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CISO | Security Vendor Relationship Series
This week's article for the CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Series
How and When Do You Trust a Security Vendor?

In all my interviews for this series, one topic keeps coming up again and again, and that's the need for trust.

How do buyers make trust judgments and how does that add up to a final purchase?

Read the article for additional questions on these issues on how buyers are building trust with a security vendor:

  • The importance of the first engagement: Is it do or die, or are you more willing to accept an initial failed attempt? 
  • Aggressive vs. passive sales techniques: Aggressive doesn't necessarily mean annoying, it just means they're doing everything they can to make the sale. And passive doesn't necessarily mean they're doing nothing, it's just their pitch isn't always directed at the potential buyer.
  • Where do you seek validation: Are you OK with your own judgement or do you seek outside verification for vendors to consider, and they one you ultimately choose?
  • Are security products interchangeable? Assuming the exit and entry costs were negligible, would you follow a salesperson if they moved to a competitive vendor?
  • Are you quantifying trust or is it a gut response? Do you take in these variables and many more into account, or is your trust purely a "feeling?"
Read the article and join the discussion
Programming note: CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast is off this week for the holiday. We'll return next week.


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Best Responses to "4 Effective Targeted Techniques to Marketing GDPR"

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