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sleep mantra
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"We’re so lucky that we’ve got good bums."
~ Kate Winslet
tonight's pick-me-ups

Things we're doing to unwind and get cozy before bed tonight: 

🌸 Dreaming about Spring. We're itching to travel anywhere warm (please!),
especially these places right in our backyards from the floral dreamscape of Bluebonnet Fields in Ennis, TX to the maple-sweet air of Stowe, VT.

👚 Organizing 101. Running out of closet spaces is *the worst* (we know). Before you start tossing anything,
turn to these pro tips to learn exactly how to maximize the most out of any sized closet.

📺 Netflix and chilling. March is right around the corner and you know the drill.
New month, new Netflix releases. Catch us binge watching Self-Made and the second season of Ugly Delicious ASAP.

🥂 Toasting to the signs. FYI Mercury is in retrograde. So while things may get a little funky, take this time to dig out your mixology tools because we've found
the drinks to sip through it based on your sign.
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bedtime stories

Reads when you're up late anyway. Here are tonight's round-up for every occasion:

 SELF  For when self-investment feels like another to-do ~ Things like education and your health are good things to work on, but when does it pay off? And when should I start saving for my future? All those questions: answered. "These mind games are part of being human. We’re all stuck in an endless line of questioning about what we might regret versus what we’ll be grateful for doing — risk versus potential reward. And while nobody gets it 'right,' it is possible to make the process a little less haphazard. Ideally, you want these self-investments to be part of a larger plan. We may all be flailing toward an uncertain future, but you can still make some educated guesses about yours."

 WELLNESS  For when comfort food now has scientific backing ~ So whenever it feels like the world is falling apart, pick up your favorite snack as a mood booster. "Food, to me, is an opportunity to achieve both immediate and long-term pleasure. Eating in pursuit of good feelings — and in response to negative ones — isn’t a character flaw, it’s a part of our shared humanity. I accept the reality and power of emotional eating and no longer resist it. Instead, I’ve decided to focus on a question that can actually lead to progress: How can I better use food to my mental-health advantage, to calm my case of the 2020s? I want to be informed, but I also want to be sane, and the world isn’t making that particularly easy right now."

 TRENDING  For when it's all for the 'gram ~ No guilt in snapping a pic of your new beauty product because it looks sooo aesthetically pleasing, and that's 100% intentional. "Especially in today's digital age, how the product packaging experience translates into user-generated content is huge. Glossier is a master at this, adorning their deliveries with branded tape, catchphrases, stickers, and that signature pink-coated bubble-wrap bag. Every piece of the unpacking experience makes for a good photograph — and that's absolutely intentional. So, it's no wonder the brand has resonated so successfully with a social media generation."

 INTERESTING  For when we have another day to make this year great ~ Leap Day shapes the calendar in a multitude of ways and this piece clears up the confusion on why we need actually it. "We add leap days to the calendar every four years. But there are a few exceptions when we skip the leap year. You might have noticed that a full orbit around the sun takes 365.2422 days, and not a neat 365.25 days. So if we were to have leap years every four years, then the calendar would still get out of whack over long periods of time. But we don’t because Pope Gregory devised some clever, rare, exceptions to the leap year rules ... Which means the next skipped leap year will be in 2100. Remarkably, this system set up in the 1500s still works. We need it, because without it, the calendar would start to get out of sync with the seasons."
sounds for sweet dreams
Glass Animals ~ Your Love (Déjà Vu)
last stop to dreamland

Inspirational quotes stickers that does a brain good. Materials: template of your favorite quotes, sticker paper, scissors, and a printer. Directions: design, print, cut, and stick positivity everywhere.
☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

Reminder to: 
Go on a spontaneous day trip.
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