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Lavinia's Easter Garden. Although she cannot decorate church as she normally would she has shared her talents with this lovely display
As we have not been able to place the Memorial Stands in the Church we hope to display flowers and names when we can meet again for services. I am still collecting names if you would like to contribute, please e -mail me at -

Margaret Frost.

Anne Mansfield (80 years young!), Richard Mattocks
and everyone else celebrating this week
Children and Young People @ Home
  • Join us for zoom Easter Day Sunday School at 9am (contact us at for a code to join)
  • Although we can not physically meet together -it is important that our children continue to grow in faith and are able to connect with one another so here are some resources to help you at home.
  • Please send us your artwork, videos and pictures and you will win a star - 5 stars = prize.
Preparation for the session

Making Faces
Beforehand, practise together the different facial expressions the people in the story might have made, such as: grief, shock, fear, joy, excitement.

Tell the Easter story and encourage everyone to make the appropriate expression for that part of the story

Tell the story
It was early in the morning, on the first day of the week. Mary Magdalene and her friend, who was also called Mary, were on their way to Jesus’ tomb. As they drew near, they saw two guards sitting there.

Without warning, an angel came down from the sky like a bolt of lightning. He was dressed in dazzling white clothes*, and the earth shook as he landed and rolled back the stone at the entrance to the tomb.

The guards were terrified!* First, they shook with fear, and then they fainted. ‘Do not be afraid,’ the angel said to the two Marys. He was sitting on the stone. ‘I know who you’re looking for*. You came to see Jesus, who was killed on the cross. He isn’t here any more; he’s been raised from the dead. Come, and see where his body lay.’

The two Marys didn’t know what to think. They were both scared of the angel, and excited by what he said.* The angel continued speaking, ‘When you have seen that Jesus is gone, go and tell the disciples the news. Jesus will go ahead of them to Galilee, and they will see him there.’

Still frightened, but also full of joy, the women ran from the tomb to find the disciples. They didn’t get far, though, because suddenly, Jesus was there, standing in front of them. ‘Greetings!’ said Jesus. The women fell to the ground, took hold of Jesus’ feet and worshipped him Jesus spoke again. ‘Do not be afraid,’ he said. ‘Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee They will see me there.’

Talk together with children

  • What was the most amazing part of the story?
  • How do you think you would feel if you were one of the women
    who visited the tomb?
  • How can we share the good news that Jesus is alive?


Egg-rolling race

Play a game to share the joy of Easter

You will need: masking tape, solid eggs (wooden, chocolate or hard-boiled), wooden spoons.

  • Use masking tape to mark out lanes on the floor, for players to race in, and add start and finish lines.
  • Give everyone an egg and a wooden spoon. Ask the children to kneel behind the starting line, placing their egg on the line.
  • When the race begins, players use their spoon to gently guide the egg along their lane to the finishing line.
  • Players must remain on their knees and only tap their own egg.

The emoji Bible

Invite those with mobile phones to look at emojis and either draw them on paper or use them within a message on their phones to create a storyboard. Find suitable emoji images to represent each key point and create a sequence of emojis to tell the Easter story. When everyone has finished, invite people to share their stories with each other.

Alternatively, print and complete this activity sheet

Photograph your work and send it back to to be included in next week's service. You will receive your star.

For Young People

Warm up           

Ask the young people how their day began. How did they share the joy of Easter morning with those at home? How have people in church greeted them this morning? Does it make a difference to their day when they receive a joyful greeting?

Comparing notes         

Read Matthew 28.1-10 together, and then read John’s version of the resurrection: John 20.1-18. Ask the young people to discuss the differences between the two versions. Which one do they prefer and why?

Questions to discuss

  • What sort of emotions did the two women go through during the course of the first Easter morning?
  • How do we share our own good news stories?
  • How can we share the joy of Easter in a world where news is driven by speculation and personal opinion?

The emoji Bible            

Invite the young people to use their mobile phones to look at emojis and either draw them on paper or use them within a message on their phones to create a storyboard. Find suitable emoji images to represent each key point and create a sequence of emojis to tell the Easter story. When everyone has finished, invite people to share their stories with each other.

Chocolate prayers           

Give out foil-wrapped chocolate eggs. Ask everyone to unwrap their egg carefully and save the foil. As you read the story again, invite them to eat their egg and enjoy the taste. Then ask the young people to create a cross using their foil wrapper. Reflect together on the journey from the cross to the joy of Easter Day.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
and the love of God,
and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all,
now and evermore. Amen.

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Reproduced with permission.

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