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sleep mantra
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"But I already did something today."
~ Titus Andromedon, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
tonight's pick-me-ups

Things we're doing to unwind and get cozy before bed tonight: 

🦃 Re-imagining Thanksgiving. Covid will unfortunately keep many of us away from family, so get creative with Thanksgiving this year. Plan your own virtual Turkey Trot and host a Zoom side dish cooking class for some T-day fun.

📚 Supporting all authors. From emotional short stories to witty memoirs,
these small publishing houses have plenty to offer. Cozy up to Like a Bird by Fariha Róisín or The Incredible Shrinking Woman by Athena Dixon.

🧽 Scrubbing off the stress, literally. If stress-cleaning is your thing, you'll love
these deep-cleaning routines that have the added bonus of making everything from your dishwasher to bedding sparkling.

🚿 Elevating our showers. Tbh baths are not our favorite (don't @ us). But warm lighting and aromatherapy can put the
same level of self-care into any ritual, including showering. #treatyourself

Leave the fuss to Thanksgiving in a candle 🕯️
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bedtime stories

Reads when you're up late anyway. Here are tonight's round-up for every occasion:

 WELLNESS  For when we're dusting off the knitting needles (again) ~ Stressful times call for hand-knit scarves: "We went around the Zoom room and showed our various projects in progress. Then I talked a little about knitting, about writing about knitting, about the research on knitting (and other crafts) to promote health and reduce stress, about knitting to stave off dementia. The women at the meeting were all knitting their way through the pandemic ... Knitting puts me in the moment. As someone who has failed every attempt at meditation, or even at mindfulness, knitting calms my mind and brings me to the table, real or metaphorical. My hands move, I am aware of their movement. The yarn moves through my fingers, around my fingers, and I am aware of the tension (tension is another term with a technical meaning in knitting, and also, of course, a certain metaphorical importance).

 MONEY  For when our parents determined our spending habits ~ Thank Mom and Dad (or not) because it turns out that your attachment style can determine how you manage your finances: "According to licensed psychologist, Dr. Kim Chronister, Ph.D., the most recent research on attachment styles shows that the attachments form in the first two years of life and can have a significant effect on how we behave later in life, especially when it comes to money and relationships. This means if you have either an avoidant or anxiety attachment, you're more than likely to make irresponsible financial decisions, accordi This is why it's so important to know what kind of attachment style you have so you can build a better relationship with money."

 RELATIONSHIPS  For when being single and dating has its perks ~ Even when it looks a bit different during a pandemic: "On paper, a lot of us are probably having the worst year of our entire lives, but working in the nonprofit world has taught me a few things about changing the narrative. And I argue that the current constraints can actually work for us, encouraging us to build a strong foundation for a future relationship. So in that spirit, here's how 2020 has revealed itself to me to be an opportune time to date ... If they don’t care about the world now, they probably won’t later. We can learn a lot by discussing the pandemic with a prospective partner. Do they care about the well-being of others? Are they responsible? Do they believe in science? We don’t need to date people who agree with us on everything, but we should draw the line somewhere. Flat-earthers, climate deniers, COVID conspiracy theorists — y’all are out."

 ROUTINE ENVY  For when Kamala Harris has entered the building ~ A warm welcome to the first (!!) Black-Asian woman elected to the White House. Here's how she gets it done: "Everything else can be crazy, I can be on six planes in one week, and what makes me feel normal is making Sunday-night family dinner. If I’m cooking, I feel like I’m in control of my life. Recently I’ve been on this Mediterranean kick. My daughter only eats fish, no meat, so last weekend I made swordfish and I toasted cardamom and cumin seeds and did that with garlic and onion and lemon and kind of marinated it, and it was really delicious. Then I made lamb meatballs for everybody with mint and parsley and a little cilantro, and then I did this yogurt thing with cucumbers and a little sumac. We definitely listen to music when we cook — this Sunday we went old-school jazz."
sounds for sweet dreams
RAYE ~ Love of Your Life

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last stop to dreamland

🕯️ THING TO DIY 💆🏻‍♀️
Massage candles to soothe your muscles and ease tension #need
Materials: soy wax, vitamin E oil, almond or avocado oil, essential oils, candle wicks, and a jar

Directions: microwave the wax, mix in oils, set up the jar and wick, pour, set, light, cool, and work the waxy magic all over your skin
☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

Reminder to: 
Unset your alarm for the weekend.

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