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sleep mantra
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"You can be the lead in your own life."

~ Kerry Washington
weekend wrap-up

Making plans to have a good week: 

🧩 Spending some 'me time' on doing puzzles for meditation. Unplug from the news finally and opt for some eye (and mind) candy. Piece together one of these chic puzzles, including our personal fave Jiggy that supports womxn artists!

🍞 Meal prepping for World Vegan Month. Baking is the pastime of the pandemic and it doesn't stop at sourdough. Fire up the oven for cornbread, 4-hour baguette,
and more vegan-friendly bread recipes.

👚 Ready for Monday by 1) not giving in to those Sunday Scaries, and 2) picking out your favorite power tops the night before.
Here's what to do to look your best all week long. #teamnopants

📅 Bookmarking for the morning
scheduling strategies to have a productive day. Tackle your calendar by accomplishing your most important tasks first and, of course, scheduling breaks to recharge. 

🌺 Wrapping up the weekend in our feels and in our smells. Sweated your way through the election last week? Um, same.
Here's how to change your habits to beat the very real quarantine body odor. 

🐶 Smiling at
this relatable and adorable GIF that sums up our 2020 mood. (Fingers crossed that it gets better from here on out 🤞)
bedtime bookmarks

Worthy reads to save for this week 📖:

If you voted for the first time this election, *thank you* and shout-out to other 10 Firsts You May Have Missed This Election Season | THE LILY

If you catch yourself suddenly doing mental math, it may have something to do with how MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki Became Twitter’s Boyfriend [Last] Week | VOGUE

If you're so over the drama of 2020, get excited instead for The Gossip Girl Reboot and Everything We Know So Far | GLAMOUR

If you're hesitant about your situationship for the cuffing season, pause to also consider Your Cosmic Love Triangle, by Zodiac Sign | COSMOPOLITAN

If pizza is one of your love languages, then no surprise that Alcohol and Carbs Got America through Election Night | VOX

If you're still emotionally exhausted from last week, take time for yourself (and always) with 51 Ways to Destress, Calm Down, and Feel Less Lonely Right Now | APARTMENT THERAPY
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pillow talk

Our blog series How She Gets to Bed is a deep dive into how women who kick ass during the day spend their night. Tonight, we’re delighted to feature Rohini Kejriwal, the curator of The Alipore Post, a literary journal that showcases poetry, art, and music that she discovers online.
Industry: Art/Media
Occupation: Artist, Writer, Curator of The Alipore Post
Age: 29
Location: Bangalore, India
Awake by: 7:00 AM
Asleep by: 11:30 PM on a good night! 1:00 AM or 2:00 AM if I’m in a creative flow or binge-watching something

I run a weekly newsletter and a literary journal called The Alipore Post, which showcases poetry, art, music, and all things interesting that I discover online. I’m also a writer, visual artist and occasionally make music for fun.

I’m not a morning person, but I do like being up early and feeling productive and not lazing. I start my day with a cup of hot water and lemon, bathe, and then sit at my desk to work on whatever’s pending. It could be curating the newsletter, replying to submissions for the journal, writing an article, or illustrating. Really depends on the mood and work load. Then I usually cook myself some brunch, and watch/read something after. Then it’s back to work for a few hours, a walk or yoga in the evening (though I must admit I’m quite lazy on many days), and then dinner.

Heh, I love snacking at night. It’s usually just wafers and cheese — local Indian varieties. I also like cold pizza and chocolates (there’s one called Nutties that really hits the spot) :D I’ve also been making batches of cookies at nights this year.

Keep reading Rohini's routine ✨
sounds for sweet dreams
BENEE ft. Lily Allen, Flo Milli ~ Plain

🎶 Listen to more on our Spotify playlist 📻
under the coverscommunity corner
This week we want to know: What are your thoughts on celebrating and decorating for the Winter holidays before Thanksgiving? 🎄
☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

Reminder to: 
Think about what could go right.

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