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MONDAY  •  MARCH 9, 2020
sleep mantra
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"A bossy woman is someone to search out and celebrate."
~ Amy Poehler
tonight's pick-me-ups

Things we're doing to unwind and get cozy before bed tonight: 

Fighting fatigue. We've all got those post daylight savings blues. Learn how to re-calibrate your internal clock by stocking up on supplements, getting outside, and creating a sleep schedule.

🪐 Marking our calendars.
Upgrade your organizational system with a little help from the planets. Each day of the week has a corresponding cosmic meaning. Like Friday, AKA Feels-Day which is Venus's day all about love, art, sensuality, and harmony.

🎭 Saying yes and ... Improv is much more than just a creative outlet.
You can relate many of its core principles to your everyday life, such as facing your fears, thinking on the spot, learning to  stop, collaborate, and listen (we many have added in the stop, but you get the point).

🧴 Clearing our skin. Nothing screams self-care like
a good old peel-off charcoal mask, from the sensitive skin safe to blackhead banishers. #yougetamask #andyougetamask
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bedtime stories

Reads when you're up late anyway. Here are tonight's round-up for every occasion:

For when you're watching what you eat ~ YouTube has become saturated with 'What I Eat In A Day' videos where vloggers take us through a day of their eating habits. Whether we're watching out of boredom or in search of the secret to a perfect body, these videos aren't always as helpful as they seem. "Dinnertime doldrums are a common enough dilemma, as evinced in the rise of Uber Eats and meal kit services like Blue Apron. Many of the 'What I Eat in a Day' videos style themselves as fun and friendly inspiration to help solve some of our boredom. Abbey Sharp, a dietitian, blogger and YouTuber at Abbey’s Kitchen, believes that while viewers are hopefully looking for that content, there is likely something more going on. 'YouTube has made a celebrity out of everyday people and, as a result, we want to see exactly how they’re achieving the ‘healthy lifestyle’ or amazing physique in an almost step by step ‘how-to’ format,' Sharp tells HuffPost. 'Unfortunately, what we often end up seeing in the wellness YouTuber space is over-the-top, not very practical, Instagrammable ‘clean eating’ meals juxtaposed against sensationalized ‘cheat meal’ days with doughnuts, pizza, tacos and supersized portions.'"

 SELF  For when you've gone too far ~ It's tempting to know more about what's going on your roommate/co-worker/partner's world. However, acting on your urge to snoop can lead to conflict and spiraling down a snooping hole. "Snooping is often an impulse decision; people may not even be aware of what’s actually motivating them to secretly search, beyond the need to confirm some vague suspicions. If you often find yourself snooping (or are really tempted to), ask yourself what you’re truly hoping to achieve, [life coach] Tracy Crossley said. 'A lot of times, people don't know they're trying to avoid disappointment. Be real and go, Why am I doing this? What am I hoping to get?' Maybe the reason you’re peeking at papers on your boss’s desk boils down to a desire to excel at your job, and a fear that perhaps you aren’t nailing it right now. Be real with yourself and evaluate your own behaviors to determine whether your suspicions are really warranted."

 TRENDING  For when you finally get to live out your superfan fantasy ~ Technology has made our world a better place and also a much stranger place. Cameo, a videogram service where you can pay to get a video message from your favorite celebrities definitely falls into the latter. "On Cameo, a 'celebrity' is anyone you would potentially pay money to receive a shout-out from, and in the 21st century, that list grows ever longer. The results are digressive, low-touch, strangely intimate, and utterly demented: a parade of distracted, famous strangers offering warmed-over aphorisms about life’s great milestones from parked cars and darkened bedrooms and, weirdly, lots of malls. Cameo is an almost painfully contemporary-feeling invention. It’s fan service taken to its most literal extreme, celebrity mania mediated by a front-facing camera and monetized with gig-economy efficiency, its product accessible to nearly anyone and clearly designed to be shared on social media. As a window into the deluded culture of celebrity obsession, Cameo is unparallelled. Its creators’ original intent was to connect regular folks with famous people, and it’s hard to argue that they didn’t succeed — the results are just way weirder than they ever imagined."

 SLEEP  For when you're dreaming of numbers ~ When certain numbers and sequences keep making their way into your dreams, there's actually a message for you to decode. "It's believed that every number from one through nine has a different vibrational quality. Number 11 is a master number and deserves to be understood in its own right; it shines with universal insight and divine light and often comes with intuitive messages. If the number 11 shows up either by itself or within another number combination, there's a good chance there is a prophetic message in there for you. Different numbers and number combinations will be up for different interpretation, but since these are your dreams, with a little reflection and consideration (plus these numerology basics), you'll be decoding your numerical messages in no time."
sounds for sweet dreams
Jhené Aiko (ft. H.E.R.) ~ B.S.
last stop to dreamland

🧘‍♀️ Try stretching with a foam roller if you slept on your back wrong 🧘‍♀️
  • Grab a long foam roller or a rolled-up yoga mat and place it on the floor vertically.
  • Lie on your roller face up on your back, making sure it is aligned with your spine and that it is supporting your head. Tuck your chin slightly, bend your knees, and plant your feet on the floor.
  • Bend your elbows into right angles palms faced up. Make sure your arms are out straight 90 degrees and not slanted up at 45 degrees Let your shoulders sink back towards the floor, allowing gravity to help open up your entire upper body
  • Hold for no longer than three minutes.
☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

Reminder that: 
You can figure this out.
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