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MONDAY  •  NOVEMBER 16, 2020
sleep mantra
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"If I don't ask for something, I'm not going to get it."
~ Ruchi Sanghvi
tonight's pick-me-ups

Things we're doing to unwind and get cozy before bed tonight: 

🎇 Making our own light. Happy Diwali to our friends celebrating! Draw inspiration and continue to keep your spirits bright with energizing rituals of setting new intentions and letting go of what weighs you down.

💻 Working through the holidays. With festivities in full swing, working from home is only going to get more distracting.
Stay focused by utilizing 'do not disturb' signs and scheduling family-time in advance.

🍊 Spritzing to self-soothe. It turns out that you can evoke a sense of calm
based on your emotional response to certain scents. If you're feeling down, reach for a perfume with notes of bergamot, pine, and citrus.

🧣 Changing with the seasons. Switching out your closet can be a tedious but rewarding process.
Make it easier with seasonal clothing hacks like backstocking, where clothing items live elsewhere until they’re ready to be used.

Snapchat has a lot to say about your friends 🌌
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bedtime stories

Reads when you're up late anyway. Here are tonight's round-up for every occasion:

For when we wouldn't mind a seasonal pick-me-up ~ Spread holiday cheer this year and connect with family near and far with joyful holiday cards: "Many cards of holidays past paired sun-dappled vacation collages or magazine-worthy images of grinning children with pleasant messages about joy. But after a year marked more by worry and stress than merriness, and with the pandemic and its economic toll raging on, some card senders, stationery companies and portrait photographers are taking another approach: out with the honeyed sentiments, in with masks and other depictions of the realities of this era. 'We should send holiday cards as a way to connect with people,' said Elaine Swann, a lifestyle and etiquette expert. 'And I believe that we can reference the pandemic in this medium, because everyone has been impacted in some way and it’s important to be upfront about it.'"

 LIFESTYLE  For when you're seeing rainbows ~ Color coordinating everything from our books to our clothes is making a comeback as one of the biggest home trends: "In more recent years, it seemed we had collectively moved on. But the debate was recently reinvigorated thanks in large part to The Home Edit, the color-obsessed design duo known for ROYGBIV-ing such places as Khloe Kardashian’s fridge and Jessie James Decker’s closet, and whose Netflix show extols the many virtues of tonal Container Store vessels ... There is also, clearly, a timeless quality to the art of ROYGBIV, one that seems to inspire some people and disgust others in equal measure. Beyond looking nice, though, there are legitimate reasons to color-coordinate. It can be extremely useful in staying organized, especially if you’re a more visually-oriented person. 'Generally speaking, color stimulates emotions and as an essential sensory element in our daily lives.'

 CULTURE  For when the past and the present collide ~ Season 4 of The Crown is here, and it's surreal to watch a period piece that's now referencing things that happened in our lifetime: "Bingeing this season of The Crown felt uniquely bizarre. It’s very unsettling to watch a period piece slowly but surely catch up to the modern era. Season 1’s overhead shots of Princess Margaret (then played by Vanessa Kirby) riding on horseback to visit her divorced (and hence forbidden!) lover as swelling orchestral music plays have now been replaced by images of Diana leaning out of a black cab on the way to a disco with her girlfriends while Stevie Nicks blares. The costumes and hair are a lot less glamorous and a lot more, well, ’80s. Everything just feels drab. But the genius of The Crown — and something I only truly appreciated this season — is how it plays catch-up as the royals themselves continue to resist modernity at every turn."

 RELATIONSHIPS  For when 2020 is still taking a toll ~ When your friends need you to be there for them too, it can be a struggle: "Some of the best support you can offer is letting your friend know you’re there to support them, and you can understand and empathize with how they are feeling, says psychotherapist Lucy Fuller ... Don’t dismiss your own anxiety in the process, she adds. 'I think many of us are good at subtly dismissing ourselves by ending sentences with things like ‘but I’m really lucky, lots of people have it much worse.’ Whilst perspective is good, notice where you are on a spectrum of dismissing yourself. Too much of dismissing your anxiety won’t help it ultimately.' Be gentle on yourself if you know you just haven’t got the bandwidth at that time, on that particular day, to shoulder someone else’s concerns. And do feel free to let them know that – albeit kindly."
sounds for sweet dreams
Jorja Smith ~ By Any Means

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community board

Spreading joy with asks, gives, shout-outs, and suggestions from within our community. All submissions welcomed!

  • 🍠 "Hi first post! I always appreciate your meatless monday recs and I wanted to suggest vegan Thanksgiving recipes from the Edgy Veg! I've made her butternut squash mac and cheese and it's one of my family's favorites!" ~ Lily

last stop to dreamland

🧘‍♀️ Try the Boat Pose to awaken your core and bring out your inner dancer 🧘‍♀️
  1. Sit tall on the floor with hands behind thighs.
  2. Draw your legs into a tabletop position. As you exhale, firm your core and reach arms out into a wide “V.” Hips should be heavy on the floor while spine stays long and lifted, and your core should be firm and pull toward your lower back, with your shoulders wide.
  3. Hold this position for 30 seconds.
☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

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