its cone and on the side wall...

Intermediate Bulk Containers (Various Sizes)
Catalog Ad Posted in New Storage Tanks by Stout Tanks and Kettles, LLC

Our Stainless steel Intermediate Bulk Containers are highly reliable and versatile solutions for storing and transporting liquids or other bulk materials in winemaking, distilling, and extraction. Jacketed IBC Totes – Choose from 275 gallon, 330 gallon and 400 gallon totes Accessible...

Infusion Vessel Series
Catalog Ad Posted in Brewing Supplies and Ingredients For Sale by Marks Design and Metalworks

Available in 5bbl and 8bbl models MARKS Design and Metalworks manufactures one of the most versatile infusion vessel product lines on the market.  The MARKS Infusion Vessel is equipped with a variety of features that empowers the master craftsman to extract flavors...

10 bbl brewing system for sale
Catalog Ad Posted in New Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Stout Tanks and Kettles, LLC

We have built over 1,000 brewing systems. Our 10 bbl brewhouse is a production size brewing system that bring your beer to market.  If you plan a medium to large brew pub, microbrewery, nano brewery, beer hall or distribution, this...

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