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"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."

~ Rumi
weekend wrap-up

Making plans to have a good week: 

💅🏾 Spending some 'me time' on staying busy, which means being as productive as you want or not at all. What's important is that you're not bored doing anything from deep cleaning the bathroom to calling your besties.

🍭 Meal prepping candies 😍 'Tis Halloween week, so start indulging your sweet tooth
with the homemade, sophisticated versions of your favorites. Btw who knew DIY Butterfingers could be the best way to eat candy corn?!

🛋️ Adding on our to-do list: hygging up. Take this as your excuse to buy more candles and sweaters (tbh it's never enough) because
hygge is about making your home cozy and inviting this time of year.

📺 Sneaking a peek. ICYMI To All The Boys I've Loved Before is a getting a spin-off series (!!) in Xo, Kitty.
Here's everything to know about the youngest Covey sister's love journey and other exciting upcoming releases, including The Princess Switch 3 and Girls Can’t Shoot (& Other Lies).

🌌 Ready for Monday by keeping vibrations high. Scorpio season's intense energy seems daunting at first,
but this guide helps make for smooth sailing. Hint: yes to mystery, no to paying for full-priced candy.

🍸 Wrapping up the weekend with a big gulp of the Sunday Scaries. Don't worry, this one skips anxious feelings for apple cider and a splash of tequila. Toast to the spooky season
with other Halloween cocktails. #cheers
bedtime bookmarks

Worthy reads to save for this week 📖:

If today is a 'no bones' day, spend it on listening to what you need and to how Noodles, the Pug With No Bones, feels about his fame | SLATE

If Season 3 is shaping up for some gripping storylines, we'll take this moment to declare our (hate and) Love for the Scary, Powerful Women of Succession | THE CUT

If there's proof of life after a baaad breakup, we love to see that TikTok's newest member Anna Marie Tendler Is Clearly Thriving | THE CUT

If you saved your butterfly clips from ages ago, good call because this is Why 30-Somethings Are the Real Winners of the Y2K Comeback | INSTYLE

If you gotta respect the hustle, kudos to the Museum [That] Starts OnlyFans Account After Its TikTok Is Banned for Posting Nudes | VICE

If the thought of another Monday fills you with dread, welcome to the club. Why Younger Generations Are More Prone to ‘Sunday Scaries’ Than Ever Before (and what we can do about it) | DIGIDAY
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slumber party with Tarot CBD
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sounds for sweet dreams
Ylona Garcia ~ Don't Go Changing

🎶 Listen to more on our Spotify playlist 📻
under the coverscommunity corner
Last time we asked what Harry Potter house do you belong to? We promise it's all love from a couple of shameless Slytherins 😂🐍:
This week we want to know: Inspired by this infographic, what's the WORST candy? 🤢🍬 After the past couple of years of establishing which one's the best (*cough* KitKats), it's about time to find out how everyone really feels about candy corn among others:

1 - Licorice, 2 - Pixy Stix, 3 - Tootsie Roll, 4 - Candy Corn, 5 - Jawbreakers, 6 - Almond Joy, 7 - Raisinets, 8 - Hot Tamales, 9 - Dots, 10 - Whoppers

lowest 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   highest
Sorry, voting is closed.
☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

Reminder to: 
Revisit and revise your bucket list.
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