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The speaker is Canon Erik Wilson
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Micki West, Kate Work-Orlova, Mark Merryweather
and everyone else celebrating this week
Dear St Mary’s family,

I and my boys; Daniel, Dominic and Matthew, want to thank you so much for the beautiful words in the cards and letters you sent to us on the death of my beloved husband David. Also for all of those who came out to pay their respects on the 7th - it was such a comfort to us.

All my love, bless you all. Jennifer

  • Join us for zoom Sunday School at 9am (contact us at for a code to join)
  • Although we can not physically meet together -it is important that our children continue to grow in faith and are able to connect with one another so here are some resources to help you at home.
  • Please send us your artwork, videos and pictures and you will win a star - 5 stars = prize.

Open the Bible at John 20.19-31

The disciples rejoice because they are able to see and embrace Jesus after his resurrection.

The return of Jesus from the dead was all the disciples could talk about. Every one of them was so excited about it. Well, not exactly every one of them. Thomas wasn’t excited, because Thomas had missed it. ‘Unless I see the marks the nails made in his hands, I won’t believe he’s alive,’ Thomas said.

A week earlier, Jesus had appeared to 10 of the disciples. They were gathered together, hiding because they were afraid they would be killed next. Although they were in a locked room, Jesus appeared and said, ‘Peace be with you.’ As the disciples rejoiced, Jesus said, ‘As God the Father sent me, now I send you.’ Then he breathed on them, saying, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit. When you forgive people their sins, they are forgiven. When you find people guilty, they are guilty.’

Thomas was with the others in the house now. ‘I’ll only believe if I put my finger in the marks and my hand in his side,’ he said. The doors were closed, just as they had been before, but again, Jesus appeared. He said, ‘Peace be with you.’ Then he spoke to Thomas: ‘Look at my hands and put your finger in the holes. Put your hand in the wound on my side. Do not doubt, but believe.’ Thomas was suddenly as excited as the rest of the disciples. ‘My Lord and my God!’ he cried.

Jesus asked Thomas, ‘Have you only believed because you have seen me? God blesses all those who believe even though they haven’t seen me.’ This is why the story of Jesus was written down; so that people may believe that he is the Messiah, the Son of God. All who believe in Jesus will have life through him.

Talk together  

Prepare a box with a special object inside it, e.g. a piece of jewellery or a precious object from church. Then, without opening the box, tell the children what you have hidden inside it; do they believe you? Do they need to investigate for themselves, in order to believe it? As you think about the bible story together, ask the children to consider: is being told something enough, or would they need to see and touch to understand and know that something is true?

  • How might you have felt if you were in Thomas’ place?
  • Has someone ever told you about something exciting which made you want to see for yourself?
  • What can we do to invite other people to come to know Jesus?


Print and complete  the activity sheet

Photograph your work and send it back to to be included in next week's service. You will receive your star.

Young People

Warm up        

Play a game of mini game of taste and see

Blindfold the young people and see if they can identify different foods from taste alone.

Do you need to see something to believe it?

So many questions!           

Read John 20.19-31 twice, and ask them to write down any questions that occur to them – nothing is too silly! Discuss all the questions at the end.

Questions to discuss             

  • Is a question the same thing as a doubt?
  • Have you ever believed something without seeing it for yourself? Why?
  • Why do you think Jesus repeats his greeting, ‘Peace be with you’?

Bringing peace         

  • The risen Jesus greeted his disciples with ‘Shalom’. The word means much more than peace: it represents harmony, wholeness, prosperity and tranquillity.
  • Find out about the work of the Sycamore Tree restorative justice programme, which helps prisoners meet victims of crime and make amends for what they have done.
  • Discuss the idea behind the course. How might the young people be peacemakers in their own community?

The unbelievable truth        

Trust is a hugely important part of life. We rely on so many things without any real knowledge of how they work, and we frequently trust people we do not know personally. Give the group copies of the edited biography of Winston Churchill, and see if they can guess which four facts are false.

Do not doubt, but believe           

Display a range of images of Thomas’ encounter with the risen Jesus, e.g. traditional, contemporary, iconographic, life-like, stylised. How do the young people respond to them? Have art materials available and invite them to create their own artistic representation of this moment of recognition.

See examples of images of Thomas meeting the risen Jesus:

Encourage the group to write some prayers of intercession– they can include prayers for themselves, for others, for the church and for the world. After each section, use the response: My Lord and my God, hear my prayer.

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Sunday school resources adapted from ROOTS for Churches Ltd ( 2002-2020.
Reproduced with permission.


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