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"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance."
~ Oscar Wilde
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Recs for your rest and relaxation:

 READ 📚  May is Mental Health Awareness Month ❤️ So this month we especially give thanks to our support systems, real and fictional. Here's to some of the books (and characters) that have made many feel seen and a little less lonely.

 HOME 📦  You can ask if something sparks joy or whether you want your home to be a sanctuary versus a storage unit. Wrap up the end of Spring (cleaning) by breaking common 'rules' on what you should keep. #letitgo

 WELLNESS 🔢  From the sunshine to pool szn, Summer has a way of making Wellness Wednesday feel like everyday. Embrace Summer by trying new wellness trends, based on your Enneagram type. 2s, you're overdue for some pampering.

 SLEEP 🫖  Sipping to sleep. Coffee works wonders to wake us up just as sleep teas do to soothe us at night. Chamomile is well-known to calm while passionflower promotes the release of melatonin for sweet Zzz's.

 JUST FOR FUN  In case you could use a new mixer, plant stand, bidet ... 🇺🇸
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bedtime stories

via Refinery29
"With a grown-up job comes grown-up responsibilities, which means there's an equal chance of proving yourself or messing up big time. But while mistakes are inevitable and owning up to them is important, women in particular can be guilty of over-apologizing in the workplace.
Research tells us that being excessively apologetic isn't doing us any favors. When we apologize unnecessarily — for things that are out of our control, not within our job descriptions or expected skillset, not our fault, or as a way of diffusing tension when we're uncomfortable — it can be perceived as a lack of confidence, or worse, seen as being inauthentic. Obviously, neither is great for your career ... " READ THE REST

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Noah Cyrus ~ Mr. Percocet

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Toast to the good things in your life.
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