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sleep mantra
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"There is no perfect plan to getting your life right. There’s always compromises."
~ Liza Miller, Younger
tonight's pick-me-ups

Things we're doing to unwind and get cozy before bed tonight: 

😌 Feeling normal. Well, as normal as we can right now. Find some stability amongst the pandemic and the election by taking part in meaningful activities, such as leaning into seasonal celebrations through traditions and decorations.

💄 Zooming and grooming. Our idea of getting 'made up' for work has definitely changed, but that doesn't mean you should skip it altogether. When you're short on time but not on style, take notes from
these 10-minute Zoom makeup routines.

🎁 Getting our gift on. We're browsing through 50 eco-friendly gifts from zero-waste experiences, ethical coffee subscriptions, fashion recs,
and more on Soapbox Project's gift guide. Btw its weekly Changeletter also gives informative, easy, and fun action plans to fight climate change in only 3 minutes.

📱 Downloading our way to better sleep.
Relax with awesome sleep apps, like Slumber to help encourage sleep through soothing stories told by a therapeutic hypnotist or Pillow to track your sleep cycles and trends.

Cuddle buddies > texting your ex 🧸
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bedtime stories

Reads when you're up late anyway. Here are tonight's round-up for every occasion:

For when you're so done with being overwhelmed ~ Work can kick our butts sometimes, but there are better ways to push through and handle whatever gets thrown at you: "Find a task on your to-do list that’s satisfying but so familiar that it’s not taxing — for example, writing the newsletter you’ve been putting together every month for years. Then do it. Why does this help? When we perform highly familiar tasks, it’s almost as though muscle memory kicks in. All the steps are so practiced that it’s easy to get absorbed in them and to go with the flow. A task you can start and finish in one sitting will also give you a sense of accomplishment. When you’re down, being productive can help with mood and resilience ... When people are experiencing overwhelming, difficult emotions, their instinct may be to spend all day browsing the internet or to drown themselves in work as a distraction. But there are options between those extremes that can help you feel better, bounce back faster, and regain your confidence to handle whatever personal situations you’re facing."

 RELATIONSHIPS  For when your friendships are feeling out of sync ~ We all move through life at different speeds, which can make it hard to relate to our friends who are surpassing phases we haven't reached yet: "As my friends and I continue going further down our separate paths, our differences in timelines and general goals grow more stark. So, along with my happiness during the inevitable growth spurts of life also comes a fear of how our friendships will change and a sense of mourning for the simpler days when we had much more in common than our shared pasts. That’s not to say I don’t still cherish my friendships in the present tense or have any intention of turning my back on them ... Being intentional starts with planning specific times to catch up with each other, whether by text, phone calls, emails, or a combination. Relying on spontaneous communication alone, especially between friends in different stages of life who are very busy, is an easy path to friendship burnout because you’ll likely keep missing the right time to chat."

 CULTURE  For when there's so much *drama* ~ Leave it to Bachelor Nation to hype up Clare's departure as the most dramatic season ever, but does it actually hold up as the most?: "If it weren’t airing in the midst of a truly dystopian reality, Clare’s expected-but-technically-unprecedented exit from the show on Thursday night may have actually stood up as the most dramatic moment in Bachelor franchise history. But in the interest of science (and keeping our collective masochism in check), we’re putting it to the test ... This leads us to Clare, who went where no Bachelorette has gone before by quitting the show in the middle of Week 4 to move from one quarantine bubble to another with her sparkly new fiancé, Dale. Clare’s moment has been hyped up for months, eliminating every ounce of surprise. And in the grand scheme of 2020, it's wrung even further of gravitas."

 WELLNESS  For when you have some anger to let go of~ Deal with your pent up frustration on a rage run: "I first discovered the power of rage running after I was ghosted and stiffed out of payment for a project I worked on a while ago. The rage that boiled over when the guy finally answered his phone with his excuse — that he would have paid, if it weren’t for my 'bad attitude' — acted as the tipping point for me, the culmination of months and months of becoming increasingly livid over what’s been coming out of our administration. So I did what felt most natural to me: I went for a run. What happened next was pure beauty. I glided across the pavement, my feet barely feeling the steps. There was nothing but pleasant static in my brain. When I finally emerged, I realized my pace had dipped into threshold pace territory — meaning, I was going quickly for much longer than I normally could have. Not only did my anger help me run more quickly, but it seemed that the more I ran, the more my untamed feelings subsided."
sounds for sweet dreams
The Knocks ft. Foster The People ~ All About You

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Spreading joy with asks, gives, shout-outs, and suggestions from within our community. All submissions welcomed!

  • 📕 "Just finished reading Writers and Lovers by Lily King and it was probably the best book I’ve read in months. Sad but funny, highly recommend!!!" ~ Daisy P.

last stop to dreamland

When responding to advice, say "you're right" instead of "I know." It shows that you're actually listening to someone, that you care about what they say, and give them credit for trying to help.

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☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

Reminder to: 
Let loose like no one’s watching.

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