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sleep mantra
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"I identify much more with being a warrior — a fighter."
~ Emma Watson
tonight's pick-me-ups

Things we're doing to unwind and get cozy before bed tonight: 

💼 Linking in. New year, new job? Learn how best to utilize LinkedIn to find your next move and get hired faster. Ask for referrals, update your skills, and definitely have a profile pic.

🥧 Serving up sweets. Pumpkin pie was just the beginning. Grab your fork for more holiday pies covered in
this list of the all-time greatest recipes. You won't go wrong with a twist on the classics like a maple brown butter.

💅🏾 Nailing it. Keep up with the latest nail trends with
the hottest (coldest?) Winter-inspired polishes. Personally we're loving the cozy, dark purple hues and inky navy shades.

🎙️ Becoming wise(r). Discover deep conversations and replenish your senses with
Becoming Wise, a podcast hosted by best-selling author Krista Tippett that thoughtfully delves into the mysteries of human existence. #ooh #ahh

Gift ideas for your loved ones based on their love languages 💕
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bedtime stories

Reads when you're up late anyway. Here are tonight's round-up for every occasion:

For when relationships are tested ~ Living in a constant state of risk and worry has started to put some serious strain on even the closest of friendships: "Without clear and consistent guidelines for how the US as a whole should tackle the virus, people have also been winging it, choosing to do whatever felt safest for them personally. Understandably, this approach has created divides among people who have known each other for years. Because of the pandemic, the way we communicate and relate to one another changed almost overnight ... For some, however, this year has been a good time to practice respecting the personal boundaries set by friends, which ultimately can make those relationships stronger. Maggie, 35, lives in Toronto and said her relationships with friends aren’t 'strained,' but they 'are in different places emotionally.' She added, 'I invited close friends to my home for remote viewing during the Toronto International Film Festival, and they did not want to come inside my house. I had a hard time not letting that hurt my feelings. We need to accept that everyone has their own level of risk tolerance.'"

 WELLNESS  For when we support each other in all sorts of ways ~ In this case, we're talking support for your girls – aka a bra that actually fits. And Reddit, of course, has a very popular forum to help you find just that: "A Bra That Fits has amassed nearly 200,000 members since starting 10 years ago. From creating its own size calculator to developing a measuring technique specifically for the community, it has become one of the most helpful places on the internet, a safe space where anyone can go to ask for eco-friendly bra recommendations and the best places to find a reasonably priced bra during the pandemic ... The community is unique for the way it's made up of people who love helping others find the right fit. But perhaps one of the things that keeps people coming back is just how inclusive the space is. 'Both the community and the moderation team keep a tight rein on any sort of judgment. It is body-positive, trans-friendly, and extremely welcoming.'"

 TRENDING  For when you're feeling vulnerable ~ We could all use a little more connection right now, which is probably why a game that's intended to foster meaningful connections went viral: "Koreen Odiney is the 25-year-old model behind the card game and viral Instagram account, We’re Not Really Strangers. The account stops you in your scroll to ask: 'How are you really?' Today, technology makes communication widely accessible, but oftentimes conversations lack the depth that allow us to be truthful about ourselves and how we’re feeling. Scrolling through Instagram, which is a highlight reel of people’s lives, can create a mindset of lack. 'I wanted to promote vulnerability, which meant I had to be vulnerable,' Odiney says. 'I started getting really personal and made artwork around questions or quotes relevant to me. I started treating it as a public diary — and still to this day, I always write the most honest thing I can. I know that’s what people are going to see themselves in. If it helps me talk about something or helps someone feel less alone, then it’s worth it.'"

 HEALTH  For when you get back more than you give ~ Neuroscience has revealed an interesting link between gratitude and generosity in our brains: "In recent years, we’ve learned through several scientific studies that there’s a deep neural connection between gratitude and giving — they share a pathway in the brain — and that when we’re grateful, our brains become more charitable. Christina Karns, a neuroscientist at the University of Oregon, is one of the leading researchers in this field. In 2017, she wondered what happens in the brain when you receive a gift versus when you give one — and whether the neural response differs depending on your character ... Karns’s results, if true, offer a useful amendment: Giving really can be better — if you make it so. You can proactively choose to retrain your brain so it gets more pleasure out of giving. If increasing people’s gratitude is an effective way to increase their charitableness, then maybe it’s worth nudging people to cultivate more gratitude."
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  • ✏️ "Happy Giving Tuesday! Thank you Nikita for initiating! Wanted to ask you all to check out DonorsChoose. It's a wonderful nonprofit that takes donations for teachers and their classrooms. I've been supporting them for a long time and they're DOUBLING donations for today only!!" ~ Amy Z.

last stop to dreamland

Treat yourself as you would someone you really like. Take care of yourself, treat yourself to nice things, take yourself to nice places. You will just feel better daily if you continue to do nice things for yourself.

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☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

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