Here's what happened in May 2018

Now that I sit down to record it all, I am amazed at how much happened last month. A show in Santa Rosa, a bunch of new art projects, wrestling with new video gear and interviews with an amazing artist and a healer. Tons of great things to read and enjoy 🌻 Thanks for your patience -  this is a few days late!

Show at The Brew Cafe in Santa Rosa, California

On May 12th, I had an amazing time performing on the same stage as these lovely beings: Quiver Watts from Wayfairy and Star Blue. Super chill scene where folks could draw on custom made drawings from Alexis Wilson of Lexx Art.

I forgot a cable I needed to attach my iPhone (with instrumental music files) to my portable speaker. so I couldn't sing along to my music. I just sang acapalla. Loved it! Overall, super lovely evening. 

Vocal Chants - Six New Playlists

I finally took the time to organize 40+ vocal chants I made last year. I created six different playlists: Relaxation, Joy & Freedom, Tapping for Release, Productivity & Wellness, Mindful Meditation, Energy Healing and Inner Journey, Deep Healing.

Here's the video I made about the playlists

They are on my website. There are six Pinterest boards that go with them if you are a Pinterest person. I also made a mandala coloring book to enjoy while you are listening. There are six cds in my webstore that correspond to the playlists as well.

Wisdom Tree Screensaver

I've always loved trees, lately I've taken to dancing with them. My latest song video is about trees and I got inspired to make a companion screensaver. There are 30 images and a Google doc that explains how to make the images into a screensaver (it's easy). Here's the link to download the images and folder.

Really calming, I put instructions on how to have your computer show the images as a slideshow when your computer goes to sleep. check it out on my site. leave your info If you want one.

Here's a promo video I made about the tree screensaver.

Coloring Books

My first coloring book offers six pages of mandala designs with a supportive, affirming statement on each page.

This coloring book is the first in a series of four. The series focuses on sacred geometry and patterns in nature. Here's the link to download the mandala coloring book. I made a video about the coloring book using one of my vocal chants. Check it out here if you wish.

The second coloring book is a kitty coloring book, inspired by the video I made of my two kitties and their relationship. Here's the link to download the kitty coloring book

Interview with Linda Moody

Enjoy this interview with awesome Bay Area, California musician, Linda Moody. The first of a five part series. Watch here.

Keep Reading

Interview with Sandra Rolus

I met Sandra in a Facebook group for YouTube creators. Sandra Rolus is a specialist in Lower Chakra Clearing, Sexual de-armouring, Soul Birth Regression, Timeline re-imprinting, and Ancestral Womb Healing. watch the 25 minute interview on Sandra's YouTube channel.

I got some new lights for shooting better video

I'm starting to want to shoot better quality video. when I'm shooting indoors, that really means getting some lights. I found an inexpensive set through the recommendation of another YouTuber and bought them. Here a sped up short video fo me setting them up.

Another acapella song

I messed around again with the app Acapella, super fun. Here's what I made a few weeks ago.

Screenflow, new video software I bought

I've been using iMovie for the past year and really enjoying it. It does everything I need but I also always knew one day I'd outgrow it. I would need it to do somethinig specific and it wouldn't be able to do it.
Well, that day came.


I applied for a trademark. I have to check on this every month and should know that I have secured it for sure for "Chantmagick" sometime within the next 12 months. I'll keep you posted.

Tree Song

This is the 104th original song I've made, recorded and shared!! One of my favorites too. Dancing was a Mount diablo in Northern California. See it here. page for video-making gear

I re-organized and updated my page that lists the gear I have purchased and tried. I write about my experiences with each piece of gear and then link to an Amazon store that is selling it.

I made a short video in April where I discussed some of my gear. You can check that out here if you like.

I decided to check out the affiliate aspect of the / Amazon partnership. What that means is that so I get a small commission if someone buys something through a link I provide. I'm not that motivated by the money, more by the ability gives me to organize all of my gear online for friends and students (and myself!).

Thank you + ways you can support me 🌻

I release all of my music and artwork directly to folks who enjoy my work (no labels, no blogs, no managers, no publicists).  I really enjoy the experience of having a direct connection to you all. I love it when you watch, comment and share the things I make! Here are some things you can do to help keep my spirits up:

Last month's journal . . .

Here's a link to the April 2018 Arts Journal (in case you never got around to opening that email and feel inspired to read and watch some more). 

Move me out of SPAM folder

Drag the email you get from me from your spam (or whatever) folder to your Inbox, if you want to see emails from me.

That's it! Thank you for taking time to read my Journal. Hope to see you on one of my pages 🌻 Your support feels great and I am grateful for it! ~ Marilyn
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