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sleep mantra
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"Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less."
~ Marie Curie
tonight's pick-me-ups

Things we're doing to unwind and get cozy before bed tonight: 

🎊 Staying positive. 2020 surely put our optimism to the test, but we're determined to keep healthy mentally and emotionally. When you're feeling on edge try doing something selfless and taking a social media break to practice a positive mental attitude.

📚 Diving into drama – steamy 19th century drama courtesy of Bridgerton, that is. After binging the show,
check out the complete list of Bridgerton books as well as similar worthy reads like An Extraordinary Union and The Duchess Deal.

🛋️ Revamping our home office.
Here are some simple ways to organize your space for maximum productivity, especially for Winter. Utilize drawer dividers for ideal tidiness and label everything for ease of use.

Not hitting snooze (for once)
thanks to tips straight from sleep experts. We're all different, so create a sleep schedule based on your own circadian rhythm and understand your motivation for wanting to wake up early.

Since we've already cried about it, let's laugh about it 🤣
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bedtime stories

Reads when you're up late anyway. Here are tonight's round-up for every occasion:

 HEALTH  For when you *can* have it all ~ We have to work and work out at home now, so why not do them both at the same time?: "We’re committed to a lifetime of optimization, so we’re putting pressure on ourselves to make the most out of isolation. Because if we’re not doing something — or everything, all at once — then clearly we’ve wasted a tremendous amount of time that we’ll never ever get back, right? For many, combining work time with workout time is a no-brainer. It’s a natural crossover, accelerated by life in lockdown ... With desk chairs becoming obsolete — studies have shown that sitting sedentary for too long is bad for your health — some millennials upgraded their stations with ellipticals and treadmill desks. Gyms won’t be obsolete in the future, but it will be a long time before they look and feel the way they used to. In the meantime, people should focus on creating an environment that works for them at home regardless of trendy equipment."

 CULTURE  For when you're looking to escape ~ Pre-covid reality TV may have been deemed a 'guilty pleasure' or something you watched to fill space. Now it's a nostalgic getaway into the world we used to live in: "There is, however, one thing worth rooting for that flourished in 2020: reality TV, in all its schlocky, larger-than-life, trash fire glory ... In these truly absurd times, reality TV became a welcome source of entertainment (or relief), even for people who’d never touched the stuff before. As a very indoors winter yawns before us, the sheer volume of reality TV also makes it a particularly apt companion for the now, when our free time can feel just as bottomless. In a world in which people expect to be able to binge-watch everything, the huge back catalogue of shows like Survivor or The Challenge means fans are never left waiting to find out what happens next: There's always more drama ready."

 LIFESTYLE  For when our food defines us ~ Food has been a source of comfort and joy during quarantine. As new trends emerge, we're looking back on the foods that got us through it all: "Flour became the new white gold, with online retailers quickly selling out. Google searches soared for pizza dough, banana bread, carrot cake, naan, and—you guessed it—sourdough bread. A sourdough bread tutorial from Andrew Rea, better known as Babish, nearly broke the Internet, as he formed a couple of dark-crusted loaves alongside culinary wunderkind Joshua Weissman ... Months of stay-at-home orders weighed on our optimism, and a period of culinary malaise settled into kitchens everywhere. Even the most dedicated professional home cooks appended their articles and recipes with admissions of burnout. This year, I suppose we learned to eat through it all. We ate siloed inside our homes. We ate to soothe ourselves."

 SELF  For when we're embracing change ~ Start 2021 off right by dropping some bad habits and picking up new ones: "Writing resolutions is what so many of us do this time of year. And what could be hopeful than continuing to look forward to better days? So, in the interest of acknowledging the events of the past year — and, perhaps, what we’ve learned — as well as looking forward to better days, here are some habits swap out in the new year ... Leave behind predicting the future and adopt planning to adapt. That’s not to say you can’t make plans or set goals, but don’t expect things to unfold perfectly as you’ve predicted, and be prepared to pivot. Go back and look at the resolutions you made last year. And 'let that be a reminder to be a little humble, to expect the unexpected, and to psychologically prepare ourselves that the road back is going to be as winding as the road that brought us here.'"
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last stop to dreamland

If you ever mess up writing the date as xx/xx/20 during the first bit of this year, just write '21' after the date as xx/xx/2021 instead of erasing or scratching through it.

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☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

Reminder to: 
Make bigger plans.

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