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Canon Erik helps us as we think about the power and presence of the Holy Spirit
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 Pentecost Visitation
On Sunday afternoon (Sunday 31st May from 2-4.30pm)
we will be carrying  decorated crosses around the parish to symbolise the arrival of the Holy Spirit. 

We would love it if you could come into your gardens / driveways / the end of your streets
to welcome the cross (all with social distancing in mind please).

If you are willing to carry the cross for part of the journey
please let Margaret Hairsine know on 07734 690721 / 862705
Route 1
Starting at Church
West door, right out of gate, North Bar Within, right into Wylies Road, cross at crossing, right towards Manor Road, left into Manor road, stay left hand side. Past St Mary’s school, continues on to Woodhall Way, past Molescroft shops, up the hill, playing field on left, Pighill Lane on right, bear left, continue up the hill past new and established dwellings. At top of road turn left along Molescroft Brow towards Molescroft Inn. At the roundabout turn left on to Molescroft Road, down the hill past the cemetery and the Police station back to North Bar Within and return to church
Route 2
West door or porch door towards Market Cross, turn left on to Sow Hill Road, right on to New Walkergate past the end of Morton Lane, retirement flats and almshouses on left. At mini roundabout cross over and along Railway Street to Eastgate, left into Eastgate and along to turn right on to Minster Yard South and thence on to Keldgate, across the mini roundabouts on to Cartwright Lane. At the top of Cartwright Lane right on to the footpath across the Westwood which connects with Westwood Road, Newbegin left on to Lairgate thence back to church.
Route 3
From West door, left and left again on to Hengate, past the surgery on the left, cross the dual carriageway of Manor Road and turn left along Manor Road past the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, turn right on to Copandale Road and walk the crescent route around Copandale on to Scrubwood Lane. At the end of Scrubwood turn left on to Woodhall Way, proceed to Wylies Road, cross over, right along Wylies Road to the snicket, left at the snicket and follow the path onto St Mary’s lane; turn right at the end of the terrace, follow the path to come out on North Bar Within, thence return to church.
Route 4
Norwood over the railway line up to the end of Swinemoor Lane and back on the other side of the road. This gives easy access to congregation on Model Farm and Swinemoor estates
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  • Although we can not physically meet together -it is important that our children continue to grow in faith and are able to connect with one another so here are some resources to help you at home.
  • Please send us your artwork, videos and pictures and you will win a star - 5 stars = prize.
This week our focus is the Holy Spirit

Tell the story
Tell the story of Pentecost (Acts 2:1–13)

Activity time

Try these activities and see if you can start guessing what might happen in our story today. If you can’t get exactly these materials, just see what you can find around the house instead!

1. Bunting

You will need: pencil or pen; card; paper or fabric; collage bits and bobs in red, orange and yellow; scissors; glue; string or wool; stapler

Make a triangle template – take a square of card and fold it in half, then cut from the fold to the top corner and open it out. Use this to draw round paper or fabric for as much bunting as you need. Decorate each triangle with coloured scraps and patterns on a fire or flame theme. Staple them to the string and hang up the cheerful finished bunting.

Talk about the exciting, party feel to this time of year, when we celebrate the birthday of the church! Jesus’ first disciples were praying when they saw something like flames above everyone’s heads and knew it was Jesus’ Holy Spirit coming to be with them and fill them up to make them more like Jesus.

2. Paint splatter flames

You will need: drinking straws; runny red, orange and yellow paint; paper; pens; glitter and glue (optional)

Draw a person’s head at the bottom of the paper. Then put a teaspoon of runny paint above the head and blow through the straw so the paint splatters up the paper and makes a flame shape. Add a dollop of a different colour and blow again until your wildfire looks very cool. Add glitter if you want to.

Talk about the first Christians seeing the Holy Spirit of Jesus come to them as ‘something like flames’ resting on each other’s heads, and hearing the sound of a mighty wind in the room where they were praying. What noise did your breath make as you blew down the straw? What do you think God’s breath sounds like?

3. Peace be with you

You will need: the words and actions for ‘hello’ and ‘peace’ in different languages (from; paper; coloured pens

If you have enough people to divide into two teams, see how many of these words and actions you can learn in five minutes, then ‘test’ the other team and see which team can remember most. Turn the words for peace into a piece of art shaped like a dove – another symbol for the Holy Spirit.

Talk about how amazing it must have been on that first day when the Holy Spirit came, to be able to speak and understand other languages! It have brought people together in a new and different

Thanks to BRF and Messy Church for these ideas


Warm Up   
Challenge the young people to discover how many different languages they can say ‘hello’ or ‘welcome’ in. Teach one another some of the different phrases. You can use the internet, dictionaries or just the knowledge in the group.

Read Acts 2

Questions to think about
  •  Where would you be if you imagine yourself in this story?
  •  How do you think you would have responded to what was happening?
  •  How do you think the power of the Holy Spirit drew people together here?
Work of art       

Provide a large sheet of card and assorted art and craft materials, and ask the young people to work together to create a collage with the title ‘I will pour out my Spirit on all people’. Give them freedom to create as they wish.

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Images and Sunday school resources adapted from ROOTS for Churches Ltd ( 2002-2020.
Reproduced with permission.


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