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Welcome to Summer Sundays! Our weekly edition to stay cool and calm all season with the best reads + recs ☁️
"I’m not somebody who can share a crepe. I need the whole crepe."

~ Emily, Emily in Paris
ready to wind down

Recs for your rest and relaxation:

🥰 Savoring time with ourselves. Summer finds our social calendars full, but let these things to do alone at home inspire more me time. Try a YouTube tutorial or our personal fave – catch up on sleep.

🎒 Calling school back into session. Whether you're actually enrolled,
score on back-to-school sales anyway, including tech gadgets, bento lunch boxes, and 2022-2023 planners to start planning ahead.

🎙️ Getting the chills and thrills. OMITB Arconiacs are one day closer to finding out who killed Bunny Folger. Pass the suspense with
more true crime podcasts, especially the aptly-named True Crime Obsessed and Crime Junkie.

💅 Caring for our cuticles. Much like slugging your skincare, nail slugging is a technique that slathers on oils and balms for soft and supple nails.
This is your guide to extra hydrated, healthy nails..

🎂 Wishing Virgo a happy birthday! We're winding down these last few weeks of summer and settling into your urge for order.
Here's what your season has in store for your fellow zodiac signs.

There's a new Girl Scout cookie in town 🍪
bedtime stories

Round up of reads to bookmark for bedtime:

No surprise that doing less at work could be better for your mental health. If Your Co-Workers Are ‘Quiet Quitting,’ Here’s What That Means |

How Much Crying Do You Really Need on the Journey to Love? Because Big Pisces Energy has nothing do with this 😂 | ELITE DAILY

Meanwhile, some of us can sign up for Sima Aunty's matchmaking wait list. As for the rest of us, Here’s How to Figure Out Your 'Type' When Dating | ELITE DAILY

'Kennedy' Jenner certainly has a different vibe to it, lending to the question 'What Does My Baby’s Name Say About Me?' | VOGUE

From Hot Vax Summer to Bama Rush to Sad Girl Fall: How the Internet Broke the Calendar | VOX

For when you're Team Jess to this day. How Our Love for Fictional Characters Can Benefit Our Real Lives 💘 | BRIT + CO
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for the nightstand

Personally picked to polish your sleep routine:
 WATCH 📺  Kevin Can F**k Himself Season 2 on AMC
To pick back up on sitcom wife Allison's inner world and deadly decision to free herself from her marriage. The dark comedy stars Schitt's Creek's Annie Murphy and premieres tomorrow, August 22nd.

 ACTIVITY 🧶  Punch Needle Embroidery
For a new hobby that creates calm (via the repetitive punching, of course) and an assortment of DIY projects, like decorative pillow covers and even full rugs.

 WELLNESS 👋  Five Senses Method
For an in-depth meditation that focuses on the present by engaging all of your senses. Fill the quiet time before bed or start your morning by asking what do you see? Hear? Feel? Smell? Taste?
sleep soundslisten on Spotify
Kita Alexander ~ Ocean Blue
summer specialfor your entertainment

Canning strawberries and other fruits to capture the sweet taste of summer all year round 🍓🫙
via Little Home in the Making
under the coverscommunity corner
Last time we asked which classic ice cream truck treat reigns supreme? Choco Tacos may be gone for now, but never forgotten 🍦
This week we want to know: What's your favorite quote, saying, or advice? Tell us about the words that motivate you or simply make you smile when you hear them. Anything goes, so message us and we'll feature some of the responses! 💌
☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

Reminder this week to: 
Get a little messy for fun.

This issue is dedicated to our reader Mina S. Thank you for sharing! 🙌💕
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